Bustijn: Suittes pour le Clavessin

Bustijn: Suittes pour le Clavessin
Composer Pieter Bustijn
Artist Alessandro Simonetto piano
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 94187
EAN code 5028421941875
Release April 2011

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About this release

Pierre or Pieter Bustijn (1649-1729) was from the Low Countries: his family are reputed to have variously French, Belgian and Dutch origins (in the sense that we now understand those borders).We know next to nothing of the man himself, but his nine Suites for harpsichord evidently were held in high esteem in their day, being worthy of publication and wide dissemination.We can hear why: according to the eminent scholar Albert Clement, ‘The Suites offer us a surprising glimpse into Dutch musical life during the Baroque period and they are of great importance as far as the history of keyboard music in the Netherlands is concerned.’ They betray a certain Bachian influence (and why not?) in both their melodies and form, and indeed the influence is most positively appreciated in their rhythmic verve and stylish construction.

Alessandro Simonetto (B.1974) is a fine young Italian harpsichordist, as well as an enterprising digital music-publisher: the founder of both OnClassical.com and kunstderfuge.com, both vast online resources of music.

• Booklet notes on Bustijn’s life and work by Alessandro Simonetto.
• www.alessandrosimonetto.it

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Suitte I in D Minor: I. Preludio
  2. Suitte I in D Minor: II. Allemanda
  3. Suitte I in D Minor: III. Corrente
  4. Suitte I in D Minor: IV. Sarabanda
  5. Suitte I in D Minor: V. Giga
  6. Suitte II in D: I. Preludio
  7. Suitte II in D: II. Allemanda
  8. Suitte II in D: III. Corrente
  9. Suitte II in D: IV. Sarabanda
  10. Suitte II in D: V. Giga
  11. Suitte III in G: I. Preludio
  12. Suitte III in G: II. Allemanda
  13. Suitte III in G: III. Corrente
  14. Suitte III in G: IV. Sarabanda
  15. Suitte III in G: V. Giga
  16. Suitte IV in C: I. Preludio
  17. Suitte IV in C: II. Allemanda
  18. Suitte IV in C: III. Corrente
  19. Suitte IV in C: IV. Sarabanda
  20. Suitte IV in C: V. Giga
  21. Suitte IV in C: VI. Variatio
  22. Suitte V in G Minor: I. Preludio
  23. Suitte V in G Minor: II. Allemanda
  24. Suitte V in G Minor: III. Corrente
  25. Suitte V in G Minor: IV. Sarabanda
  26. Suitte V in G Minor: V. Tempo di Gavotta
  27. Suitte VI in A Minor: I. Preludio
  28. Suitte VI in A Minor: II. Allemanda
  29. Suitte VI in A Minor: III. Corrente
  30. Suitte VI in A Minor: IV. Sarabanda
  31. Suitte VI in A Minor: V. Aria
  32. Suitte VI in A Minor: VI. Giga
  33. Suitte VI in A Minor: VII. Variatio
  34. Suitte VII in E: I. Preludio
  35. Suitte VII in E: II. Allemanda
  36. Suitte VII in E: III. Corrente
  37. Suitte VII in E: IV. Sarabanda
  38. Suitte VII in E: V. Giga
  39. Suitte VIII in A: I. Preludio
  40. Suitte VIII in A: II. Allemanda
  41. Suitte VIII in A: III. Corrente
  42. Suitte VIII in A: IV. Sarabanda
  43. Suitte VIII in A: V. Giga
  44. Suitte VIII in A: VI. Aria
  45. Suitte VIII in A: VII. Variatio Prima
  46. Suitte VIII in A: VIII. Variatio Seconda
  47. Suitte IX in D: I. Intrada
  48. Suitte IX in D: II. Corrente
  49. Suitte IX in D: III. Sarabanda
  50. Suitte IX in D: IV. Aria
  51. Suitte IX in D: V. Tempo di Borée
  52. Suitte IX in D: VI. Gavotta
  53. Suitte IX in D: VII. Menuet