Haydn: Scottish Songs vol. 4

Haydn: Scottish Songs vol. 4
Composer Franz Joseph Haydn
Artist Lorna Anderson soprano
Jaime MacDougall tenor
Haydn Trio Eisenstadt
Format 3 CD
Cat. number 93453
EAN code 5028421934532
Release May 2007

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About this release

‘For the lack of gold’, ’The lass of Locroyan’ and Rosslin castle’: these are just a few of the colourful titles on this album. They are among the 60 or so arrangements by Joseph Haydn and part of an amazing 400 folksongs from his pen.

They consist of Scottish, Welsh and Irish songs. In collaboration with (among others) Glasgow University and the Haydn Institut Köln, performers Lorna Anderson, Jamie MacDougall and the Haydn Trio Eisenstad are undertaking a unique project to record all of Haydn’s folksong arrangements.

This fourth volume is taken up by the arrangements of Scottish folksongs written for William Whyte. He was one of the three publishers for whom Haydn composed his folksong arrangements. – the first three volumes of the series being dedicated to songs ordered by one of the others, George Tomson.

Delightful material showing a different and rather unknown side of Haydn. Both being native Glaswegians the singers are ideally equipped to deal with the idiosyncrasies of the language.

Other information:
- www.scottishsongs.at

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Auld Lang Syne (Hob. XXXIa:218)
  2. The Waefu' Heart (Hob. XXXIa:9bis)
  3. The Last Time I Came O'er The Muir (Hob. XXXI:199bis)
  4. Tak' Your Auld Cloak About Ye (Hob. XXXIa:180bis)
  5. The Collier's Bonny Lassie (Hob. XXXIa:213)
  6. Waly Waly (Hob. XXXIa:214)
  7. The Exile Of Erin. Erin-gobragh (Hob. XXXIa:203bis)
  8. Lewie Gordon (Hob. XXXIa:215)
  9. Thou Art Gane Awa (Hob. XXXIa:12bis)
  10. The Braes Of Ballenden (Hob.XXXIa:200bis)
  11. The Soldier's Return (Hob.XXXIa:92bis)
  12. Merry May The Maid Be (hob.XXXIa:50bis)
  13. Wandering Willie (Hob.XXXIa:257)
  14. Farewell, Thou Fair Day. My Lodging Is On The Cold Ground (Hob.XXXIa:262)
  15. My Jo Janet (Hob.XXXIa:258)
  16. The Palmer. O Open The Door (Hob. XXXIa:255)
  17. I'll Never Leave Thee (Hob.XXXIa:205)
  18. The Lass Of Patie's Mill (Hob.XXXIa:160bis)
  19. Roslin Castle (Hob.XXXIa:191bis)
  20. Low Down In The Broom (Hob.XXXIa:210)
  21. The Birks Of Invermay (Hob.XXXIa: 187bis)
  22. Of a' The Airts The Wind Can Blaw (Hob.XXXIa:203bis)

Disk 2

  1. Anna (Hob.XXXIa:93bis)
  2. Nancy's To The Greenwod Gane (Hob.XXXIa:185bis)
  3. The Maid In Bedlam (Hob.XXXIa:13ter)
  4. Maggy Lawder (Hob.XXXIa:35ter)
  5. The Bush Aboon Traquair (Hob.XXXIa:204)
  6. The Flowers Of The Forest (Hob.XXXIa:212)
  7. My Nannie O (Hob.XXXIa:37bis)
  8. Corn Riggs (Hob.XXXIa:216)
  9. My Apron, Dearie (Hob.XXXIa:189bis)
  10. The Siller Crown (Hob.XXXIa:260)
  11. The Shepherd's Son (Hob.XXXIa:106bis)
  12. Sae Merry As We Ha'e Been (Hob.XXXIa:223)
  13. She Rose And Loot Me In (Hob. XXXIa.219)
  14. The Braes Of Yarrow (Hob.XXXIa:207)
  15. The Silken Snood (Hob.XXXIa:208)
  16. From Thee, Eliza, I Must Go. Donald (Hob.XXXIa:217)
  17. Gilderoy (Hob.XXXIa:225)
  18. Swa Ye My Father (Hob.XXXIa:5ter)
  19. Katharina Ogie (Hob.XXXIa:220)
  20. Donald And Flora (Hob.XXXIa:139bis)
  21. My Ain Kind Deary, O! (Hob.XXXIa:31ter)
  22. O Poortith Cauld. I Had A Horse (Hob.XXXIa.17bis)

Disk 3

  1. John Anderson, My Jo (Hob.XXXIa:2bis)
  2. Their Groves O' Sweet Myrtle. The Humours Of Glen (Hob.XXXIa:256)
  3. The Lass Of Lochroyan (Hob.XXXIa:209)
  4. This Is No Mine Ain House (Hob.XXXIa:14bis)
  5. For The Lack Of Gold (Hob.XXXIa:222)
  6. Widow Are Ye Wakin? (Hob. XXXIa:75bis)
  7. The Maid That Tends The Goats (Hob.XXXIa:221)
  8. Todlin Hame (Hob.XXXIa:6bis)
  9. The Bonnie Wee Thing (Hob.XXXIa:102bis)
  10. Up In The Morning Early (Hob.XXXIa:28tis)
  11. Lochaber (Hob.XXXIa:190bis)
  12. The Yellow Hair'd Laddie (Hob.XXXIa:211)
  13. Robin Is My Only Jo (Hob.XXXIa:72bis)
  14. O'er The Muir Amang The Heather (Hob.XXXIa:122ter)
  15. Sweet Annie Frae The Sea-Beach Came (Hob. XXXIa:261)
  16. Galla Water (Hob.XXXIa:15bis)
  17. Tweedside (Hob.XXXIa:206)
  18. Bessy Bell And Mary Gary (Hob.XXXIa:178bis)
  19. An Thou Wert Mine Ain Thing (Hob.XXXIa:164bis)
  20. The Day Returns (Hob. XXXIa:259)
  21. The Soldier's Dream. Captain O' Kain (Hob.XXXIa:224)