Rachmaninoff: Complete Piano Music

Rachmaninoff: Complete Piano Music (8CD)

This 8-CD set contains the works for piano solo by Sergei Rachmaninoff, 20-th century romantic, one of the greatest pianists of all time himself...

Corradini: 12 Ricercari & Vendi: Canzoni

Corradini: 12 Ricercari & Vendi: Canzoni

Biographical information on NicoloÌ Corradini is scarce, but we do know he spent most of his life in Cremona, the city where he was most likely born.....

Prokofiev: Complete Piano Sonatas

Prokofiev: Complete Piano Sonatas (3CD)

Dinara Klinton’s makes her debut on Piano Classics with another monument of the virtuoso piano literature....

Tartini: Violin Concertos D80, 96 & 125, Violin Sonata "Devil's  Thrill"

Tartini: Violin Concertos & Violin Sonata "Devil's Thrill"

Giuseppe Tartini was renowned throughout Europe as the pre-eminent genius of the violin – not only as a performer but as a composer of works which demonstrated his extraordinary gifts....


WOLF-FERRARI Violin Sonatas

Wolf-Ferrari: 3 Violin Sonatas

Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari (1876–1948), a composer who would benefit from his dual...

Composer Editions

Kozeluch: Complete Sonatas

Kozeluch: Complete SonatasIn 1790, one musical dictionary described Leopold Kozeluch as ‘without question the living compos...

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Zachow: Complete Organ Music

Zachow: Complete Organ MusicThe industrious Simone Stella has produced critically acclaimed complete sets of keyboard music b...

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Baroque Concerti from The Netherlands

Baroque Concerti from The NetherlandsThe 18th-century Dutch Republic served as a magnet attracting musicians across Europe. It was one...


Weiss: Sonatas

Weiss: SonatasSilvius Leopold Weiss (1687-1750) was a German composer and arguably the master lutenist of the 1...

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