Adios mi amor: Duets for Vihuelas

Adios mi amor: Duets for Vihuelas
Artist Delitiae Musicae:
Jesús Sánchez vihuela
Manuel Minguillón Nieto vihuela
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 94302
EAN code 5028421943022
Release January 2012

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About this release

Music performed on two vihuelas (guitar-like instruments from Spain) was commonplace during the Renaissance. Combining contrasting instruments was not yet the fashion, so instruments of the same family with similar sonorities were often paired in polyphonic duets – one instrument providing the harmonic support, the other giving the melody and embellishment.

To recreate these 16th century performance practices and draw attention to an important part of Spanish Renaissance music, Delitiae Musicae, a duo specialising in vihuela performance, have created a programme of original vihuela duets and their own arrangements of solo music. In line with Renaissance performance practices, improvisation using ostinati is featured in many of the pieces, and a number of intabulations (arrangements) of sacred works are included.

The programme features the major vihuela composers of the 16th century, along with Spain’s most important Renaissance composers, including Tomás Luis de Victoria, Enríquez de Valderrábano, Guillaume de Morlaye, Francisco Guerrero and Josquin des Prez. The focus is on Spanish music or music that displays a Spanish influence, to, in the words of the performers, ‘evoke the sound and image of two courtesan vihuelists performing in a 16th century palace’.

Other information:
- Recording made in 2010
- The vihuela is a predecessor of the guitar, with a deep sonority and expressive tone.
- A fascinating evocation of a 16-th century Spanish court, where noblemen and women expressed their feeling in music of a wide range of emotions, from the deepest sadness (usually love-related..) to merry joyfulness.
- Rare repertoire, with new arrangements and improvisations by Delitiae Musicae
- The two players of Delitiae Musicae, are specialized in this repertoire and are performing it worldwide to great public success at Early Music Festivals
- Booklet notes included.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Si tus penas no pruebo
  2. Niño Dios d’amor herido
  3. Adios mi amor
  4. Huyd, huyd, o çiegos amadores
  5. Todos aman
  6. Gaillarde
  7. Romanesca
  8. Conte Clare
  9. O Magnum Mysterium
  10. Assiste parata
  11. Tastar de corde
  12. Caldibi castigliano
  13. Calata ala spagnola
  14. Calata ala spagnola ditto terzetti
  15. Mille regretz
  16. Mille regretz
  17. Et in Spiritum Sanctum
  18. Fantasia de Lopez
  19. Diez diferencias de Folias
  20. Tiento
  21. Recercata
  22. Folías en primer tono
  23. Música para discantar sobre un punto
  24. Sobre el tenor del conde claros
  25. Diferencias de çaravanda

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