Bach Family: Motets

Bach Family: Motets
Composer Johann Christoph Bach, Johann Ludwig Bach, Johann Michael Bach, Johann Sebastian Bach
Artist Choir of Clare College Cambridge
Timothy Brown conductor
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 93801
EAN code 5028421938011
Release April 2009

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About this release

The Bach dynasty produced an astonishing number of fine musicians. Of course, the great Johann Sebastian towers over them all, and his sons, Carl Philipp Emanuel, Johann Christoph and Wilhelm Friedemann exerted a considerable influence upon the musical world of their time, providing the link from the Baroque to the Classical.

However, less is known about the Bach family’s composers before Johann Sebastian. This release contains motets by his great uncle Johann, born in 1604, and cousin Johann Ludwig, born just seven years before him. The greatest of the Bach family composers on this disc is Johann Christoph. He was a strong influence upon his cousin, Johann Sebastian, who wrote of him as being ‘a profound composer’.

All the works here were known to Johann Sebastian, who had in his possession an archive of many of the Bach family works. The music provides a fascinating musical journey through nearly 100 years of the composers of the Bach family prior to Johann Sebastian, and illustrates vividly the influences upon his religious beliefs, and how they helped to shape his compositions for the church.

Other information:
- Recorded in 1995, Historically informed recordings.
- The Choir of Clare College, Cambridge has established a fine reputation for Baroque music performance, working with René Jacobs and Nicholas McGegan. They have made a number of recordings for Brilliant Classics.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Lieber Herr Gott
  2. Unser Leben Ist Ein Schatten
  3. Herr, Du Lässest Mich Erfahren
  4. Nun Hab' Ich Überwunden
  5. Es Ist Nun Aus
  6. Der Gerechte, Ob Er Gleich
  7. Ich Lasse Dich Nicht
  8. Fürchte Dich Nicht
  9. Sei Lieber Tag Wilkommen
  10. Unsere Trübsalb
  11. Das Ist Meine Freude