Requiem 16CD

This unique box set brings together the most important and well known Requiems and liturgical music for the dead, spanning a near 1000 years. From Gregorian Chant to Requiems by Mozart, Brahms, Fauré, Verdi, Howells and Britten.

Locatelli: Complete Edition

Locatelli: Complete Edition

The first Complete Locatelli Edition ever! Locatelli, like many of his contemporaries, moved abroad and settled in Amsterdam/The Netherlands concertising as a violinist and founding a flourishing publishing house.

J.S. Bach: Complete Organ Music

J.S. Bach: Complete Organ Music 15 CDs

Comprising all four volumes of Stefano Molardi’s masterful survey of Johann Sebastian Bach’s organ music, this release is a must-have for any lover of the German composer’s organ works.

Tiersen: Pour Amélie, Piano Music

Tiersen: Pour Amélie Jeroen van Veen

Jeroen van Veen has done it again, with an album of gentle melodies and soothing sounds from Yann Tiersen, a composer best known outside his native France for the soundtrack to the movie Amélie..

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Gilardino: Complete Music for Solo Guitar

Gilardino: Complete Music for Solo Guitar 1965 - 2013

Eine beeindruckend umfangreiche Sammlung mit vielen faszinierenden Werken, die es zu entdecken gilt......

Composer Editions

J.S. Bach Complete Edition

J.S. Bach Complete EditionJohann Sebastian Bach’s stature as a composer of extraordinary talent and widespread influence is...

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Classical Oboe Concertos

Classical Oboe ConcertosThere are about one hundred classical oboe concertos, most of which were composed by oboists hopi...

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Vivaldi & Chedeville: Complete Recorder Sonatas from "Il Pastor Fido"

Vivaldi & Chedeville: Complete Recorder Sonatas from "Il Pastor Fido"The first thing to say about these six flute sonatas is that they are not by Vivaldi, nor did the...


Ginastera: Complete Piano Music

Ginastera: Complete Piano MusicTo celebrate the centenary next year of the birth of one of the fathers of Argentinian art-music,...