Carlevaro: Guitar Music

Composer Abel Carlevaro
Artist Cristiano Poli Cappelli guitar
Format 2 CD
Cat. number 95684
EAN code 5028421956848
Release February 2019

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About this release

A Uruguayan pupil of Segovia: a man dedicated to the guitar, as a performer, teacher and even maker; a composer who wove together strands of melody and modernism.

This new 2CD set presents an absorbing portrait of Abel Carlevaro (1916-2001) through his music as performed by Cristiano Poli Cappelli, an Italian guitarist making his second album for Brilliant Classics. The first was of guitar music by another relatively forgotten figure, Alexander Tansman (BC95221), and it was enthusiastically reviewed by Classical Guitar magazine: ‘Highly recommended!’

Like Tansman, Carlevaro studied with Andres Segovia, the father of the modern guitar, during the 1930s. However, he broke away from his master’s teachings in order to make his own experiments in both guitar manufacture and composition. His music caught the ear of Heitor Villa-Lobos, another South American innovator, and it embraces the widest stylistic range captured by Poli Cappelli on this album, from the delicate watercolours of the Preludios Americanos (1969-74) to the vivid brushstrokes and abstract form of Cronomias (1972).

Carlevaro’s later music returned often to the milonga, a tango-related dance popularised in the classical sphere by Astor Piazzolla. Milonga para Ling (1999) is brief but saturated with melancholy, while to the Milonga Oriental (1994) belongs one of the composer’s happiest melodic inspirations. Later still, a pair of milonga suites describe a peaceful return to the composer’s heritage. An essential acquisition for guitar aficionados, but also a collection of beautiful South American melodies that deserve to travel more widely.

First recording of the complete guitar works by Abel Carlevaro.
Abel Carlevaro (1916-2001) was the most important guitarist of his native Uruguay. He had a successful international career and gained the admiration of Villa-Lobos and Andres Segovia, who was his teacher and mentor.
A profound and dedicated teacher, Carlevaro was the creator of a new school of instrumental technique which was revolutionary in its understanding of posture, sound development, and general philosophy of music. He also developed a new model of guitar which is still used nowadays.
Carlevaro was a serious and prolific composer, writing in the Latin-American style, a fusion of passion and nostalgia: dances, preludes, suites and studies.
Played with consummate skill and obvious love by Cristiano Poli Cappelli, a specialist of 20th century guitar music.


Track list

Disk 1

  1. Abel Carlevaro: Preludios americanos: I. Evocación
  2. Abel Carlevaro: Preludios americanos: II. Scherzino
  3. Abel Carlevaro: Preludios americanos: III. Campo
  4. Abel Carlevaro: Preludios americanos: IV. Ronda
  5. Abel Carlevaro: Preludios americanos: V. Tamboriles
  6. Abel Carlevaro: Preludios americanos: VI. Aires de malambo
  7. Abel Carlevaro: Aires de vidalita
  8. Abel Carlevaro: Milonga oriental
  9. Abel Carlevaro: Introducción & capricho
  10. Abel Carlevaro: Milonga suite I: I. Azul y blanco
  11. Abel Carlevaro: Milonga suite I: II. Milonga triste
  12. Abel Carlevaro: Milonga suite I: III. Lunera
  13. Abel Carlevaro: Milonga suite I: IV. Rolear
  14. Abel Carlevaro: Milonga suite I: V. Milonga tangueada
  15. Abel Carlevaro: Milonga suite II: I. Milonga I
  16. Abel Carlevaro: Milonga suite II: II. Milonga II
  17. Abel Carlevaro: Milonga suite II: Una milonga para lin
  18. Abel Carlevaro: Cronomias: I. Poco libero
  19. Abel Carlevaro: Cronomias: II. Intermezzo
  20. Abel Carlevaro: Cronomias: III. Finale

Disk 2

  1. Abel Carlevaro: Suite de antiguas danzas españolas: I. Españoleta
  2. Abel Carlevaro: Suite de antiguas danzas españolas: II. Corranda
  3. Abel Carlevaro: Suite de antiguas danzas españolas: III.Pavana
  4. Abel Carlevaro: Suite de antiguas danzas españolas: IV. Rujero
  5. Abel Carlevaro: Suite de antiguas danzas españolas: V. Paradetas
  6. Abel Carlevaro: Suite de antiguas danzas españolas: VI. Pasacalle
  7. Abel Carlevaro: Estudio No. 1
  8. Abel Carlevaro: Estudio No. 2
  9. Abel Carlevaro: Estudio No. 3
  10. Abel Carlevaro: Estudio No. 4
  11. Abel Carlevaro: Estudio No. 5
  12. Abel Carlevaro: Tres cadencias: I. Punteo
  13. Abel Carlevaro: Tres cadencias: II. Secuencias
  14. Abel Carlevaro: Tres cadencias: III. Lejanìa
  15. Abel Carlevaro: 2 Estudios primaries: Estudio I
  16. Abel Carlevaro: 2 Estudios primaries: Estudio II
  17. Abel Carlevaro: 2 Estudios: I. Poco libero
  18. Abel Carlevaro: 2 Estudios: II. Movimiento alternado
  19. Abel Carlevaro: Microestudio No. 1. Festivo
  20. Abel Carlevaro: Microestudio No. 2
  21. Abel Carlevaro: Microestudio No. 3. Tranquillo
  22. Abel Carlevaro: Microestudio No. 4
  23. Abel Carlevaro: Microestudio No. 5. Poco rubato
  24. Abel Carlevaro: Microestudio No. 6. Calmo
  25. Abel Carlevaro: Microestudio No. 7
  26. Abel Carlevaro: Microestudio No. 8. Poco animato
  27. Abel Carlevaro: Microestudio No. 9. Espressivo, poco libero
  28. Abel Carlevaro: Microestudio No. 10
  29. Abel Carlevaro: Microestudio No. 11
  30. Abel Carlevaro: Microestudio No. 12. Comodo
  31. Abel Carlevaro: Microestudio No. 13. Espressivo
  32. Abel Carlevaro: Microestudio No. 14
  33. Abel Carlevaro: Microestudio No. 15. Poco rubato
  34. Abel Carlevaro: Microestudio No. 16
  35. Abel Carlevaro: Microestudio No. 17
  36. Abel Carlevaro: Microestudio No. 18
  37. Abel Carlevaro: Microestudio No. 19. Lento espressivo
  38. Abel Carlevaro: Microestudio No. 20