D. Scarlatti: 42 Sonatas

D. Scarlatti: 42 Sonatas
Composer Domenico Scarlatti
Artist Michelangelo Carbonara piano
Format 2 CD
Cat. number 93979
EAN code 5028421939797
Release February 2010

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About this release

A selection from the 600 sontas by Domenico Scarlatti (1685 - 1757) that illustrate two facets of his musical personality. The first part depicts the genius of the composer – some of his greatest and most remarkable sonatas have been selected by Carbonara. These works illustrate the exploratory and innovative nature of the sonatas. The second part gathers together a selection of sonatas that illustrate the gambler, or the reckless side of the composer. These sonatas are just as innovative as those on the first part, but there is a devil may care craziness to some of the music.

Other information:
- Recordings made in 2009.
- 42 Scarlatti sonatas containing some unknown and rarely recorded works.
- Extensive booklet essay on each sonata, written by the artist.
- Carbonara studied with Andreas Staier, Alicia de Larrocha and Leon Fleischer. For Brilliant Classics, he has recorded Ravel’s complete piano music, as well as piano music by Nino Rota.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Sonata K158 in C Minor: Andante
  2. Sonata K461 in C: Allegro
  3. Sonata K124 in G: Allegro
  4. Sonata K308 in C: Cantabile
  5. Sonata K50 in F Minor: Allegro
  6. Sonata K544 in B flat: Cantabile
  7. Sonata K135 in E: Allegro
  8. Sonata K497 in B Minor: Allegro
  9. Sonata K219 in A: Andante
  10. Sonata K312 in D: Allegro
  11. Sonata K109 in A Minor:Adagio
  12. Sonata K319 in F sharp: Allegro
  13. Sonata K394 in E Minor: Allegro
  14. Sonata K270 in C
  15. Sonata K184 in F Minor: Allegro
  16. Sonata K147 in E Minor
  17. Sonata K82 in F
  18. Sonata K193 in E flat: Allegro
  19. Sonata K61 in A Minor
  20. Sonata K262 in B:viVo
  21. Sonata K427 in G: Presto quanto sia possibile

Disk 2

  1. Sonata K127 in A flat: Allegro
  2. Sonata K115 in C Minor: Allegro
  3. Sonata K206 in E: Andante
  4. Sonata K138 in D Minor: Allegro
  5. Sonata K202 in B flat: Allegro
  6. Sonata K208 in A:Adagio e cantabile
  7. Sonata K209 in A: Allegro
  8. Sonata K391 in G: Allegro
  9. Sonata K69 in F Minor
  10. Sonata K6 in F: Allegro
  11. Sonata K126 in C Minor
  12. Sonata K132 in C: Cantabile
  13. Sonata K205 in F:viVo
  14. Sonata K296 in F: Andante
  15. Sonata K12 in G Minor: Presto
  16. Sonata K95 in C: (slow version)
  17. Sonata K95 in C: (fast version)
  18. Sonata K32 in D Minor:Aria
  19. Sonata K417 in D Minor: Allegro Moderato
  20. Sonata K513 in C: Moderato e molto allegro – Presto
  21. Sonata K462 in F Minor: Andante