Dargomyzhsky: The Stone Guest

Dargomyzhsky: The Stone Guest
Composer Alexander Sergeyevich Dargomyzhsky
Artist Nikolai Vassiliev Don Juan, tenor
Orchestra of the Bolshoi Theatre
Andrey Chistiakov conductor
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 94028
EAN code 5028421940281
Release May 2010

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    About this release

    Alexander Dargomizhky (1813-69) wrote The Stone Guest at the very end of his life, as he lay dying. He left strict instructions that the unfinished work be completed by Cesar Cui, and orchestrated by Rimsky-Korsakov.

    Based on Pushkin’s version of the Don Juan story ( Mozart’s Don Giovanni is the most famous setting of the story), Dargomizhky had to be coerced into composing this opera by Borodin, Balakirev, Cui, Rimsky and Mussorgsky. He was deeply hurt by the failure of his earlier operas Rusalka and Esmerelda, and had given up writing for the stage.

    The Stone Guest has exerted a considerable influence over Russian music and opera in particular due to the innovative use of melodic recitative. In this work Dargomizhky’s use of this new technique succeeded and lay the foundation stone for many of the Russian operas that followed. He is a minor composer but an influential figure in the development of the Russian nationalist musical style in the period between Glinka and ‘The Five’.

    Other information:
    - Unusual repertoire, recorded in 1995.

    Track list

    Disk 1

    1. The Stone Guest: Introduction
    2. The Stone Guest: Scene 1: in the precincts of a monastery
    3. The Stone Guest: Scene 2: Dinner at Laura’s house
    4. The Stone Guest: Act 2: The mausoleum of the Commander
    5. The Stone Guest: Act 3: A room in Donna Anna’s house