Giustini: Keyboard Sonatas

Giustini: Keyboard Sonatas
Composer Lodovico Giustini
Artist Andrea Coen fortepiano
Format 3 CD
Cat. number 94021
EAN code 5028421940212
Release March 2010

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About this release

Lodovico Giustini da Pistoia’s (1685-1743) set of 12 sonatas published in Florence in 1732 was a remarkably important event in the history of music. It is the first set of works composed specifically for the fortepiano, an instrument in the early stages of its development, and therefore these works can claim to being the ancestors of the piano sonatas by Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven. Without these works that tested the new instrument being developed by Bartolemeo Christofori, the history of the modern piano might have been very different indeed. These sonatas, whilst nodding in the direction of Domenico Scarlatti and Archangelo Corelli in places, look forward to the new and exciting world of the stile galante. This set Christoforo many challenges, as the sonatas, with their varied dynamics, tested the new instrument to its limits.

One other interesting fact about this exploratory, indeed revolutionary music is that it was composed by a man who spent his entire life within the walls of The Congregation of the Holy Spirit of his hometown, Pistoia. He became a Jesuit at the age of 10, became the congregation organist in 1725, and then became a priest. However his reputation began to spread beyond the walls of Pistoia, and the publication in Florence of these sonatas is dedicated to the brother of King John V of Portugal, Antonio di Braganza, uncle of the the infanta Maria Barbara, the muse and pupil of Domenico Scarlatti.

Other information:
- Rare repertoire of great importance in history of the development of the piano and its compositions.
- Includes booklet notes written by the performer.
- “He brings good taste and the elegance required for this music, while also maintaining a fine sense of the quirky rhythms and dramatic side (to fine effect, for example, in the opening movement of the first sonata). He never plays down those effects that Giustini specifically asks for in these works—those of dynamics, and specifically, the sudden contrasts from one extreme to the other” (Fanfare Magazine, March/April 2011).

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Sonata I in G Minor: I. Balletto: Spiritoso, ma non presto
  2. Sonata I in G Minor: II. Corrente: Allegro
  3. Sonata I in G Minor: III. Sarabanda: Grave
  4. Sonata I in G Minor: IV. Giga: Presto
  5. Sonata I in G Minor: V. Minuet: Affettuoso
  6. Sonata II in C Minor: I. Grave
  7. Sonata II in C Minor: II. Corrente: Allegro
  8. Sonata II in C Minor: III. Giga: Grave
  9. Sonata II in C Minor: IV. Giga: Presto
  10. Sonata II in C Minor: V. Minuet
  11. Sonata III in F: I. Siciliana: Affett[uos]o
  12. Sonata III in F: II. Canzone
  13. Sonata III in F: III. Andante, ma non presto
  14. Sonata III in F: IV. Giga: Presto
  15. Sonata IV in E Minor: I. Preludio: Largo
  16. Sonata IV in E Minor: II Presto
  17. Sonata IV in E Minor: III. Sarab[and]a: Largo
  18. Sonata IV in E Minor: IV. Giga: Allegro

Disk 2

  1. Sonata V in D: I. Preludio: Adagio, e arpeggiato nell’acciaccature
  2. Sonata V in D: II. Allegro
  3. Sonata V in D: III. Affettuoso
  4. Sonata V in D: IV. Corrente: Allegro
  5. Sonata V in D: V. Tempo di Gavotta
  6. Sonata vi in B flat: I. Preludio: Grave
  7. Sonata vi in B flat: II. Allegro assai
  8. Sonata vi in B flat: III. Dolce
  9. Sonata vi in B flat: IV. Giga: Allegro
  10. Sonata viI in G: I. Alemanda: Andante
  11. Sonata viI in G: II. Corrente: Presto assai
  12. Sonata viI in G: III. Siciliana: Affettuoso
  13. Sonata viI in G: IV. Gavotta: Presto
  14. Sonata viII in A: I. Sarabanda: Affettuoso
  15. Sonata viII in A: II. Allegro
  16. Sonata viII in A: III. Rondò: Affettuoso
  17. Sonata viII in A: IV. Giga: Prestissimo

Disk 3

  1. Sonata IX in C: I. Sarab[and]a: Andante
  2. Sonata IX in C: II. Alemanda: Allegro
  3. Sonata IX in C: III. Rondò: Affettuoso
  4. Sonata IX in C: IV. Gavotta: Allegro
  5. Sonata X in F Minor: I. Alemanda: Affett[uos]o
  6. Sonata X in F Minor: II. Canzone: Tempo di Gavotta
  7. Sonata X in F Minor: III. Alemanda: Grave, e Affett[uos]o
  8. Sonata X in F Minor: IV. Corrente: Allegro assai
  9. Sonata XI in E: I. Alemanda: Allegro, ma non presto
  10. Sonata XI in E: II. Dolce
  11. Sonata XI in E: III. Gavotta
  12. Sonata XI in E: IV. Rondò: Affettuoso
  13. Sonata XI in E: V. Giga: Allegro assai
  14. Sonata XII in G: I. Sarabanda: Largo
  15. Sonata XII in G: II. Canzone
  16. Sonata XII in G: III. Siciliana: Affettuoso
  17. Sonata XII in G: IV. Giga: Presto assai
  18. Sonata XII in G: V. Minuet: Allegro