Tárrega: Guitar Edition

Tárrega: Guitar Edition
Composer Francisco Tárrega
Artist Giulio Tampalini guitar
Format 4 CD
Cat. number 94336
EAN code 5028421943367
Release October 2015

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About this release

Francisco Tárrega may have written little, but the works that he did compose have been a cornerstone of every guitar player’s oeuvre since the composer’s death in 1909. Particularly famous is his Recuerdos de la Alhambra, one of the most beautiful pieces ever penned for the guitar, conjuring up vivid images of the palatial grandeur and Mediterranean warmth of Granada in southern Spain. Tárrega had no problem admitting to using other composers as inspiration for his works: Recuerdos was based on a theme by Bizet, and his preludes were inspired by Romantic composers such as Chopin, Schumann and Mendelssohn. Most of all, though, Tárrega is famous for arranging well-loved works for the guitar. He chose an astonishing variety of composers, from J.S. Bach, Haydn and Mozart to Grieg and Wagner, transcribing some of their most popular works in a highly inventive and sympathetic way. This compilation includes a variety of solo guitar music by Tárrrega as well as two CDs’ worth of his transcriptions, showcasing the diverse range of skills the talented composer had at his disposal.

Giulio Tampalini is one of Italy’s leading guitarists. A prizewinner both in Italy and abroad, he has performed with a variety of soloists and ensembles, including a collaboration with the Orchestra of La Scala. His previous Tárrega release, comprising the composer’s complete works (Concerto Editions), was awarded the Golden Guitar at the International Guitar Congress in Alessandria in 2003.

Francisco Tárrega (1852-1909) was one of the most important guitar composers of the 19th century. Many of his works became instantly famous, and have stayed on the repertoire forever.
Tárrega’s works are imbued with the sounds, colours and perfumes of his native country Spain, conjuring up visions of landscapes, festivals and folklore. His most famous piece “Recuerdos de Alhambra” is a perfect example: intimate, sensuous and melodic, its virtuosity in service of the musical expression.
This set presents the complete guitar works by Tárrega, as played by the eminent guitarist Giulio Tampalini, who already made a splendid recording for Brilliant Classics of the complete guitar works by Llobet, to great critical acclaim.
The booklet contains excellent liner notes written by the eminent Angelo Gilardino.

Other information:
Recorded in Italy in 2014.
Contains extensive notes on the composer written by acclaimed composer and guitarist Angelo Gilardino.
Contains a biography of the artist.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Capricho árabe
  2. Alborada
  3. Marieta
  4. Pavana
  5. María
  6. Isabel
  7. La cartagenera
  8. Adelita in E Minor
  9. Rosita in D Major
  10. El columpio
  11. Danza mora
  12. Gran vals in A Major
  13. Malagueña fácil
  14. Recuerdos de la Alhambra
  15. Mazurka in G Major
  16. Las dos hermanas
  17. Minuetto in E Major
  18. Paquito
  19. Pepita
  20. Danza odalisca
  21. Sueño Mazurka
  22. Vals in D Major
  23. Variaciones sobre el carnaval de Venecia de Paganini

Disk 2

  1. Prelude No. 1 in D Minor
  2. Prelude No. 2 in A Minor
  3. Prelude No. 3 in G Major
  4. Prelude No. 4 in E Major
  5. Prelude No. 5 in E Major
  6. Prelude No. 6 in B Minor
  7. Prelude No. 7 in A Major
  8. Prelude No. 8 in A Major
  9. Prelude No. 9 in A Major
  10. Prelude No. 10 in D Major
  11. Prelude in D Major
  12. Prelude in A Minor
  13. Prelude in D Major
  14. Lágrima
  15. Prelude in G Major
  16. Prelude in C Major
  17. Endecha
  18. Oremus
  19. Prelude in A Minor
  20. Prelude in D Major
  21. Prelude in A Major
  22. Estudio en forma de minuet
  23. Estudio sobre un estudio de cramer
  24. Sueño Trémolo
  25. Estudio sobre una sonatina de Alard
  26. Estudio de velocidad
  27. Estudio sobre un tema de la traviata de Verdi
  28. La mariposa in D Major
  29. Estudio sobre “andante en etude” de Émile Prudent
  30. Estudio sobre un fragmento de Schumann
  31. Fantasía sobre motivos de la traviata de Verdi
  32. Gran jota de concierto

Disk 3

  1. Nocturne in E-Flat Major, Op. 9 No. 2
  2. Mazurka in G-Sharp Minor, Op. 33 No. 1
  3. Mazurka in B Minor, Op. 33 No. 4
  4. Mazurka in A Minor, Op. 67 No. 4
  5. Waltz in A Minor, Op. 34 No. 2
  6. Prelude in E Minor, Op. 28 No. 4
  7. Prelude in B Minor, Op. 28 No. 6
  8. Prelude in A Major, Op. 28 No. 7
  9. Prelude in D-Flat Major, Op. 28 No. 15
  10. Prelude in C Minor, Op. 28 No. 20
  11. Fantasiestücke, Op. 12: I. “Des Abends”
  12. Albumblätter, Op. 124: XVI. “Schlummerlied”
  13. Bunte Blätter, Op. 99 Albumblätter
  14. Bunte Blätter, Op. 99: I. “Nicht schnell, mit Innigkeit”
  15. Album für die Jugend, Op. 68: XII. “Knecht Ruprecht”
  16. Novelletten, Op. 21: I. “Romanza”
  17. Kinderszenen, Op. 15: VII. “Träumere"
  18. Minuet WoO 10 No. 3
  19. Piano Sonata No. 8, Op. 13: II. Adagio cantabile
  20. Symphony No. 7, Op. 92: II. Allegretto
  21. Sonata, Op. 2 No. 2: III. Scherzo
  22. Sonata No. 4, Op. 7: II. Largo
  23. Septet, Op. 20: IV. Andante (1st Variation)
  24. Sonata No. 14 “Moonlight”, Op. 27 No. 2: I. Adagio
  25. Sonata No. 18 in G Major, D.894: III. Minuet
  26. La damnation de Faust – Ballet des Sylphes
  27. Lyric Pieces, Op. 43 No. 2 “Solitary Traveller”
  28. Norwegian Folk Songs, Op. 66 No. 13 “A Little Grey Man”
  29. Peer Gynt, Op. 23: The Death of Åse
  30. August Heinrich von Weyrauch nach Osten

Disk 4

  1. Violi Sonata No. 1 in G Minor, BWV 1001: II. Fugue
  2. Cello Suite No. 3 in C Major, BWV 1009: V. Bourrée I, VI. Bourée II
  3. Violin Partita No. 1 in B Minor, BWV 1002: VII. Tempo di bourrée
  4. String Quintet No. 5 in D Major, K. 593: III. Minuet
  5. String Quartet No. 15 in D Minor, K. 421: III. Minuet
  6. String Quartet, Hob.III:74: II. Largo assai
  7. Keyboard Sonata, Hob.XVI:33: III. Tempo di minuetto
  8. Baryton Trio, Hob.XI:87: III. Minuet
  9. “Ox Minuet”, Hob.IX:27
  10. Chorale
  11. Samson, HWV 5: Minuet
  12. L’Arlésienne, Op. 23, Pt. III: IXX. Mélodrame. Adagio
  13. Tannhäuser, WWV 70: March
  14. Mefistofele
  15. L’Africaine: Morceau d’ensemble et finale
  16. Lieder ohne Worte, Op. 30: VI. Venetianisches Gondellied
  17. Lieder ohne Worte, Op. 19b: VI. Venetianisches Gondellied
  18. Estudio
  19. String Quartet in B-Flat Major: Minuet
  20. El ratón
  21. O sole mio
  22. El pobre valbuena
  23. Tango
  24. La Paloma
  25. Suite Española, Op. 47 No. 5: Sevilla