Hommage à Schumann

Hommage à Schumann
Composer György Kurtág, Robert Schumann
Artist Kammerata Luxembourg
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 95936
EAN code 5028421959368
Release August 2019

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About this release

Founded in 1985, the Kammerata Luxembourg has established itself at the centre of the country’s musical life with new commissions, concert series and recordings, supported by its ministry of culture. One recent enterprising series was named ‘The European Union Enlarges’, focusing on the chamber music of future EU states, and others such as this album have constructed enlightening juxtapositions of modern and Romantic-era repertoire.

Few composers from the 19th century have exercised so potent an influence upon composers of our time as Robert Schumann. His abrupt changes of mood and intense, passionate commitment to individual expressive states have seized the imagination of many composers as well as listeners. Not the least of them is Schumann’s fellow German AribertReimann, In arranging the Fantasiestücke Op.73, Reimann altered not a note of the clarinet part while arranging the piano accompaniment for the unusual combination of flute, a harp and two violas, which enables him to explore both the sombre timbres and the more ethereal hues of the score.

The Op.107 songs are united by both a theme of unrequited love and a mood of wistful other-worldliness, which Reimann accentuates with an often-Expressionist recasting of the piano part for string quartet. The other original work here is the collection of canonic pieces originally written for a pedal piano and arranged by Schumann’s contemporary Theodor Kirchner. Meanwhile, the two contemporary responses to Schumann are undertaken in a spirit of the most sincere love and homage. Kurtág’s instrumentation for clarinet, viola and piano refers back to the Op.132 Märchenerzählungen – fairy tales – and he peppers his score with both literary allusions and references back to the object of his homage. Jörg Widmann likewise evokes Schumann’s Op.23 Nachtstücke in his own trio for clarinet, cello and piano. Anyone fearful of new music need not hesitate: Widmann insinuates himself into a world of Romantic melancholy with uncanny skill.

The creative genius of Robert Schumann, his unbridled, dreamlike fantasy and his close affinity to poetry and literature, has inspired many composers after him. This highly original program offers several works written as Hommage à Schumann: by György Kurtág (Hommage a R. Sch. for clarinet, viola and piano), Jörg Widmann (Nachtstück, for clarinet, cello and piano), as well as original works by Schumann himself, arranged for different ensembles by Aribert Reimann (Fantasiestücke Op. 73, for clarinet, flute, harp, two violas and 6 Gesänge Op. 107 for soprano and string quartet) and Theodor Kirchner (Sechs Studien, for violin, cello and piano).
Excellent performances by Kammerata Luxembourg, well known for its innovative programming. They recorded for Brilliant Classics works by Koechlin and Emmanuel.
The booklet contains liner notes in both English and French.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Fantasiestücke in A Minor, Op. 73: I. Zart und mit Ausdruck
  2. Fantasiestücke in A Minor, Op. 73: II. Lebhaft, leicht
  3. Fantasiestücke in A Minor, Op. 73: III. Rasch und mit Feuer
  4. Hommage à Robert Schumann, Op. 15d: I. Merkwürdige Pirouetten des Kapellmeisters Johannes Kreisler – Vivo
  5. Hommage à Robert Schumann, Op. 15d: II. E.: der begrenzte Kreis … - Molto semplice, piano e legato
  6. Hommage à Robert Schumann, Op. 15d: III. … und wieder zuckt es schmerzlich F. um die Lippen - Feroce, agitato
  7. Hommage à Robert Schumann, Op. 15d: IV. Felhó valék, már süt a nap… (töredék-töredék) (Eine Wolke war ich, jetzt scheint schon die Sonne) - Calmo, scorrevole
  8. Hommage à Robert Schumann, Op. 15d: V. In der Nacht – Presto
  9. Hommage à Robert Schumann, Op. 15d: VI. Abschied (Meister Raro entdeckt Guillaume de Machaut) - Adagio, poco andante
  10. 6 Gesänge, Op. 107: I. Herzeleid
  11. 6 Gesänge, Op. 107: II. Die Fensterscheibe
  12. 6 Gesänge, Op. 107: III. Der Gärtner
  13. 6 Gesänge, Op. 107: IV. Die Spinnerin
  14. 6 Gesänge, Op. 107: V. Im Wald
  15. 6 Gesänge, Op. 107: VI. Abendlied
  16. Nachtstück
  17. 6 Studien in kanonischer Form, Op. 56: I. Nicht zu schnell
  18. 6 Studien in kanonischer Form, Op. 56: II. Mit innigem Ausdruck
  19. 6 Studien in kanonischer Form, Op. 56: III. Andantino
  20. 6 Studien in kanonischer Form, Op. 56: IV. Innig
  21. 6 Studien in kanonischer Form, Op. 56: V. Nicht zu schnell
  22. 6 Studien in kanonischer Form, Op. 56: VI. Adagio