Galliard: Pan and Syrinx

Galliard: Pan and Syrinx
Composer John Ernest Galliard
Artist Musica Ad Rhenum
Jed Wentz conductor
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 93776
EAN code 5028421937762
Release August 2008

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About this release

A welcome opera to any listener diverted by the rich musical world of the 18th century. London, capital of that derided ‘land without music’, was the creative crucible of the day, the destination and then home of many foreign luminaries including Handel, J.C. Bach and then Haydn. John Galliard’s Pan and Syrinx achieved a name for itself and its composer just as Handel was in the ascendant in the early decades of the century with masterpieces such as Rinaldo and Acis and Galatea.

Galliard’s subject was also along the classical lines so
much in demand at the time: nymphs and shepherds, to be sure, but ones characterised by a sure touch for vocal lines and a forward-looking eye and ear for harmony. It is coupled here, as it often was at the time, with a delicious masque from Purcell’s music for Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens. Thorough research has been undertaken to prepare and present the most ‘authentic’ first recording possible by the period musicians of Musica ad Rhenum, including care over the particular pronunciation of Restoration English.

Other information:
- First recording.
- Includes a booklet introduction, written by Jed Wentz.
- Libretto included.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Pan & Syrinx: “Overture: Part 1”
  2. Pan & Syrinx: “Overture: Part 2”
  3. Pan & Syrinx: “Overture: Part 3”
  4. Pan & Syrinx: “Overture: Part 4” (Orchestra)
  5. Pan & Syrinx: “On sunny Hills, in gloomy Shades”
  6. Pan & Syrinx: “Free from Sorrow, free from Anguish (Syrinx)”
  7. Pan & Syrinx: “What do I see? (Pan/Syrinx)”
  8. Pan & Syrinx: “Go leave me, ’tis in vain (Syrinx)”
  9. Pan & Syrinx: “How Insolently Coy! am I to be despis’d?”
  10. Pan & Syrinx: “Gentle Cupid, aid my pleasure (Pan)”
  11. Pan & Syrinx: “Symphony (Orchestra)”
  12. Pan & Syrinx: “The rising Morn her purple Beams now sheds”
  13. Pan & Syrinx: “Bid the Tunefull cornet sound”
  14. Pan & Syrinx: “Yet hold: Some Ill our much-lov’d Syrinx waits (Diana)”
  15. Pan & Syrinx: “Air for the Nymphs”
  16. Pan & Syrinx: “Air I for the Nymphs and Sylvans”
  17. Pan & Syrinx: “Air II for the Nymphs and Sylvans (Orchestra)”
  18. Pan & Syrinx: “These glances Stol’n a Flame confess (Sylvan/Nymph)”
  19. Pan & Syrinx: “Fairest, if thou canst be kind, Ah! (Sylvan)”
  20. Pan & Syrinx: “Think’st thou that awkward mien has Charms”
  21. Pan & Syrinx: “Let Nature henceforward neglect (Nymph/Sylvan)”
  22. Pan & Syrinx: “A Sylvan and a Nymph Dance (Orchestra)”
  23. Pan & Syrinx: “Well do these Sports become Diana’s Train (Pan)”
  24. Pan & Syrinx: “Whilst your Harmony fills (Pan/Chorus)”
  25. Pan & Syrinx: “How Sweet the warbling Linnet sings”
  26. Pan & Syrinx: “Toil’d and Impatient have I sought you long”
  27. Pan & Syrinx: “Why should Love, that triffling Passion (Syrinx)”
  28. Pan & Syrinx: “Love! How impatient hast thou made me? (Pan/Syrinx)”
  29. Pan & Syrinx: “Fly, fly, fly, fly, fly, fly, fly, fly, fly (Chorus/Syrinx/Pan)”
  30. Pan & Syrinx: “Cruel Sylvan, O forbear (Syrinx/Pan)”
  31. Pan & Syrinx: “Surprising Change!”
  32. Pan & Syrinx: “But see! the Goddess comes (Pan)”
  33. Pan & Syrinx: “Presumptuous God! Am I so little fear’d (Diana/Pan)”
  34. Pan & Syrinx: “Lawless Rage and wild desire (Diana)”
  35. Pan & Syrinx: “O mighty Goddess! To thy will I bend (Pan)”
  36. Pan & Syrinx: “Dance of Nymphs and Sylvans”
  37. Pan & Syrinx: “Bourrée I & II (Orchestra)”
  38. Pan & Syrinx: “Great Diana will we Sing (Chorus)”
  39. The Masque of Cupid and Bacchus: “A Symphony of pipes imitating the chirping of birds (Orchestra)”
  40. The Masque of Cupid and Bacchus: “Hark how the Songsters of the Grove (First and Second Nymph)”
  41. The Masque of Cupid and Bacchus: “Love in their little veins inspires (First Nymph)”
  42. The Masque of Cupid and Bacchus: “But ah! how much are our delights more dear(First Nymph/Second Nymph/Follower of Cupid)”
  43. The Masque of Cupid and Bacchus: “Hence with your trifling Deity(First, Second and Third Follower of Bacchus)”
  44. The Masque of Cupid and Bacchus: “Come all, come all to me, make haste (Cupid)”
  45. The Masque of Cupid and Bacchus: “Who can resist such mighty Charmes (Chorus)”
  46. The Masque of Cupid and Bacchus: “Return revolting Rebells where d’ye goe? (Bacchus)”
  47. The Masque of Cupid and Bacchus: “The Cares of Lovers, their Allarms (Cupid)”
  48. The Masque of Cupid and Bacchus: “Love quickly is pall’d tho’ with Labour ’tis gain’d(Fourth Follower of Bacchus)”
  49. The Masque of Cupid and Bacchus: “Come let us agree (Cupid/Bacchus/Grand Chorus)”