Chávez: Complete Symphonies

Chávez: Complete Symphonies
Composer Carlos Chávez
Artist London Symphony Orchestra
Eduardo Mata conductor
Format 2 CD
Cat. number 94858
EAN code 5028421948584
Release November 2014

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About this release

Carlos Chávez is one of Mexico’s most important and prolific 20th-century composers. He championed the symphony form at a time when it was generally neglected by other Latin American composers, and the results are magnificent: when his first symphony Sinfonía de Antígona was premiered in 1933, invoking the best of Mexican tradition in a revived symphonic form, it received a rapturous reception, and led to a burst of inspiration for Chávez, who went on to compose five more symphonies before his death in 1978.  He became a master of the symphony, developing and improving his style over the course of his life to great effect; the last movement of his Symphony No.6, a breathtakingly rapid Passacaglia, contains an astonishing 34 variations. This recording also includes his work Sinfonía india, arguably Chávez’s best-known piece, which features his use of indigenous Mexican instruments, played here with extraordinary lyricism and sensitivity.   
Only a world-class orchestra can be entrusted with showcasing the Latin American flair so crucial to Chávez’s work. This release features the London Symphony Orchestra in an historic performance from 1981, conducted by the late Mexican conductor Eduardo Mata. A passionate supporter of 20th-century Latin American music his entire life, Mata demonstrates on this release why his glowing reputation – still intact some 20 years after his death – is so well deserved.  
Reissue of a classic, historic and still the best recording of the complete 6 symphonies by Carlos Chavez by the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Eduardo Mata.
Chavez is the most important “classical” composer of his native Mexico. He was the first national composer to embrace the classical symphonic form, infusing it with elements of Mexican folk music and dances: festive, vibrant and exhilarating!
Eduardo Mata is a true master in this repertoire, and his recording with the London Symphony Orchestra still sounds as fresh and exciting as in its recording year 1981.
A VOX recording, booklet contains the original booklet notes.
Other information:
* Extensive notes on all the pieces
* Notes on the composer

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Symphony No. 1 “Sinfonía de Antígona”
  2. Symphony No. 3: I. Introduzione. Andante moderato
  3. Symphony No. 3: II. Allegro
  4. Symphony No. 3: III. Scherzo
  5. Symphony No. 3: IV. Finale. Molto lento
  6. Symphony No. 4 “Sinfonía romántica”

Disk 2

  1. Symphony No. 2 “Sinfonía india”
  2. Symphony No. 5: I. Allegro molto moderato - Molto lento
  3. Symphony No. 5: II. Finale. Allegro con brio
  4. Symphony No. 6: I. Allegro energico
  5. Symphony No. 6: II. Adagio molto cantabile
  6. Symphony No. 6: III. Passacaglia. Con anima

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