Haydn: Folksong Arrangements Vol. 5

Haydn: Folksong Arrangements Vol. 5
Composer Franz Joseph Haydn
Artist Jamie Macdougall tenor
Lorna Anderson soprano
Haydn Trio Eisenstadt
Format 3 CD
Cat. number 93736
EAN code 5028421937366
Release January 2009

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About this release

This important and charming set is the fifth of six volumes (totalling 18CDs in all) which gather together Joseph Haydn’s arrangements of British folksongs. These were made at the behest of publishers who had a ready market for popular songs and melodies arranged for domestic consumption; undemanding to play and listen to – and commercially very
advantageous to both publisher and composer.

Beethoven also took time off from weightier matters to earn valuable cash from these delightful trifles, but he did not invest the time and ingenuity that Haydn lavished on them with his extraordinary diligence. Previous issues in this series have garnered strong reviews: John Steane, in reviewing Volume 2
for Gramophone, noted how important it is to have Scottish voices catching the particular lilt of these songs, and praised the ‘unfailingly stylish’ playing of the Haydn Trio Eisenstadt.

Other information
- Many songs recorded here for the first time.
- Issued for the Haydn anniversary of 2009, a must for collectors.
- www.scottishsongs.at.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Lizae Baillie (Hob. XXXIa:83)
  2. How long and dreary is the night (Hob. XXXIa:67)
  3. Fy gar rub her o’er wi’ strae (Hob. XXXIa:7)
  4. The gard’ner wi’ his paidle (Hob. XXXIa:45)
  5. Shepherds, I have lost my love (Hob. XXXIa:93)
  6. The birks of Abergeldie (Hob. XXXIa:58)
  7. The maid’s complaint (Hob. XXXIa:84)
  8. The bonniest lass in a’ the world (Hob. XXXIa:25)
  9. I love my love in secret (Hob. XXXIa:3)
  10. Steer her up, and had her gawin (Hob. XXXIa:78)
  11. Jamie, come try me (Hob. XXXIa:79)
  12. My boy Tammy (Hob. XXXIa:18)
  13. The flowers of Edinburgh (Hob. XXXIa:90)
  14. Jenny was fair (Hob. XXXIa:99)
  15. Up in the morning early (Hob. XXXIa:28)
  16. I’m o’er young to marry yet (Hob. XXXIa:30)
  17. Hallow ev’n (Hob. XXXIa:63)
  18. Jockie and Sandy (Hob. XXXIa:91)
  19. The black eagle (Hob. XXXIa:66)
  20. John Anderson (Hob. XXXIa:2)
  21. Mount your baggage (Hob. XXXIa:42)
  22. Fy, let us a’ to the bridal (Hob. XXXIa:20)
  23. O’er bogie (Hob. XXXIa:16)
  24. Blink o’er the burn, sweet Betty (Hob. XXXIa:68)
  25. The soger laddie (Hob. XXXIa:60)
  26. Barbara Allen (Hob. XXXIa:11)
  27. Dainty Davie (Hob. XXXIa:32)
  28. My mither’s ay glowran o’er me (Hob. XXXIa:70)
  29. Woo’d and married and a’ (Hob. XXXIa:38)
  30. Wat ye wha I met yestreen? (Hob. XXXIa:69)
  31. Jockey was the blythest lad (Hob. XXXIa:64)
  32. To daunton me (Hob. XXXIa:98)
  33. The mill, mill O! (Hob. XXXIa:92)

Disk 2

  1. Duncan Davison (Hob. XXXIa:26)
  2. Be Kind To The Young Thing (Hob. XXXIa:54)
  3. Had Awa Frae Me, Donald (Hob. XXXIa:12)
  4. Green Grow The Rashes (Hob. XXXIa:8)
  5. Young Damon (Hob. XXXIa:71)
  6. Duncan Gray (Hob. XXXIa:34)
  7. I Dream'd I Lay (Hob. XXXIa:87)
  8. Robin, Quo' She (Hob. XXXIa:72)
  9. Maggie's Tocher (Hob. XXXIa:86)
  10. Whistle O'er The Lave O?t (Hob. XXXIa:76)
  11. Oh onochrie (Hob. XXXIa:85)
  12. Tibby Fowler (Hob. XXXIa:52)
  13. Widow, Are Ye Waking? (Hob. XXXIa:75)
  14. The banks of Spey (Hob. XXXIa:57)
  15. My ain kind deary (Hob. XXXIa:31)
  16. Colonel Gardner (Hob. XXXIa:97)
  17. John Of Badenyon (Hob. XXXIa:24)
  18. Mary’s dream (Hob. XXXIa:1)
  19. Love will find out the way (Hob. XXXIa:53)
  20. I had a horse (Hob. XXXIa:17)
  21. O can you sew cushions (Hob. XXXIa:48)
  22. Cumbernauld House (Hob. XXXIa:47)
  23. O bonny lass (Hob. XXXIa:89)
  24. Merry May The Maid Be (Hob. XXXIa.50)
  25. Fife And A' The Lands About It (Hob. XXXIa:29)
  26. Sleepy Bodie (Hob. XXXIa:44)
  27. Her absence will not alter me (Hob. XXXIa:100)
  28. The brisk young lad (Hob. XXXIa:46)
  29. John, come kiss me now (Hob. XXXIa:41)
  30. The Bonny Brucket Lassie (Hob. XXXIa:59)
  31. When she came ben she bobbit (Hob. XXXIa:62)
  32. Saw Ye My Father (Hob. XXXIa:5)
  33. Cauld Kail in Aberdeen (Hob. XXXIa:55)

Disk 3

  1. Marg’ret’s Ghost (Hob. XXXIa:65)
  2. Todlen Hame (Hob. XXXIa:6)
  3. Blue Bonnets (Hob. XXXIa:39)
  4. O, let me in this ae night (Hob. XXXIa:61)
  5. Raving winds (Hob. XXXIa:81)
  6. Logie of Buchan (Hob. XXXIa:73)
  7. The Ploughman (Hob. XXXIa:10)
  8. Eppie Adair (Hob. XXXIa:74)
  9. By The Stream So Cool And Clear (Hob. XXXIa:19)
  10. The Wawking Of The Fauld (Hob. XXXIa:40)
  11. Here’s A Health To My True Love (Hob. XXXIa:49)
  12. Braw Lads Of Galla Water (Hob. XXXIa:15)
  13. The Glancing Of Her Apron (Hob. XXXIa:88)
  14. Pentland Hills (Hob. XXXIa:33)
  15. Saw Ye Nae My Peggy? (Hob. XXXIa:56)
  16. Will ye go to Flanders (Hob. XXXIa:13)
  17. This Is No Mine Ain House (Hob. XXXIa:14)
  18. Peggy in devotion (Hob. XXXIa:96)
  19. The Shepherd Adonis (Hob. XXXIa:21)
  20. The White Cockade (Hob. XXXIa:22)
  21. Bonny Kate of Edinburgh (Hob. XXXIa:94)
  22. The waefu’ heart (Hob. XXXIa:9)
  23. Maggy Lauder (Hob. XXXIa:35)
  24. Willie was a wanton wag (Hob. XXXIa:4)
  25. Willy’s Rare (Hob. XXXIa:82)
  26. Leader haughs and Yarrow (Hob. XXXIa:27)
  27. How Can I Be Sad On My Wedding Day (Hob. XXXIa:36)
  28. If e’er ye do well it’s a wonder (Hob. XXXIa:95)
  29. Nanny O (Hob. XXXIa:37)
  30. Ye gods! was Strephon’s picture blest (Hob. XXXIa:43)
  31. The mucking of Geordie’s byer (Hob. XXXIa:51)
  32. The Miller’s Daughter (Hob. XXXIa:80)
  33. My Heart’s in The Highlands (Hob. XXXIa:77)
  34. The lass of LIvingston (Hob. XXXIa:23)