Cavazzoni & Antico:The Renaissance Keyboard

Cavazzoni & Antico:The Renaissance Keyboard
Composer Andrea Antico, Marco Antonio Cavazzoni
Artist Fabio Antonio Falcone harpsichord
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 95007
EAN code 5028421950075
Release April 2015

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About this release

On this CD Fabio Antonio Falcone presents recordings of possibly the two oldest examples of printed keyboard music. He uses three instruments, each of distinctive character: an Italian harpsichord after Alessandro Trasuntino (Venezia 1531) and a polygonal virginal after Domenico da Pesaro (ca.1550), both built by Roberto Livi. For Cavazzoni, he plays the organ of the Church of San Giuseppe, Montevecchio di Pergola, an instrument by a builder now unknown, which dates back to the end of the 17th century.

What survives of Cavazzoni is a small, precious collection mixing fantasias under the title of ricercari, without the implication of a single underlying melody which that term now encloses, but more a collection of contrapuntal flourishes. There are two – the earliest known such composed for keyboards rather than voices – and each is followed by a motet (Salve Virgo, Stella maris) and four canzone that are most probably transcriptions of original chansons. For these songs no vocal models have been located. Cavazzoni may well have arranged his own vocal compositions for organ.

On an appropriate instrument in good hands, the impression left by Cavazzoni tends towards a free-wheeling grandeur, whereas the surviving song transcriptions by the splendidly and aptly named Andrea Antico are of more tender intimacy, through perhaps less bold harmonic explorations but also closer observation of a singing line, whatever the chosen instrument.

Fabio Antonio Falcone has been a student of the harpsichord wizard Bob van Asperen, among others: this is his second recording for Brilliant Classics after a no less adventurous survey of the works of Giovanni de Macque (BC94998).

This release presents the complete works of two Italian Renaissance composers, Marco Cavazzoni and Andrea Antico, the first printed keyboard music in history survived until now.
The works are a collection of Ricercars and transcriptions of sacred Motets and secular Chansons.
Italian Early Music specialist Fabio Antonio Falcone plays on three different instruments: an anonymous early 17th century organ, a harpsichord after Trasuntino (1531) and a polygonal virginal after Domenico da Pesaro (ca. 1550).
Falcone already recorded a much acclaimed CD for Brilliant Classics: keyboard music by Giovanni de Macque (BC94998).
A fascinating document of the early keyboard art!


Track list

Disk 1

  1. Marco Antonio Cavazzoni: Recercare primo
  2. Marco Antonio Cavazzoni: Salve virgo
  3. Marco Antonio Cavazzoni: Recercare secondo
  4. Marco Antonio Cavazzoni: O Stella mari
  5. Marco Antonio Cavazzoni: Perdone moi sie folie
  6. Marco Antonio Cavazzoni: Madame vous aves mon cuor
  7. Marco Antonio Cavazzoni: Plus ne regres
  8. Marco Antonio Cavazzoni: L’autre yor per un matin
  9. Andrea Antico: Amor quando fioriva mia speme
  10. Andrea Antico: Per mio ben te vederei
  11. Andrea Antico: Chi non crede
  12. Andrea Antico: Frena donna i toi bei lumi
  13. Andrea Antico: Virgine bella che del sol vestita
  14. Andrea Antico: Gentil donna
  15. Andrea Antico: Che debb’io fare
  16. Andrea Antico: Si è debile el filo
  17. Andrea Antico: Ochi miei lassi
  18. Andrea Antico: Odi cielo el mio lament
  19. Andrea Antico: Animoso mio desire
  20. Andrea Antico: Stavasi amor
  21. Marco Antonio Cavazzoni: Fiamma amorosa
  22. Andrea Antico: Non resta in questa
  23. Andrea Antico: O che aiuto o che conforto
  24. Marco Antonio Cavazzoni: Per dolor mi bagno el viso
  25. Andrea Antico: Non più morte al mio morire
  26. Andrea Antico: Dolce ire dolce sdegni
  27. Andrea Antico: La non vol esser
  28. Andrea Antico: Son io quel che era quel di
  29. Andrea Antico: Che farala che dirala
  30. Andrea Antico: O che dirala mo
  31. Andrea Antico: Crudel fugge se sai
  32. Andrea Antico: Me lasserà tu mo
  33. Andrea Antico: Hor che’l ciel e la terra
  34. Andrea Antico: Cantai mentre nel core
  35. Marco Antonio Cavazzoni: Recercada