Forqueray: The Forqueray Family

Forqueray: The Forqueray Family
Composer Antoine Forqueray
Artist Magdalena Malec harpsichord
Christoph Urbanetz viola da gamba
Format 2 CD
Cat. number 93802
EAN code 5028421938028
Release September 2009

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About this release

This release aims to give the listener a good idea of the range of music composed by a remarkable musical dynasty, the Forqueray family. They were a family of organists, viol players and harpsichordists. They were very bit as remarkable as the other great musical dynasties, the Bendas, Stamitzs, Bachs, and the Strauss family. The most famous member of the Forqueray family (their Johann Sebastian) was Antoine, who was born in 1672, a virtuoso gambist. His output forms the backbone of the French repertoire for this instrument. None of his music was published during his lifetime, and his son Jean-Baptiste (born 1699), another viol player, devoted his time to publishing his father’s works. Michel, born in 1681, and Nicolas-Gilles, born in 1703, were superb keyboard players. This set offers a rare chance to hear the music of all four composers, centred around characterful suites for harpsichord and viole da gamba but including songs.

Other information:
- Recorded in 2007 and 2008.
- An ideal introduction for those wishing to explore this important musical dynasty from the Baroque period.
- Includes a booklet essay written by the artist.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Prélude de Forcroy
  2. Suite in D Minor: La La Borde. Allemande
  3. Suite in D Minor: La Forqueray
  4. Suite in D Minor: La Cottin
  5. Suite in D Minor: La Bellmont
  6. Suite in D Minor: La Portugaise
  7. Suite in D Minor: La Couperin
  8. Suite in D Minor: Musette
  9. Suite in D Minor: Musette „N’espère plus, jeune Lisette“
  10. Suite in G: La Bouron
  11. Suite in G: La Mandoline
  12. Suite in G: La du Breüil
  13. Suite in G: La Leclair
  14. Suite in G: La Buisson. Chaconne

Disk 2

  1. Allemande
  2. La Angrave
  3. La du Vaucel
  4. La Morangis ou La Plissay – Chaconne
  5. La Marella
  6. La d’Aubonne – Sarabande
  7. Le Papillon et La Rose
  8. Suite in C Minor: La Rameau
  9. Suite in C Minor: La Guignon
  10. Suite in C Minor: La Léon – Sarabande
  11. Suite in C Minor: La Boisson
  12. Suite in C Minor: La Montigni
  13. Suite in C Minor: La Silva
  14. Suite in C Minor: Jupiter