Telemann: The Double Concertos with Recorder

Telemann Concertos by Erik Bosgraaf & Cordevento

These concertos contain some of his most personal music, his usual brilliance, wit and virtuosity alternate with passages of deep emotion and melancholy....

Yiddish Baroque Music by Rabbi Elkhanan Kirchen

Yiddish Baroque Music

A very special first recording: Yiddish music from the Baroque era: “the Book of the Rejoicing Soul” is an ancient Ashkenazi songbook, published in the beginning of the 18th century in Bavaria....

Vásquez: Vocal Music

Vásquez: Vocal Music by Vandalia

Active around the first half of the sixteenth century, Juan Vásquez was a fully fledged representative of the Sevillian school of the Golden Age. He knew and admired Guerrero and Morales and their music...

Italian Baroque: The Instrumental Edition

Italian Baroque: The Instrumental Edition

This new and expansive collection includes over 30 composers, many of whom are rarely heard in the concert repertoire, including new recordings of Giuseppe Tartini’s Sonatas for violin and Nicola Porpora’s Sonatas for cello...

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Jacobus Vaet: Sacred Music

Vaet: Sacred Music

It is invaluable to have all these works as a single set, for less than the price of a single full-price CD, especially as Vaet is a composer so worthy of exploration.

Composer Editions

Corelli Complete Edition

Corelli Complete EditionIt may seem surprising: can 10 discs really contain all of Arcangelo Corelli’s output? They can, ...

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Porpora/Costanzi: 6 Cello Sonatas

Porpora/Costanzi: 6 Cello SonatasNicola Porpora is best known now as a composer of opera, in which he rivalled Handel in his own e...

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Ugoletti: Three Concertos

Ugoletti: Three ConcertosThis is the second album on Brilliant Classics of Paolo Ugoletti’s music. The first (BC94762) pai...


Classical Oboe Concertos

Classical Oboe ConcertosThere are about one hundred classical oboe concertos, most of which were composed by oboists hopi...