Novecento Guitar Sonatas

A fascinating survey of 20th century sonatas written for solo guitar, including 13 world premiere recordings, another great and original project of guitarist Cristiano Porqueddu.

Schenck: Tyd en Konst-Oeffeningen, Op. 2

Some of the most exciting and influential sonatas from Dutch composer Johannes Schenck: Tyd en Konst-Offningen Op.2. Great performances by Cuban-born Lixsania Fernandez.

Ter Veldhuis: Complete Piano Music

Piano music by one of the most innovating, open minded and controversial Dutch composers of today: Jacob ter Veldhuis. Performed by Dutch minimalism icon Jeroen van Veen.

Mozart: Chamber Music

Beautiful arrangements for flute, oboe, violin, viola and cello of three works written originally for mechanical organ. The arrangement enhances the dramatic impact of the original works.

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Ugoletti Review Musicweb

The Emily Dickinson Arias are piercingly introspective, spiritually awakening and enlightening.

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Gesualdo: Tenebrae Responsoria

From a musical point of view, Carlo Gesualdo, Prince of Venosa, was a lutenist and composer. His ...

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Platti: Cello Concertos

Giovanni Benedetto Platti is no household name, but in his day he was lauded as an exceptionally ...


Foerster: Complete Solo Piano Music

“J.B. Foerster was born in this house on 30 December 1859 in order, through his music, to raise u...