Chopin: Complete Etudes

Chopin: Complete Etudes
Composer Frédéric Chopin
Artist Alessandro Deljavan piano
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 95207
EAN code 5028421952079
Release November 2015

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About this release

With his two books of Etudes, Frédéric Chopin threw down the gauntlet for all who would come after him. These 24 studies, and the three works published as ‘Nouvelles Etudes’ within the Méthode des Méthodes de Moscheles et Fétis – a publication including studies by Henselt, Liszt, Mendelssohn and Thalberg – probe and refine every aspect of a pianist’s technique, as one might expect from the technical and didactic implications of their title. What distinguishes them, however, from the hundreds of other similar volumes published throughout the 19th century and beyond, is the melodic genius, harmonic novelty and long-range structure that is peculiar to Chopin.

Alessandro Deljavan is a young Italian pianist whose previous recordings for Brilliant Classics include the violin sonatas of Anton Rubinstein (BC94605), played with his regular duet partner Daniela Cammarano. Perhaps more pertinently, Brilliant has also just released his new recording of Chopin’s Waltzes (BC95208). According to Fou T’Song – no mean Chopin pianist himself – Alessandro Deljavan is ‘one of the most interesting pianists I have heard in my life’. Excerpts on YouTube from his success at the 2013 Van Cliburn Competition in Fort Worth confirm the truth and promise of Fou T’Song’s acclamation. Deljavan’s approach to the Etudes is not as monuments of pianism but with a charming and sometimes surprising sense of relaxation which takes for granted the kind of formidable technique that they were designed to test. Deljavan is free with the rubato that makes this music breathe: there are many other recordings of the Etudes that set the pages on fire: this one riffles them in the breeze, tapping into the vein of aching nostalgia from which all of Chopin’s music draws. It was first made available as part of the most recent Chopin Edition from Brilliant Classics (BC94660).

Chopin Etudes are the Mount Everest for every concert pianist: the combination of technical difficulties of the highest level and a rich and complex musical content make them even today the biggest challenge a mortal pianist can meet.
Young Italian pianist Alessandro Deljavan presents a strong and highly personal interpretation: deeply poetic and passionate, backed by a superlative technical mastery.
Deljavan is one of the most remarkable pianists of his generation. “His playing is full of intensive power and contagious artistry” (Dmitri Bashkirov), “he is one of the most interesting pianists I’ve heard in my life” (Fou Ts’Ong), “he is one of the most major talents of his age” (John Perry), “Jaw-dropping virtuosity and heart-stopping eloquence” (Dallas Morning News).

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Etudes, Op. 10: I. Etude in C Major “Waterfall”. Allegro
  2. Etudes, Op. 10: II. Etude in A Minor. Allegro
  3. Etudes, Op. 10: III. Etude in E Major “Tristesse”. Lento ma non troppo
  4. Etudes, Op. 10: IV. Etude in C-Sharp Minor. Presto
  5. Etudes, Op. 10: V. Etude in G-Flat Major “Black Keys”. Vivace
  6. Etudes, Op. 10: VI. Etude in E-Flat Minor. Andante
  7. Etudes, Op. 10: VII. Etude in C Major. Vivace
  8. Etudes, Op. 10: VIII. Etude in F Major. Allegro
  9. Etudes, Op. 10: IX. Etude in F Minor. Allegro molto agitato
  10. Etudes, Op. 10: X. Etude in A-Flat Major. Vivace assai
  11. Etudes, Op. 10: XI. Etude in E-Flat Major. Allegretto
  12. Etudes, Op. 10: XII. Etude in C Minor “Revolutionary”. Allegro con fuoco
  13. Etudes, Op. 25: I. Etude in A-Flat Major “Aeolian Harp”.Allegro sostenuto
  14. Etudes, Op. 25: II. Etude in F Minor. Presto
  15. Etudes, Op. 25: III. Etude in F Major. Allegro
  16. Etudes, Op. 25: IV. Etude in A Minor. Agitato
  17. Etudes, Op. 25: V. Etude in E Minor. Vivace
  18. Etudes, Op. 25: VI. Etude in G-Sharp Minor. Allegro
  19. Etudes, Op. 25: VII. Etude in C-Sharp Minor. Lento
  20. Etudes, Op. 25: VIII. Etude in D-Flat Major. Vivace
  21. Etudes, Op. 25: IX. Etude in G-Flat Major “Butterfly”. Allegro assai
  22. Etudes, Op. 25: X. Etude in B Minor. Allegro con fuoco
  23. Etudes, Op. 25: XI. Etude in A Minor “Winter Wind”. Lento
  24. Etudes, Op. 25: XII. Etude in C Minor. Allegro molto con fuoco
  25. 3 Nouvelles études, B. 130: I. Andantino in F minor
  26. 3 Nouvelles études, B. 130: II. Allegretto in D-Flat Major
  27. 3 Nouvelles études, B. 130: III. Allegretto in A-Flat Major