Cazzati: Amor Profano, Amor Sacro, Secular and Sacred Vocal Music

Cazzati: Amor Profano, Amor Sacro, Secular and Sacred Vocal Music
Composer Maurizio Cazzati
Artist Alessio Tositenor
Marta Redaellimezzo-soprano
Paolo Giorgiartistic direction
Format 2 CD
Cat. number 95586
EAN code 5028421955865
Release March 2018

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About this release

In this two-disc set the Italian ensemble Eridanus brings to light the lesser-known vocal music of an unjustly neglected 17th-century composer, Maurizio Cazzati (1616–1678). While his instrumental music has enjoyed resurgence in the recent period music revival, this record represents a pioneering interpretation of Cazzati’s large and varied vocal output (which forms a substantial part of the oeuvre of this very prolific composer) featuring numerous world premieres.

The music is divided between the discs into secular music (cantatas and canzonetta written, unusually for the period, for the tenor voice) and sacred music (motets, antiphons and cantatas, also for solo voice).

Interspersed among the vocal music on both discs are instrumental works including dances, ostinato compositions and several sonatas, a genre Cazzati played an important role in developing.

The Eridanus ensemble is formed of eminent soloists in their fields, each of them active in other ensembles of note and much sought-after on the early music scene in Italy and abroad.

Maurizio Cazzati (1616-1678) is one of the most underrated composers of the 17th century and yet one of the most prolific and successful in his time. He composed 15 operas and oratorios, masses, cantatas and motets, chamber music and solo sonatas.
Cazzati developed his own personal style, in his “Stile concertato” the voices interact with the instruments of the ensemble, while his melodies have a typical Italian Bel Canto quality. The instrumental writing is lively and brilliant, occasionally making use of text painting.
The Cantatas on this new recording are especially written for tenor voice, featuring secular and sacred texts dealing mainly with love, whether divine or carnal. Between the vocal works we hear instrumental music: balletti, correnti and gagliarde.
Beautifully sung by Italian tenor Alessio Tosi, specialist in Early Music and regular guest with La Venexiana, Jordi Savall’s group, I Barocchisti/Fasolis, La Risonanza/Bonnizoni. For Brilliant Classics he recorded music by Stradella (with Emma Kirkby) and Steffani. The ensemble Eridanus play period instruments.
The booklet contains liner notes, biographies and the sung texts, both original and in English translation.


Track list

Disk 1

  1. Maurizio Cazzati: Capriccio detto “Il Melara”
  2. Maurizio Cazzati: Sonetto sopra sÌ e no
  3. Maurizio Cazzati: L’amante ladro
  4. Maurizio Cazzati: Capriccio sopra sette note
  5. Maurizio Cazzati: L’amante povero
  6. Maurizio Cazzati: L’amante consigliero
  7. Maurizio Cazzati: Passacaglio
  8. Maurizio Cazzati: L’amante spergiuro
  9. Maurizio Cazzati: L’amante sdegnato
  10. Maurizio Cazzati: Correnti e balletti per sonare nella spinetta, Op. 30: I. Correnti prima, decima e nona
  11. Maurizio Cazzati: L’amante incostante
  12. Maurizio Cazzati: L’amante pigro
  13. Maurizio Cazzati: Correnti “la guastallesa”, “la Gonzaga” & “la luzzara”
  14. Maurizio Cazzati: Barzelletta a donna crudele
  15. Maurizio Cazzati: Barzelletta a quel core ch’arde d’amore
  16. Maurizio Cazzati: Sonata la varana
  17. Maurizio Cazzati: L’amante Vecchio
  18. Maurizio Cazzati: L’amante musico
  19. Maurizio Cazzati: Ciaccona e nallo della ciaccona

Disk 2

  1. Maurizio Cazzati: Che fo, che tardo?
  2. Maurizio Cazzati: Ut queant laxis
  3. Maurizio Cazzati: Madrigale al crocefisso
  4. Maurizio Cazzati: Sonata “la pellicana”
  5. Maurizio Cazzati: Ave virgo Maria
  6. Maurizio Cazzati: Ave maris stella
  7. Maurizio Cazzati: Capriccio sopra sedici note
  8. Maurizio Cazzati: Già la nova improvvisa
  9. Maurizio Cazzati: Sonata “la nanna”
  10. Maurizio Cazzati: Ave regina coelorum
  11. Maurizio Cazzati: Sanctorum meritis
  12. Maurizio Cazzati: Salve regina