Vaet: Sacred Music

Composer Jacobus Vaet
Artist Dufay Ensemble
Eckehard Kiem artistic direction
Format 4 CD
Cat. number 95365
EAN code 5028421953656
Release June 2016

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About this release

What we know about Jakobus Vaet – Flemish composer of the latter half of the 16th century – is sadly lacking. Unsure of his exact year of birth, we first come across him as a 13-year-old, when he entered his local choir; clearly he was a precocious talent, as the church kept him on until his voice broke four years later. By the time Vaet remerged in 1550, he held the prestigious post of tenor in the chapel choir of Charles V, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. His royal connections were set to continue, as he moved to Vienna some years later to serve as Kapellmeister to the Archduke Maximilian of Austria, soon to become emperor himself. Vaet spent the next fifteen years until his untimely death at the age of 37 composing a great deal; what
remains of his works fills several volumes, including the sacred music featured on this 4CD set.

Vaet’s sacred music is characterised by the use of melodies and material from other composers, including Christian Hollander and Clemens non Papa. However, his reworking of other works is stylistically unique, as he reduces polyphonic textures of composers such as Gombert to a far more transparent sound, creating breathing space – literal and expressive – unusual for its time. Most of all, Vaet’s music, while transcendent in content, is regularly rooted in the politics of its day: the Biblical text of Ascendetis post filium, for example, works to praise Maximilian for assuming power from his father Ferdinand, just as Solomon did from Saul. Vaet was clearly not only a skilled composer but also a masterful diplomat.

The works are sung with utmost care by the all-male vocal group Dufay Ensemble, conducted by Eckehard Kiem, who also sings bass. The ensemble – formed of just seven singers – may be small but it thinks big, having recorded music by Josquin Desprez, Orlando di Lasso and Palestrina. When released separately, CDs 2 and 3 of this set were previously highly praised, winning the coveted Diapason découverte and Diapason 5 respectively.

A 4CD with sacred vocal music by a master of the Flemish School of Polyphonists, Jakobus Vaet (1529-1567).
Little is known about Vaet’s early years. We find him as Kapellmeister of the Hapsburg emperor Maximilian II in Vienna, where he was in high regard.
Vaet may be considered the link between Josquin Desprez and Palestrina. His polyphony, influenced by Clemens non Papa and Orlando di Lasso, is highly cultivated, and allows some daring dissonances. This substantial collection contains Masses, Motets, a Magnificat and a Requiem.
Excellent performances by the Dufay Ensemble, conducted by Eckehard Kiem, previously issued on the Ars Musici label, and awarded with several international prizes, among which a Diapason d’Or.
The booklet contains extensive liner notes and the original texts.
Recorded between 2002 and 2007.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Requiem: I. Filiae Jerusalem
  2. Requiem: II. A solis ortus cardine
  3. Requiem: III. Iste est Joannes
  4. Requiem: IV. Ave maris stella
  5. Requiem: V. O quam gloriosum
  6. Requiem: VI. Continuo lacrimas
  7. Missa pro defunctis: I. Requiem aeternam
  8. Missa pro defunctis: II. Te decet hymnus
  9. Missa pro defunctis: III. Kyrie – Christe – Kyrie
  10. Missa pro defunctis: IV. Tractus
  11. Missa pro defunctis: V. Offertorium
  12. Missa pro defunctis: VI. Hostias
  13. Missa pro defunctis: VII. Sanctus – Pleni sunt coeli
  14. Missa pro defunctis: VIII. Benedictus
  15. Missa pro defunctis: IX. Agnus dei
  16. Missa pro defunctis: X. Communio. Lux aeterna
  17. Missa pro defunctis: XI. Requiem aeternam dona eis
  18. Missa pro defunctis: XII. Ne recorderis

Disk 2

  1. Te deum: I. Prima pars
  2. Te deum: II. Secunda pars
  3. Te deum: III. Tertia pars
  4. Quoties diem
  5. Ut queant laxis – Nuntius celso
  6. Ille promissi – Ventris obstruso
  7. In tenebris
  8. Magnificat secundi toni: I. Magnificat – Et exultavit
  9. Magnificat secundi toni: II. Euia respexit – Quia fecit
  10. Magnificat secundi toni: III. Et misericordia – Fecit potentiam
  11. Magnificat secundi toni: IV. Deposuit potentes – Esurientes
  12. Magnificat secundi toni: V. Suscepit Israel – Sicut locutus
  13. Magnificat secundi toni: VI. Gloria Patri – Sicut erat
  14. Missa quodlibetica: I. Kyrie. Kyrie I
  15. Missa quodlibetica: I. Kyrie. Christe
  16. Missa quodlibetica: I. Kyrie. Kyrie II
  17. Missa quodlibetica: II. Gloria. Gloria
  18. Missa quodlibetica: II. Gloria. Qui tollis
  19. Missa quodlibetica: II. Gloria. Credo
  20. Missa quodlibetica: II. Gloria. Crucifixus
  21. Missa quodlibetica: II. Gloria. Et in spiritum
  22. Missa quodlibetica: III. Sanctus. Sanctus
  23. Missa quodlibetica: III. Sanctus. Pleni sunt coeli
  24. Missa quodlibetica: III. Sanctus. Hosanna I
  25. Missa quodlibetica: III. Sanctus. Benedictus
  26. Missa quodlibetica: III. Sanctus. Hosanna II
  27. Missa quodlibetica: IV. Agnus dei

Disk 3

  1. Angelus ad pastores ait
  2. Ascendetis post filium: I. Prima pars
  3. Ascendetis post filium: II. Secunda pars
  4. Qui gerit Augusti
  5. Currite felices: I. Prima pars
  6. Currite felices: II. Secunda pars
  7. Currite felices: III. Tertia pars
  8. Aurea luce: I. Aurea luce – Janitor caeli
  9. Aurea luce: II. Jam, bone pastor Petre – Doctor egregie
  10. Aurea luce: III. Olivae binae – Sit trinitati
  11. Beata es et venerabilis: I. Prima pars
  12. Beata es et venerabilis: II. Secunda pars
  13. Mater digna dei: I. Prima pars
  14. Mater digna dei: II. Secunda pars
  15. Salve Regina: I. Salve Regina – Vita, dulcedo
  16. Salve Regina: II. Ad te clamamus – Ad te suspiramus
  17. Salve Regina: III. Eia ergo – Et Jesum
  18. Salve Regina: IV. O clemens – O pia – O dulcis – Virgo Maria
  19. Vitam quae faciunt

Disk 4

  1. Magnificat sexti toni: I. Magnificat – Et exultavit
  2. Magnificat sexti toni: II. Quia respexit – Quia fecit
  3. Magnificat sexti toni: III. Et misericordia – Fecit potentiam
  4. Magnificat sexti toni: IV. Deposuit – Esurientes
  5. Magnificat sexti toni: V. Suscepit Israel – Sicut locutus est
  6. Magnificat sexti toni: VI. Gloria Patri – Sicut erat in principio
  7. Dum steteritis: I. Prima pars
  8. Dum steteritis: II. Secunda pars
  9. Assumens Jesus Petrum
  10. Discubuit Jesus: I. Prima pars
  11. Discubuit Jesus: Secunda pars
  12. Quid Christum captive: I. Prima pars
  13. Quid Christum captive: Secunda pars
  14. Dixerunt impii: I. Prima pars
  15. Dixerunt impii: II. Secunda pars
  16. Spiritus domini: I. Prima pars
  17. Spiritus domini: II. Secunda pars
  18. Deus tuorum militum: I. Deus tuorum – Hic nempe mundi
  19. Deus tuorum militum: II. Poenas cucurrit – Ob hoc precatu
  20. Crimina laxa
  21. Ferdnande imperio: I. Prima pars
  22. Ferdnande imperio: II. Secunda pars