Gabrieli & Gabrieli: Organ Music

Gabrieli & Gabrieli: Organ Music
Composer Andrea Gabrieli, Giovanni Gabrieli
Artist Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini organ
Liuwe Tamminga organ
Played on the organs of the Basilica di S. Petronio in Bologna
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 93368
EAN code 5028421933689
Release April 2006

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About this release

Uncle (Andrea) and nephew (Giovanni) Gabrieli have had a huge impact on Italian Renaissance music. Their works for cori spezzati (double-choir) - ‘inherited’ from Adrian Willaert – utilizing the two balconies opposite each other at St. Mark’s in Venice, have left an undisputed mark.

Both composers, however, were also organists themselves. It must have been a challenge to compose music for two organs along the same cori spezzati lines. This selection of pieces allows the listener to join in the excitement of playing on historic instruments in a vast church. The organists are Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini and Liuwe Tamminga.

Recorded at the Basilica di S. Petronio in Bologna, Italy. Both organs have been used for these recordings. The organs by Lorenzo da Prato (1471 - 1475) and Baldassare Malamini (1596) are contemporary with the compositions performed on them here.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Canzon Primo Tono, in 8 parts for two organs
  2. Intonazione del Primo Tono
  3. Ricercare del Primo Tono
  4. Intonazione del Sesto Tono
  5. Ricercar arioso
  6. Motetto ‘Egredimini et videte’
  7. Fuga del Nono Tono
  8. Toccata del Secondo Tono
  9. Canzon ‘La Spiritata’ in 4 parts
  10. Canzon ‘Sol Sol La Sol Fa Mi’, in 8 parts for two organs
  11. Toccata del Quinto Tono
  12. Canzon ariosa
  13. Fantasia allegra
  14. ‘Io mi son giovinetta’ for 4 voices, intabulation
  15. Canzon francese on ‘Petit Jacquet’ in 4 parts
  16. ‘Lieto godea’ in 8 parts for two organs
  17. Toccata del Primo Tono
  18. Ricercar del Primo Tono
  19. Canzon del Secondo Tono
  20. Canzon del Duodecimo Tono
  21. Canzon del Duodecimo Tono in 10 parts for two organs