Jeroen van Veen: 24 Minimal Preludes

Jeroen van Veen: 24 Minimal Preludes

Inspired by the key-order of Chopin, the piano-techniques of Franz Liszt and Sergei Rachmaninoff, the polyrhythmic textural layering of Philip Glass, the sound of Simeon ten Holt and the rhythms of Steve Reich..

Nino Rota: Chamber Music

Nino Rota: Chamber Music

Nino Rota is mainly known as one of Italy’s most famous film music composers. However, he wrote an impressive and substantial oeuvre of “classical music”, works of great spontaneity, lyricism, and melodic invention.

Gentili: Trio Sonatas Op.1

Gentili: Trio Sonatas

Giorgio Gentili was a famous violinist, teacher (Vivaldi was one of his pupils!) and composer in 18th century Venice, he played the violin in the San Marco and his compositions were published all over Europe; dedicated to Kings and Emperors.

Vaet: Sacred Music

Vaet: Sacred Music

Vaet’s sacred music is stylistically unique as he reduces polyphonic textures of composers such as Gombert to a far more transparent sound by creating breathing space; which was quite unusual for its time.

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Bruch: Complete String Quartets

These three quartets on Brilliant Classics present a wonderful opportunity to trace the very early development, prior to and during his formal studies, of this much loved composer.

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Liszt: Angelus Sacred Piano Music

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Tiersen: Pour Amélie, Piano Music

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Chopin: Complete Etudes

Chopin: Complete EtudesWith his two books of Etudes, Frédéric Chopin threw down the gauntlet for all who would come afte...