Messiaen: Mélodies Complete

Messiaen: Mélodies Complete
Composer Olivier Messiaen
Artist Ingrid Kappelle soprano
Håkon Austbø piano
Format 2 CD
Cat. number 7448
EAN code 5029365744829
Release April 2006

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About this release

Olivier Messiaen is considered one of the most important and influential composers of the twentieth century. He is probably best-known for his Turangalîla symphony and for making use of birdsong in his music. This CD features every song and melody that Messiaen wrote for soprano and piano.

During a relatively short period rather early in his career Messiaen wrote about 30 songs. Some of them belong to sets and some are single songs. They are mainly based on his own and his mother's (Cécile Sauvage) texts. His personal style and idiosyncrasies are already evident in these songs as is his religious tendency in the last set, Harawi, a “song of love and of death”.

The songs for soprano and accompaniment have never before been recorded by a single singer. These brand-new recordings were made for Brilliant Classics by Dutch singer Ingrid Kappelle and internationally recognised Messiaen performer Hakon Austbö. This pianist has worked intimately with the composer himself in the past and has made highly acclaimed recordings of his works for piano solo.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Trois Mélodies: Pourquoi
  2. Trois Mélodies: Le sourire
  3. Trois Mélodies: La fiancée perdue
  4. Vocalise étude
  5. Poèmes pour Mi: I -er Livre: Action de grâces
  6. Poèmes pour Mi: I -er Livre: Paysage
  7. Poèmes pour Mi: I -er Livre: La maison
  8. Poèmes pour Mi: I -er Livre: Épouvante
  9. Poèmes pour Mi: II-em Livre: L’Épouse
  10. Poèmes pour Mi: II-em Livre: Ta voix
  11. Poèmes pour Mi: II-em Livre: Les deux guerriers
  12. Poèmes pour Mi: II-em Livre: Le collier
  13. Poèmes pour Mi: II-em Livre: Prière exaucée
  14. Chants de terre et de ciel: Bail avec Mi (pour ma Femme)
  15. Chants de terre et de ciel: Antienne du silence (pour le jour des Anges gardiens)
  16. Chants de terre et de ciel: Danse du bébé Pilule (pour mon petit Pascal)
  17. Chants de terre et de ciel: Arc-en-ciel d’innocence (pour mon petit Pascal)
  18. Chants de terre et de ciel: Minuit pile et face (pour la Mort)
  19. Chants de terre et de ciel: Résurrection (pour le jour de Pâques)

Disk 2

  1. Haraw I: La ville qui dormait
  2. Haraw I: Bonjour toi, colombe verte
  3. Haraw I: Montagnes
  4. Haraw I: Doundou tchil
  5. Haraw I: L’amour de Piroutcha
  6. Haraw I: Répétition planétaire
  7. Haraw I: Adieu
  8. Haraw I: Syllabes
  9. Haraw I: L’escalier redit, gestes du soleil
  10. Haraw I: Amour oiseau d’étoile
  11. Haraw I: Katchikatchi les étoiles
  12. Haraw I: Dans le noir