Haydn: Folksong Arrangements Vol. 3

Haydn: Folksong Arrangements Vol. 3
Composer Franz Joseph Haydn
Artist Lorna Anderson soprano
Jamie MacDougall tenor
Haydn Trio Eisenstadt
Format 5 CD
Cat. number 93059
EAN code 5028421930596
Release April 2006

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About this release

Another brave project on Brilliant Classics: the recording of the complete Folksong arrangements by Joseph Haydn. There are over 400 of them: Scottish and Welsh songs, all written on commission.

Singers Lorna Anderson and Jamie MacDougall together with the Austrian Haydn Trio Eisenstadt are recording these folksongs in their native language. Until 2009, the bicentenary of Haydn’s death, one volume will be released each year. This large scale scholarly project is supported by many partners, including the Haydn Institut in Cologne.

Previous releases have been received with great acclaim.

Volume III contains the third and last part of the Scottish Songs written for Scottish publisher George Thomson. There are also 3 CD’s containing all Welsh Songs written for the same publisher.

Other information:
- Very well documented, the booklet contains all texts.
- www.scottishsongs.at
- www.haydntrioeisenstadt.at.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Here awa there awa (Hob. XXXIa:257bis)
  2. Over the water to Charlie (Hob. XXXIa:267)
  3. Lochaber (Hob. XXXIa:190)
  4. O’er the moor amang the heather (Hob. XXXIa:122bis)
  5. Happy Dick Dawson (Hob. XXXIa:247)
  6. My Love’s a winsome wee thing (Hob. XXXIa:268)
  7. Tibbie Fowler (Hob. XXXIa:52bis)
  8. Cro Challin Hob. XXXIa:253A)
  9. The rock and a wee pickle tow (Hob. XXXIa:253B)
  10. The white cockade (Hob. XXXIa:22bis)
  11. Lassie wi’ the gowden hair (Hob. XXXIa:272)
  12. What ails this heart of mine (Hob. XXXIa:244)
  13. Shelagh O’Neal (Hob. XXXIa:239)
  14. The border widow’s lament (Hob. XXXIa:232)
  15. The shepherd’s son (Hob. XXXIa:106ter)
  16. Good night and joy be wi’ ye (Hob. XXXIa:254)
  17. Johny Faw – or, The gypsie laddie (Hob. XXXIa:251)
  18. O bonny lass, will you lie in a barrack (Hob. XXXIa:89bis)

Disk 2

  1. Jenny dang the weaver (Hob. XXXIa:240)
  2. Macgregor of Ruara’s lament (Hob. XXXIa:81bis)
  3. Sir Patrick Spence (Hob. XXXIa:250)
  4. Savourna deligh (Hob. XXXIa:203)
  5. Gala Water (Hob. XXXIa:15ter)
  6. The three captains (Hob. XXXIa:264)
  7. Johny Faw (Hob. XXXIa:251)
  8. Halloween (Hob. XXXIa:63bis)
  9. Irish Air. Pat & Kate (Hob. XXXIa:241)
  10. Captain Okain (Hob. XXXIa:224bis)
  11. Cro Challin (Hob. XXXIa:253A)
  12. My Nanie, O (Hob. XXXIa:37ter)
  13. When she came ben she bobbit (Hob. XXXIa:62bis)
  14. Fair Helen of Kirkconnell (Hob. XXXIa:236)
  15. The parson boasts of mild ale (Hob. XXXIb:61)
  16. The braes of Ballochmyle (Hob. XXXIa:226)
  17. Tullochgorum (Hob. XXXIa:270)
  18. Johny Macgill (Hob. XXXIa:238)
  19. Rise up and bar the door (Hob. XXXIa:197)
  20. Lord Balgonie’s favourite (Hob. XXXIa:273)

Disk 3

  1. Hela’r ysgyfarnog. Hunting the hare (Hob. XXXIb:33)
  2. Loth to depart. Anhawdd ymadael (Hob. XXXIb:57)
  3. Y Cymry dedwydd. The happy Cambrians (Hob. XXXIb:32)
  4. Happiness lost (Hob. XXXIb:42)
  5. Maltraeth (Hob. XXXIb:36)
  6. Reged (Hob. XXXIb:38)
  7. The Cornish May song (Hob. XXXIb:21)
  8. New Year’s gift. Calenig (Hob. XXXIb:60)
  9. Pant corlant yr wyn – neu, Dafydd or Garreg-las. The lamb’s fold vale – or, David of the blue stone (Hob. XXXIb:22)
  10. Digan y pibydd coch. The red piper’s melody (Hob. XXXIb:34)
  11. Wyres Ned Puw. Ned Pugh’s grand daughter (Hob. XXXIb:19)
  12. Y gadly’s. The camp-palace – or, Leader’s tent oftener called, Of a noble race was Shenkin (Hob. XXXIb:24)
  13. The flower of North Wales. Blodeu Cwynedd (Hob. XXXIb:58)
  14. Yr hen erddigan. The ancient harmony (Hob. XXXIb:37
  15. Ton y ceiliog du. The note of the black cock (Hob. XXXIb:18)
  16. The Britons.Y Brython (Hob. XXXIb:51)
  17. War song of the men of Glamorgan. Triban gwyr Morgannwg (Hob. XXXIb:55)
  18. Erddigan Caer y Waun. The minstrelsy of Chirk Castle (Hob. XXXIb:27)
  19. Rhyfelgyrch Cadpen Morgan. Captain Morgan’s March (Hob. XXXIb:8)
  20. Llwyn onn. The ash grove (Hob. XXXIb:7)
  21. The lamentation of Britain. Cwynvan Brydain (Hob. XXXIb:43a)

Disk 4

  1. Twll yn ei boch. The dimpled cheek (Hob. XXXIb:10)
  2. Hob y deri danno. Away to the oaken grove (Hob. XXXIb:16)
  3. Ar hyd y nos. The live long night (Hob. XXXIb:9)
  4. Mantell Siani. Jenny’s mantle (Hob. XXXIb:5)
  5. The willow hymn. Yr helyg gân (Hob. XXXIb:47)
  6. Codiad yr haul. The rising sun (Hob. XXXIb:12)
  7. Nos Galan. New Year’s night (Hob. XXXIb:29)
  8. The sweet melody of North Wales. Mwynen Gwynedd (Hob. XXXIb:44)
  9. Dowch i’r frwydr. Come to battle (Hob. XXXIb:14)
  10. Y bardd yn ei awen. The inspired bard (Hob. XXXIb:25)
  11. The allurement of love. Serch hudol (Hob. XXXIba:48)
  12. Blodau Llundain. The flowers of London (Hob. XXXIb:23)
  13. Blodau’r drain. The blossom of the thorn (Hob. XXXIb:35)
  14. Blodau’r grug. The flowers of the heath (Hob. XXXIb:30)
  15. Troiad y droell. The whirling of the spinning wheel (Hob. XXXIb:41)
  16. Hoffedd Hywel ab Owen Gwynedd. The delight of Prince Hoel, son of Owen Gwyned (Hob. XXXIb:28)
  17. The bend of the horse shoe. Plygiad y bedol (Hob. XXXIb:56)
  18. Winifreda (Hob. XXXIb:46)
  19. Mwynen Cynwyd. The melody of Cynwyd (Hob. XXXIb:31)
  20. The pursuit of Love. Dilyn serch (Hob. XXXIb:52)
  21. The departure of the king. Ymdawiad y brenhin (Hob. XXXIb:59)

Disk 5

  1. Dafydd y Garreg-wen. David of the White Rock (Hob. XXXIb:4)
  2. Lady Owen’s favourite. Maldod arglwyddes Owen (Hob. XXXIb:45)
  3. Ffarwel Ffranses. Farewell, Frances (Hob. XXXIb:13)
  4. The door clapper. Y stwffwl (Hob. XXXIb:50)
  5. The poor pedlar. Y maelerwr (Hob. XXXIb:53)
  6. Cerdd yr hen-wr or coed. The song of the old man of the wood (Hob. XXXIb:39)
  7. Ffarwel jeuengetid. Adieu to my juvenile days (Hob. XXXIb:40)
  8. Tros y garreg. Over the stone (Hob. XXXIb:17)
  9. Grisiel ground. Crystal ground (Hob. XXXIb:15)
  10. Venture Gwen. Mentra Gwen (Hob. XXXIb:6)
  11. Torriad y dydd. The dawn of day (Hob. XXXIb:3)
  12. Gorhoffedd gwyr Harlech. The march of the men of Harlech (Hob. XXXIb:2)
  13. Hob y deri dando. Away, my herd, under the green oak (Hob. XXXIb:11)
  14. Codiad yr hedydd. The rising of the lark (Hob. XXXIb:1)
  15. The blossom of the honey suckle. Blodeu’r gwynwydd (Hob. XXXIb:54)
  16. Eryri wen. The white mountains – or, Hoar cliffs of Snowdon (Hob. XXXIb:20)
  17. The lamentation of Cambria (Hob. XXXIb:43b)
  18. The red piper’s melody. Digan y pibydd coch (Hob. XXXIb:34)
  19. Castell Towyn. Towyn Castle (Hob. XXXIb:26)
  20. The Marsh of Rhuddlan. Morva Rhydlan (Hob. XXXIb:49)