Gabrieli: Complete Keyboard Music

Gabrieli: Complete Keyboard Music
Composer Andrea Gabrieli
Artist Roberto Loreggian organ
Schola Gregoriana 'Scriptoria'
Don Nicola Bellinazo concductor
Format 6 CD
Cat. number 94432
EAN code 5028421944326
Release August 2015

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About this release

One of the most important composers of the 16th century, Andrea Gabrieli wrote hundreds of works in his lifetime, many of which are now sadly lost. As for the few surviving ones, here the listener is treated to some remarkable creativity and experimentation: free-flowing toccatas, ricercars, variations and verses for mass constitute the bulk of his oeuvre. Although many of Gabrieli’s extant works are vocal pieces, there are around 60 keyboard compositions in existence, works that reveal his astonishing creativity. The toccatas start with a typical free section in the imitative style, followed by rapid figures designed to showcase the virtuosity of the performer. Indeed, it was even remarked that performers were justified in hitting wrong notes, as long as they fully upheld the practice of diminution, fast passages of improvised counterpoint. Gabrieli’s ricercars are more structured, with a marked focus on double counterpoint and contrary motion. Though in some ways they resemble the vocal motet, with the use of several voices, the keyboard allows for the music to stretch far beyond the bounds of voice limitations. In fact, the ricercars probably served a liturgical purpose, with Gabrieli in all likelihood composing for the organ. He also composed organ versetti – or versets – for church services, giving us a valuable insight into the prescribed order of the time, as well as providing notated versions of music that was frequently improvised.

Performing these works is noted musician Roberto Loreggian, who has already made several CDs for Brilliant Classics; his recording as part of the C.P.E. Bach Edition (BC94960), alongside Federico Guglielmo, was praised by Gramophone for its ‘fine style and spirit’.

The first complete recording of the keyboard works of Gabrieli (1532-1585), one of the most famous and influential composers of the late Renaissance and the most important representative of the Venetian School. A native of Venice he went to Germany to study with Lassus. Later he became organist of the famous San Marco in Venice, the most important post in Northern Italy at that moment.
Gabrieli was one of the first composers to write purely instrumental music. His works for keyboard (organ, cembalo) consist of Ricercars, a monothematic form which is the forerunner of the Fugue, brilliant and virtuoso Preludes and Toccatas, and lavishly ornamented arrangements of madrigals and other vocal works.
Italian Roberto Loreggian is one of the foremost keyboardists of this time. His extensive discography includes the complete keyboard works of Frescobaldi. He plays the wonderful, recently restored historic organ of the Duomo of Valvasone.

Booklet contains excellent liner notes and information on the instruments used.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Libro primo: Intonazione del primo tono
  2. Libro primo: Intonazione del secondo tono
  3. Libro primo: Intonazione del terzo tono
  4. Libro primo: Intonazione del quarto tono
  5. Libro primo: Intonazione del quinto tono
  6. Libro primo: Intonazione del sesto tono
  7. Libro primo: Intonazione del settimo tono
  8. Libro primo: Intonazione dell’ottavo tono
  9. Libro primo: Toccata del quinto tono
  10. Libro primo: Toccata del sesto tono (I)
  11. Libro primo: Toccata dell’ottavo tono
  12. Libro primo: Toccata del nono tono
  13. Libro primo: Toccata del sesto tono (II)
  14. Libro primo: Toccata del decimo tono
  15. Libro primo: Praembulum quarti toni
  16. Libro primo: Praembulum primi toni
  17. Libro primo: Praembulum tertii toni
  18. Libro primo: Toccata primi toni
  19. Libro primo: Missa Dominicalis. I. Introito – Kyrie alternatim
  20. Libro primo: Missa Dominicalis. II. Gloria alternatim

Disk 2

  1. Libro secondo: Ricercar del primo tono
  2. Libro secondo: Ricercar del primo tono alla quarta alta
  3. Libro secondo: Ricercar del secondo tono alla quarta alta
  4. Libro secondo: Ricercar del terzo tono
  5. Libro secondo: Ricercar del quarto tono
  6. Libro secondo: Ricercar del quinto tono
  7. Libro secondo: Ricercar del sesto tono
  8. Libro secondo: Ricercar del settimo tono
  9. Libro secondo: Ricercar del nono tono
  10. Libro secondo: Ricercar dell’undecimo tono
  11. Libro secondo: Ricercar del duodecimo tono
  12. Libro secondo: Missa dominicalis: Credo alternatim

Disk 3

  1. Libro terzo: Ricercar del primo tono (2)
  2. Libro terzo: Ricercar del secondo tono
  3. Libro terzo: Ricercar del quinto tono (2)
  4. Libro terzo: Ricercar del quinto tono (3)
  5. Libro terzo: Ricercar del nono tono (I)
  6. Libro terzo: Ricercar del nono tono (II)
  7. Libro terzo: Cantate domino
  8. Libro terzo: Fantasia allegra
  9. Libro terzo: Canzon ariosa
  10. Libro terzo: Ancor che col partire
  11. Libro terzo: Io mi son giovinetta
  12. Libro terzo: Pass’e mezzo antico
  13. Libro terzo: Canzon primo tono
  14. Libro terzo: Toccata sexti toni

Disk 4

  1. Missa de Beata Virgine: I. Kyrie eleison alternatim
  2. Missa de Beata Virgine: II. Gloria alternatim
  3. Missa de Beata Virgine: III. Sanctus alternatim
  4. Missa de Beata Virgine: IV. Agnus dei alternatim
  5. Missa apostolorum: I. Kyrie eleison alternatim
  6. Missa apostolorum: II. Gloria alternatim
  7. Missa apostolorum: III. Credo alternatim
  8. Missa apostolorum: IV. Sanctus alternatim

Disk 5

  1. Susanne un jour (on a 5-part canzon by Di Lasso)
  2. Frais et gaillard (on a 4-part chanson by Clemens non Papa)
  3. Martin menoit (on a 4-part chanson by Janequin)
  4. Ricercar sopra Martin menoit
  5. Orsus au coup (on a 4-part chanson by Crecquillon)
  6. Ricercar sopra Orsus au coup
  7. Pour ung plaisir (on a 4-part chanson by Crecquillon)
  8. Ricercar sopra pour ung Plaisir
  9. Ricercar arioso I
  10. Ricercar arioso II
  11. Ricercar arioso III
  12. Ricercar arioso IV
  13. Missa Dominicalis: I. Sanctus alternatim
  14. Missa Dominicalis: II. Agnus dei alternatim

Disk 6

  1. Qui la dira
  2. O belli e vaghi pizza
  3. Ung gay bergier (on a 4-part chanson by Crecquillon)
  4. Pastori fuor fuori a sì bel canto
  5. Petit Jacquet
  6. Asia felice
  7. Je prens en gré (on a 4-part canzon by Clemens non Papa)
  8. Canto, canto! Fest
  9. Le bergier
  10. Febo noi cantiamo
  11. Orsus
  12. Gratie che ’l mio signor largo destina
  13. Qui la dira
  14. Madrigal (for three voices)
  15. Je ne diray mot bergiere
  16. Con lei foss’io
  17. Ricercar sopra con lei foss’io