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  • MusicWeb International

    I have now listened to it about ten times and every time I do I find something else to add to my enjoyment of this disc.

  • Veracini: Violin Sonatas

    "The playing of El Arte Mvsico is lively and expressive. I just want to play their excellent recording again and again." MusicWeb

  • Gentili Musicweb review

    This is music that deserves to be heard and I only hope that this will become the first release in a Brilliant Classics series of Gentili's works!

  • Degli Antoni Musicweb review

    These sonatas are musically compelling, not the least because of their vocal character. This is an important release, both from a historical and a musical angle...

  • Musicweb review Bruch

    These three quartets on Brilliant Classics present a wonderful opportunity to trace the very early development, prior to and during his formal studies, of this much loved composer.

  • Galuppi review on MusicWeb

    Chezzi has found just the right approach: he doesn't try to give the music weight by adding virtuosic ornamentation.

  • Francesco Cera plays d'Anglebert

    The quality of his oeuvre and the splendid interpretation by Francesco Cera justify the accolade of Recording of the Month.

  • Review Degli Antoni in

    Das Ensemble Il Coro d'Arcadia überzeugt mit einer ausnehmend schönen und farbenreichen Einspielung von Pietro Degli Antonis Sonatensammlung op. 4.

  • Review Locatelli Concerti Musicweb

    I find this new recording to be very good, and a strong challenger to the Raglan who, for me, overall have the slightest of edges over Igor Ruhadze and his ensemble....

  • Scriabin Review MusicWeb

    Alexeev immediately impresses with his rich full sound. In short, this is playing in the grand manner!

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