Gesualdo: Madrigals book I

Gesualdo: Madrigals book I
Composer Carlo Gesualdo Da Venosa
Artist Concerto delle Dame di Ferrara
Sergio Vartolo harpsichord and concert master
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 92635
EAN code 5028421926353
Release April 2006

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About this release

Late-Renaissance Italian composer Carlo Gesualdo (1561 - 1613) has become far better known than many of his contemporaries. This probably has something to do with his murdering his wife and her lover. At the time this attracted a great deal of publicity and kept giving rise to publications even in the twentieth century.

After that incident, Gesualdo, Prince of Venosa and Count of Conza, remained unpunished and retreated into his castle to openly devote himself to music. His considerable oeuvre mainly consists of vocal works which today have been performed by several of the “authentic” ensembles. Especially the secular items have proved to be popular.

Gesualdo originally published his first Book of Madrigals under a pseudonym. It contains (15) five-part songs with instrumental accompaniment in sometimes “bold” polyphony as do a further five books of madrigals he wrote. The first set is often overlooked. Here the composer set (tormented) texts by contemporary poets like Gatti and Tasso. As in all madrigals by Gesualdo here images from the text are translated into music. Dissonants are plentiful.

Other information:
- This recording is a production of the Festival Gesualdo Oggi - Tracce 2004 (Potenza, Italy).
- Extensive information and all texts in Italian with English translation in booklet.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Baci soavi e cari
  2. II parte Quanto ha di dolce
  3. Madonna io ben vorrei
  4. Come esser può
  5. Gelo ha Madonna il seno
  6. Mentre Madonna il lasso
  7. II parteAhi troppo saggia
  8. Se da sì nobil mano
  9. II parteAmor pace non chero
  10. Sì gioioso mi fanno i dolor miei
  11. O dolce mio martire
  12. Tirsi morir volea
  13. II parteFrenò Tirsi il desìo
  14. Mentre mia stella miri
  15. Non mirar di questa bella imago
  16. Questi leggiadri odorosetti
  17. Felice Primavera
  18. II parteDanzan le Ninfe oneste
  19. Son sì belle le rose
  20. Bella Angioletta