Haydn: Scottish Songs vol.2

Haydn: Scottish Songs vol.2
Composer Franz Joseph Haydn
Artist Lorna Anderson soprano
Jamie MacDougall tenor
Haydn Trio Eisenstadt
Format 4 CD
Cat. number 92542
EAN code 5028421925424
Release April 2006

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About this release

Did Haydn write Scottish songs? Yes, some 400 of them! In fact Haydn – as did also for instance Beethoven and Pleyel – wrote many of his arrangements of Scottish folk songs on commission. The publisher also approached some prominent poets like Robert Burns to write new texts for him.

Singers Lorna Anderson (soprano) and Jamie MacDougall (tenor) have together with the Haydn Trio Eisenstadt and a team of musicologists embarked on a huge project to record all Haydn Scottish songs. Last year the first CD was issued. Now we continue with a set of 4 CD’s covering 91 songs. They are all part of the first complete edition of these songs by Haydn.

Other information:
- The project sheds light on an interesting, hardly-known part of Haydn’s varied oeuvre.
- The booklet contains all texts in English with some explanation in German.
- www.scottishsongs.at.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Peggy, I Must Love Thee (Hob. XXXIa:167)
  2. The Bonny Grey-ey’d Morn (Hob. XXXIa:101bis)
  3. The Minstrel (Hob. XXXIa:115bis)
  4. Deil Tak’’ The Wars (Hob. XXXIa:229)
  5. Gramachree (Hob. XXXIa:13bis)
  6. Up And War Them A’’ Willy (Hob. XXXIa:233)
  7. I Canna Come Ilka Day To Woo (Hob. XXXIa:140bis)
  8. Langolee (Hob. XXXIa:235)
  9. Hey Tutti Taiti (Hob. XXXIa:174)
  10. Kellyburn Braes (Hob. XXXIa:148bis)
  11. The Poet’s Ain Jean (Hob. XXXIa:230)
  12. Gil Morris (Hob. XXXIa:196)
  13. The Last Time I Came O’er The Muir (Hob. XXXIa:199)
  14. The Mucking O’’ Geordie’’s Byre (Hob. XXXIa:51bis)
  15. The Happy Trio (Hob. XXXIa:243)
  16. The Wish (Hob. XXXIa:245)
  17. Killiecrankie (Hob. XXXIa:169)
  18. My Apron Deary (Hob. XXXIa:189)
  19. The Brisk Young Lad (Hob. XXXIa:46bis)
  20. Whistle O’er The Lave O’t (Hob. XXXIa:76bis)
  21. Fy Gar Rub Her O’’er Wi’’ Strae (Hob. XXXIa:7bis)
  22. My Love She’s But A Lassie Yet (Hob. XXXIa:194)
  23. My Nanie, O (Hob. XXXIa:37quater)

Disk 2

  1. Cauld Kail In Aberdeen (Hob. XXXIa:55bis)
  2. An Thou Wert Mine Ain Thing (Hob. XXXIa:164)
  3. The Boatman (Hob. XXXIa:246)
  4. Jingling Johnie (Hob. XXXIa:263)
  5. Muirland Willy (Hob. XXXIa:242)
  6. Variations On Bannocks O’’ Barleymeal
  7. The Tears Of Caledonia (Hob. XXXIa:201)
  8. Variations On Maggie Lauder
  9. Queen Mary’s Lamentation (Hob. XXXIa:161)
  10. The Soldier Laddie (Hob. XXXIa:60bis)
  11. Highland Air. The Lone Vale (Hob. XXXIa:175)
  12. Roslin Castle (Hob. XXXIa:191)
  13. Green Sleeves (Hob. XXXIa:112bis)
  14. Variations On Saw Ye My Father
  15. A Jacobite Air. Phely & Willy (Hob. XXXIa:231)
  16. Hooly And Fairly (Hob. XXXIa:237)
  17. Young Jockey Was The Blythest Lad (Hob. XXXIa:64bis)
  18. The Shepherd’s Wife (Hob. XXXIa:128bis)
  19. Mary’s Dream (Hob. XXXIa:1bis)
  20. Oonagh (Hob. XXXIa:249)
  21. The Auld Gudeman (Hob. XXXIa:184)
  22. Strathallan’s Lament (Hob. XXXIa:145bis)
  23. Polwarth On The Green (Hob. XXXIa:265)

Disk 3

  1. Bonny Wee Thing (Hob. XXXIa:102ter )
  2. The Auld Wife Ayont The Fire (Hob. XXXIa:195)
  3. The Birks Of Invermay (Hob. XXXIa:187)
  4. Auld Rob Morris (Hob. XXXIa:192)
  5. My Deary An Thou Die (Hob. XXXIa:166)
  6. Jenny’s Bawbee (Hob. XXXIa:252)
  7. Highland Mary (Hob. XXXIa:159)
  8. Variations On Killiecrankie
  9. If A Body Meet A Body (Hob. XXXIa:80bis)
  10. Auld Robin Gray ((Hob. XXXIa:168)
  11. Bessy Bell And Mary Gray (Hob. XXXIa:178)
  12. The Weary Pund O’’ Tow (Hob. XXXIa:129bis)
  13. Maggie Lauder (Hob. XXXIa:35bis)
  14. Sensibility (Hob. XXXIa:173)
  15. Edinburgh Kate (Hob. XXXIa:69bis)
  16. Woo’’d And Married And A’’ (Hob. XXXIa:38bis)
  17. Tak Your Auld Cloak About Ye (Hob. XXXIa:180)
  18. Waes My Heart That We Should Sunder (Hob. XXXIa:155)
  19. Johnie’s Grey Breeks (Hob. XXXIa:154)
  20. Fy Let’’s A’’ To The Bridal (Hob. XXXIa:20bis)
  21. Let Me In This Ae Night (Hob. XXXIa:61bis)
  22. Galashiels (Hob. XXXIa:179)
  23. Ay Waking, O! (Hob. XXXIa:157)

Disk 4

  1. Tears That Must Ever Fall (Hob. XXXIa:186)
  2. The Birks Of Abergeldie (Hob. XXXIa:58bis)
  3. The Looking Glass (Hob. XXXIa:158)
  4. Ettrick Banks (Hob. XXXIa:151)
  5. O’er Bogie (Hob. XXXIa:16bis)
  6. Barbara Allan (Hob. XXXIa:11bis)
  7. The Blue Bell Of Scotland (Hob. XXXIa:176)
  8. Saw Ye My Father (Hob. XXXIa: 5bis)
  9. The Braes Of Ballenden (Hob. XXXIa:200)
  10. John O’’ Badenyon (Hob. XXXIa:24bis)
  11. Fee Him, Father (Hob. XXXIa:156)
  12. The Ewie Wi’’ The Crooked Horn (Hob. XXXIa:116bis)
  13. Pinkie House (Hob. XXXIa:183)
  14. Bonny Jean (Hob. XXXIa:172)
  15. Bannocks O’’ Barleymeal (Hob. XXXIa:171)
  16. Green Grow The Rashes (Hob. XXXIa:8bis)
  17. The Blathrie O’t (Hob. XXXIa:162)
  18. My Mither’s Ay Glowrin O’er Me (Hob. XXXIa:70bis)
  19. Scornfu’’ Nansy (Hob. XXXIa:185)
  20. I Wish My Love Were In A Myre (Hob. XXXIa:177)
  21. The Death Of The Linnet (Hob. XXXIa:138bis)
  22. Rothiemurcus Rant (Hob. XXXIa:165)