Haydn: Scottish Songs Vol. 1

Haydn: Scottish Songs Vol. 1
Composer Franz Joseph Haydn
Artist Lorna Anderson soprano
Jamie MacDougall tenor
Haydn Trio Eisenstadt
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 92278
EAN code 5028421922782
Release April 2006

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About this release

The start of an extensive series with little-known works by Joseph Haydn: his settings of Scottish Songs, for vocal soloists and piano trio.

Haydn wrote more then 400 folksong arrangements, on commission from George Thomson, a Scottish publisher. These Brilliant Classics will record complete during the coming years, forming the first complete edition.

These delightful works, full of sentiment and wit, are sung here in their original Scottish language, by two famous Scottish singers: Lorna Anderson and Jamie MacDougall, accompanied by the Haydn Trio Eisenstadt (piano trio: violin, piano, cello).

The complete original texts, and a synopsis per song in German, and the highly interesting liner notes make this issue an original and well-documented quality product.

Other information:
- www.scottishsongs.at

Track list

Disk 1

  1. The broom of Cowdenknows
  2. She rose, and let me in
  3. Waly waly
  4. The wee, wee man
  5. Robin Adair
  6. Rattling roaring Willy
  7. Thro' the wood, laddie
  8. The old highland laddie
  9. O'er the hills and far awa
  10. Craigieburn Wood
  11. The lea-rig
  12. William and Margaret
  13. What can a young lassie do
  14. Down the burn, Davie
  15. The sutor's doughter
  16. My Love she's but a lassie yet (Vars.)
  17. The ewe-bughts
  18. Up in the morning early
  19. Morag
  20. The east neuk o' Fife
  21. The maid that tends the goats
  22. The lass of Patie's mill
  23. Oran gaoil
  24. The flowers of Edinburgh
  25. Willie was a wanton wag
  26. Logan water
  27. Macpherson's farewell