Brahms: Late piano pieces

Brahms: Late piano pieces
Composer Johannes Brahms
Artist Håkon Austbö piano
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 93990
EAN code 5028421939902
Release August 2009

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About this release

Brahms was a formidable pianist, and his early works were written to show off his tremendous technique. The piano sonatas Opp. 1-3 typify the highly virtuosic muscular style that suited his performing style. Brahms never revisited the piano sonata form after these early works, and his output for solo piano falls distinctly into three groups: The early impetuous works, then, from 1854-73, the more technical works, and finally, the late works from the 1890s included on this CD. These works are contemplative and autumnal, though the drama and tensions of the earlier works are never far away. The Op. 116 set is remarkable in that its seven linked numbers form a single unity. It is in fact a seven movement sonata.

Op. 117 contains probably some of the most beautiful music Brahms’s composed. The 3 Intermezzi are reflective, deeply personal works. Op. 118 contains severe technical demands for the performer, as well as music of incredible passion and sadness. Op. 119 contains a Rhapsody, which is widely regarded as a final tribute to his pianist friend Clara Schumann. Brahms was madly in love with her, but although they were great friends, his love went unrequited.

Other information:
- Håkon Austbo was born in Norway, and now resides on Holland.
- In 1971, Håkon he won the prestigious Olivier Messiaen prize.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Fantasien Op.116: Capriccio in D Minor: Presto energico
  2. Fantasien Op.116: Intermezzo in A Minor: Andante
  3. Fantasien Op.116: Capriccio in G Minor: Allegro passionato
  4. Fantasien Op.116: Intermezzo in E: Adagio
  5. Fantasien Op.116: Intermezzo in E Minor: Andante con grazia ed intimissimo sentimento
  6. Fantasien Op.116: Intermezzo in E: Andantino teneramente
  7. Fantasien Op.116: Capriccio in D Minor: Allegro agitato
  8. Intermezzi Op.117: No.1 in E flat: Andante moderato
  9. Intermezzi Op.117: No.2 in B flat Minor: Andante non troppo
  10. Intermezzi Op.117: No.3 in C sharp Minor: Andante con moto
  11. Klavierstücke Op.118: Intermezzo in A Minor: Allegro non assai
  12. Klavierstücke Op.118: Intermezzo in A: Andante teneramente
  13. Klavierstücke Op.118: Ballade in G Minor: Allegro energico
  14. Klavierstücke Op.118: Intermezzo in F Minor: Allegretto un poco agitato
  15. Klavierstücke Op.118: Romanze in F: Andante
  16. Klavierstücke Op.118: Intermezzo in E flat Minor: Andante, largo e mesto
  17. Klavierstücke Op.119: Intermezzo in B Minor:Adagio
  18. Klavierstücke Op.119: Intermezzo in E Minor: Andantino un poco agitato
  19. Klavierstücke Op.119: Intermezzo in C: Grazioso e giocoso
  20. Klavierstücke Op.119: Rhapsodie in E flat: Allegro risoluto