Fitzwilliam Virginal Book Vol. 3

Fitzwilliam Virginal Book Vol. 3
Composer Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, Peter Philips
Artist Pieter-Jan Belder harpsichords
Format 2 CD
Cat. number 94449
EAN code 5028421944494
Release November 2014

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About this release

The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book is one of the most extraordinary manuscripts of Elizabethan and Jacobean music in existence, and is currently held at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. Its exact origins are disputed, but it was compiled at some point in the late 16th century and contains an astonishing 300 pieces for virginal, a small harpsichord of the time. The historical importance of the book is enormous, not least for the range and variety of its pieces. They are also, though, a joy for any modern listener eager to be transported back to one of the most exciting periods of English history. This volume is particularly interesting for being the only one to include a non-English composer: Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, a Dutch organist, who was well known across Europe. Sweelinck met the other composer featured in this volume, Peter Philips, in 1593 in Amsterdam, when Philips made a special trip to see the renowned organist perform. The two composers are remarkable for their superb mastery of the variation form, expertly building and releasing tension in the melodic lines and using the uncertain tonality of the time to play around with the harmonic structures. They also both made use of intabulations of vocal music, taking popular madrigals and vocal motets of the time and adding new embellishments, sometimes obscuring the original melody with the elaborate ornamentation. 
Listeners will appreciate the special care and attention that has gone into producing this release: harpsichordist Pieter-Jan Belder is currently in the process of recording all the pieces of this unique book, and this is the third volume to be released on the Brilliant Classics label. A renowned harpsichordist, clavichord player and fortepianist, Belder specialises in performance on historical instruments, and has carefully selected two period harpsichords for this recording to create the most authentic sound possible. The effect is certainly a special one: the recording dazzles with a well-chosen selection of these complex yet remarkably light pieces, a snapshot of the 16th century that represents the very best of English harpsichord music. 
The long awaited third volume of the complete recording of the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, by Pieter-Jan Belder.
The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book is the most famous, extensive and important  collection of keyboard music from the English Elizabethan and Jacobean Era. Lodged in the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge it contains more than 300 works for the virginal, by composers such as John, Bull, William Byrd, Thomas Tomkins and many others.   
This third volume features keyboard works by Peter Philips and JP Sweelinck, the only non-English composer in the collection. Philips and Sweelinck knew each other, and share their skills in the variation form, transforming a melody in ever increasing complexity of ornamentation and counterpoint. 
Pieter Jan Belder is one of the world’s foremost keyboard players, with an astonishing number of CD’s to his name: the complete Scarlatti Sonatas, Bach keyboard works, Rameau, Soler, Duphly, Marais, CPE Bach, Corelli, Purcell, Telemann…
Other information:
History of the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book and its origins
Detailed notes on the selected pieces
Notes on the artist
Descriptions of the period harpsichords used 
Recorded in 2013 in the Chapel of the Capuchin Monastery, Velp, The Netherlands

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Pavana Pagget, LXXIV “The First One Philips Made”
  2. Galliardo, LXXXVII
  3. Margott laborez, LXXXIII (Arr. Peter Philips)
  4. Amarilli, mia bella, LXXXII (Arr. Peter Philips)
  5. Fantasia in F Major, LXXXIV
  6. Tirsi, di Luca Marenzio, LXX
  7. Freno, LXXI
  8. Così morirò, LXXII
  9. Pavana dolorosa, LXXX (Arr. Peter Philips)
  10. Galliarda dolorosa, LXXXI
  11. Bon Jour mon Cuer, LXXIX (Arr. Peter Philips)
  12. Fece da voi a 6, LXXIII (partita)
  13. Le Rossignuol, LXXXVI (Arr. Peter Philips)
  14. Chi farà fede al cielo, LXXVIII (Arr. Peter Philips)
  15. Fantasia in G Major, LXXXIV

Disk 2

  1. Passamezzo pavana, LXXVI
  2. Galiarda passamezzo, LXXVII
  3. Pavana pagget, LXXIV
  4. Galliard pagget LXXV
  5. Fantasia fantasia, CCXVII
  6. Psalme 140, CXLIV
  7. Praeludium toccata, XCVI
  8. Ut re mi fa so la a 4, CXVIII

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