Carissimi: Complete Motets of Arion Romanus

Composer Giacomo Carissimi
Artist Ensemble Seicentonovecento
Flavio Colusso conductor
Format 3 CD
Cat. number 94808
EAN code 5028421948089
Release August 2014

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About this release

One of the most significant musical figures in mid-17th-century Rome, Giacomo Carissimi was a prolific composer of motets and cantatas, who also greatly influenced the developments of the Latin oratorio. This set brings together his 28 motets that were published under the title Arion Romanus by Giovanni Battista Mocchi, a student and loyal admirer of Carissimi. Arion was an ancient Greek bard and musician, who, in Greek and Roman mythology, was thrown overboard by pirates and rescued by a dolphin. In the liner notes that accompany this collection, the authors draw fascinating parallels between Arion and Carissimi himself: both were accomplished, charismatic and influential artists and musicians, and just as Arion was plunged into the depths of the sea, Carissimi explored the depths of the sacred music tradition to create a perfect synthesis of spiritual contemplation and intense emotional expression. The motets from the Arion Romanus collection also showcase his mastery of a wide range of formal structures, from the concertato to the madrigal.

Carissimi’s beautiful motets are brought to life here by the pioneering Ensemble Seicentonovecento, who regularly present world premiere recordings and performances of both new works and unpublished masterpieces from the past. Their conductor and founder member, Flavio Colusso, is also a renowned composer with a special affinity for sacred music.

Other information:
- This 3 CD set present the 28 Motets which were published under the title Arion Romanus, referring to the ancient Greek bard who, in Roman and Greek mythology, was thrown overboard by pirates and rescued by a dolphin. The motets are of a varied structure, in which dramatic recitatives, arias and madrigals alternate.
- Giocomo Carissimi was one of the most significant composers of 17th century Rome, he was especially known as the creator of the Oratorio, which he developed into substantial dramatic works for vocal soloists, choir and orchestra. His complete Oratorios are available on 9 CD ‘s on Brilliant Classics (BC 94491).
- Performed by the Italian Early Music group Seicentonovecento, conducted by Flavio Colusso, who received great critical acclaim in the international press for their recording of Carissimi’s complete Oratorios (see above).
- Booklet includes extensive liner notes, biographies and photos.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Arion Romanus: I. Mortalis homo
  2. Arion Romanus: II. Sicut stella
  3. Arion Romanus: III. Convertere
  4. Arion Romanus: IV. Domine deus
  5. Arion Romanus: V. Panem caelestem
  6. Arion Romanus: VI. Anima nostra
  7. Arion Romanus: VII. Laudemus virum
  8. Arion Romanus: VIII. O dulcissime Jesu

Disk 2

  1. Arion Romanus: IX. Sicut mater
  2. Arion Romanus: X. Ecce sponsus
  3. Arion Romanus: XI. Hymnum jucunditatis
  4. Arion Romanus: XII. Viderunt te domine
  5. Arion Romanus: XIII. Quis est hic
  6. Arion Romanus: XIV. Omnes gentes
  7. Arion Romanus: XV. O Beata virgo
  8. Arion Romanus: XVI. Egredimini
  9. Arion Romanus: XVII. Benedicite
  10. Arion Romanus: XVIII. O Beatum virum
  11. Arion Romanus: XIX. Gaudete cum Maria
  12. Arion Romanus: XX. Salve virgo

Disk 3

  1. Arion Romanus: XXI. Audite sancti
  2. Arion Romanus: XXII. Quo tam laetus
  3. Arion Romanus: XXIII. Quasi aquila
  4. Arion Romanus: XXIV. Exurge
  5. Arion Romanus: XXV. Ardens est cor meum
  6. Arion Romanus: XXVI. Ave dulcissime
  7. Arion Romanus: XXVII. Si deus pro nobis
  8. Arion Romanus: XXVIII. O quam dilecta mensa