Franck: Mélodies

Franck: Mélodies
Composer César Auguste Franck
Artist Francesca Scaini soprano
Mattia Ometto piano
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 94457
EAN code 5028421944579
Release November 2013

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About this release

For César Franck, the concept of poetic sense went beyond the text of the verse, to the wider themes and subject of the poem. This allowed him to write works of dramatic consequence despite any lack of attention he may have paid to verse structure. This disc comprises 16 of Franck’s songs, with lyrics taken from a variety of poets, and includes the first ever recording of A cette terre où l’on ploie sa tente, with the lyrics taken from Victor Hugo’s poem. The elegance and sensitivity of this work in particular epitomise the French music typical of the era.

The songs are performed by Italian soprano Francesca Scaini, for whom praise has been plentiful in Gramophone for her opera work. Originally training in Venice, she won numerous awards – including the coveted Maria Callas, New Verdi Voices prize – and was prima donna at the Staatsoper in Hannover for five years. Accompanying Scaini is Mattia Ometto, the internationally acclaimed pianist and teacher.

Other information:
- Contains liner notes on the work and performer biographies (in English and Italian).
- César Franck’s melodic gifts are amply testified by the gorgeous melodies from his Violin Sonata or his Symphony. In music history however Franck is placed as an innovator of musical harmony, his extended and highly chromatic harmonic language bearing the stamp of a true and highly individual genius.
- This CD presents a fine selection of Franck’s songs, a neglected part of his oeuvre. Vintage Franck, they breathe the perfumes and atmosphere of 19th century Parisian salons, elegance, melancholy and pure beauty.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Nocturne in F-Sharp Major, FWV 85
  2. Ninon in A Major, FWV 71
  3. Le vase brisé in C Minor, FWV 84
  4. Lied in F-Sharp Minor, FWV 83
  5. Le mariage des roses in B Major, FWV 80
  6. Souvenance in F-Sharp Minor, FWV 70
  7. Robin Gray in A-Flat Major, FWV 74
  8. “Passez! Passez toujours!” in G Major, FWV 82
  9. Roses et Papillons in D-Flat Major, FWV 81
  10. L’Ange et l’Enfant, FWV 75
  11. Les cloches du soir in F Major, FWV 87
  12. L’Émir de Bengador in F Major, FWV 72
  13. S’il est un charmant gazon, FWV 78
  14. A cette terre où l’on ploie sa tente
  15. Aimer in A-Flat Major, FWV 76
  16. La Procession, FWV 88