Mozart: Idomeneo

Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Artist Glyndebourne Festival Chorus and Orchestra
Sir John Pritchard conductor
Format 2 CD
Cat. number 94497
EAN code 5028421944975
Release August 2013

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About this release

Marking the end of Mozart’s early operas, Idomeneo is commonly regarded as the composer’s greatest serious opera and his first operatic masterpiece, containing many allusions to the style of the French lyric opera thanks to its beautiful choruses and ballets. The work was largely neglected until the mid-20th century but is now part of the standard operatic repertoire.

Richard Lewis takes the title role in this, one of the most highly regarded recordings of the work, singing ‘with great beauty and sensitivity of tone, giving true pathos to the character of the unhappy king’ (Gramophone), while Sena Jurinac has long been praised for her interpretations of Ilia’s three arias, which are ‘exquisitely sung, the high notes beautifully poised, the phrasing exemplary’ (Gramophone). The Glyndebourne Festival Chorus and Orchestra are directed by celebrated Mozart interpreter, Sir John Pritchard.

Other information:
- Recorded in 1956, a classic performance of Idomeneo from Glyndebourne, conducted by Sir John Pritchard, featuring an excellent cast, with briliant Sena Jurinac and formidable Leopold Simoneau.
- Booklet contains liner notes, synopsis, the libretto available on

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Idomeneo: Overture
  2. Idomeneo, Act 1: Recitative “Quando avran fine omai” (Ilia)
  3. Idomeneo, Act 1: Aria “Padre, germani, addio!” (Ilia)
  4. Idomeneo, Act 1: Recitative “Radunate i Troiani” (Idamante, Ilia)
  5. Idomeneo, Act 1: Aria “Non ho colpa” (Idamante)
  6. Idomeneo, Act 1: Recitative “Ecco il misero” (Ilia, Idamante)
  7. Idomeneo, Act 1: Chorus “Godiam la pace” (Choir)
  8. Idomeneo, Act 1: Recitative “Prence, signor” (Idamante, Arbace, Ilia)
  9. Idomeneo, Act 1: Recitative “Estinto è Idomeneo?” (Elettra)
  10. Idomeneo, Act 1: Aria “Tutte nel cor vi sento” (Elettra)
  11. Idomeneo, Act 1: Chorus “Pietà! Numi, pietà!”
  12. Idomeneo, Act 1: Recitative “Ecco ci salvi alfin” (Idomeneo)
  13. Idomeneo, Act 1: Aria “Vedrommi intorno” (Idomeneo) – Recitative “Cieli! che veggo!” (Idomeneo)
  14. Idomeneo, Act 1: Recitative “Spiagge romite” (Idomeneo, Idamante)
  15. Idomeneo, Act 1: Recitative “Ah qual gelido orror” (Idamante)
  16. Idomeneo, Act 1: Aria “Il padre adorato” (Idamante)
  17. Idomeneo, Act 1: March
  18. Idomeneo, Act 1: Chorus “Nettuno s’onori!” (Choir)
  19. Idomeneo, Act 2: Recitative “Siam soli, odimi Arbace” (Idomeneo, Arbace)
  20. Idomeneo, Act 2: Recitative “Se mai pomposo” (Ilia, Idomeneo)
  21. Idomeneo, Act 2: Aria “Se il padre perdei” (Ilia)
  22. Idomeneo, Act 2: Recitative “Qual mi conturba i sensi” (Idomeneo)
  23. Idomeneo, Act 2: Aria “Fuor del mar” (Idomeneo)
  24. Idomeneo, Act 2: Recitative “Chi mai del mio” (Elettra)
  25. Idomeneo, Act 2: Aria “Idol mio, se ritroso” (Elettra)
  26. Idomeneo, Act 2: March

Disk 2

  1. Idomeneo, Act 2: Recitative “Sidonie sponde” (Elettra)
  2. Idomeneo, Act 2: Chorus “Placido è il mar” (Chorus, Elettra)
  3. Idomeneo, Act 2: Recitative “Parti, Idamante” (Idomeneo, Idamante)
  4. Idomeneo, Act 2: Trio “Pria di partir, o Dio!” (Idamante, Elettra, Idomeneo)
  5. Idomeneo, Act 2: Chorus “Qual nuovo terrore!” (Choir)
  6. Idomeneo, Act 2: Recitative “Eccoti in me, barbaro Nume!” (Idomeneo)
  7. Idomeneo, Act 2: Chorus “Corriamo, fuggiamo” (Choir)
  8. Idomeneo, Act 3: Aria “Zeffiretti lusinghieri” (Ilia)
  9. Idomeneo, Act 3: Recitative “Principessa, a tuoi sguardi” (Idamante, Ilia)
  10. Idomeneo, Act 3: Duet “Spiegarti non poss’io” (Ilia, Idamante)
  11. Idomeneo, Act 3: Recitative “Cieli! che vedo?” (Idomeneo, Ilia, Idamante, Elettra)
  12. Idomeneo, Act 3: Quartet “Andrò ramingo e solo” (Idomeneo, Ilia, Idamante, Elettra)
  13. Idomeneo, Act 3: Recitative “Volgi intorno lo sguardo… Non più!” (Gran Sacerdote, Idomeneo)
  14. Idomeneo, Act 3: Chorus “O, o voto tremendo!” (Choir)
  15. Idomeneo, Act 3: March
  16. Idomeneo, Act 3: Recitative “Accogli, o re del mar” (Idomeneo, Gran Sacerdote and Sacerdoti)
  17. Idomeneo, Act 3: Chorus “Stupenda vittoria!” (Choir) – Recitative “Sire! il prence” (Arbace)
  18. Idomeneo, Act 3: Recitative “Padre, mio caro padre!” (Idamante)
  19. Idomeneo, Act 3: Aria “No, la morte” (Idamante)
  20. Idomeneo, Act 3: Recitative “Ferma, o Sire, che fai?” (Ilia, Idomeneo, Idamante, Gran Sacerdote, Elettra, La Voce, Arbace)
  21. Idomeneo, Act 3: Recitative “Oh smania!” (Elettra)
  22. Idomeneo, Act 3: Aria “D'Oreste, d'Aiace” (Elettra)
  23. Idomeneo, Act 3: Recitative “Popoli!” (Idomeneo)
  24. Idomeneo, Act 3: Aria “Torna la pace al core” (Idomeneo)
  25. Idomeneo, Act 3: Chorus “Scenda Amor, scenda Imeneo” (Choir)