Hommage a Debussy

Hommage a Debussy
Composer Alexandre Tansman, Francis Poulenc, Henri Sauguet, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Joaquin Rodrigo, Joaquin Turina, Manuel de Falla
Artist Izhar Elias guitar
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 9246
EAN code 5029365924627
Release December 2011

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About this release

In the early 20th century, Paris was a magnet for composers, who were drawn to the city by the powerful influence of Claude Debussy. Termed ‘impressionist’, a label the composer never approved of, Debussy’s music (like that of his younger contemporary Ravel) is full of colouristic expression and textures, which held a significant appeal to a younger generation of musicians. His influence on composers such as Manuel de Falla, Hector Villa-Lobos, Joaquín Rodrigo and Joaquín Turina led to a remarkable fusion of French musical language (as developed by Debussy) and Spanish (or Latin American) folk music idioms.

This collection of works by seven composers celebrates this unique blend of styles and its realisation in guitar compositions, using Manuel de Falla’s Homenaje (Hommage à Debussy) as a starting point, a musical elegy (or tombeau) composed following Debussy’s death in 1918. The influence of Debussy can also be heard in Villa-Lobos’s Etudes Nos.7 and 12, while Rodrigo and Sauget’s works are tributes to de Falla.

The fascinating repertoire collected together in this unique programme is brought to life by a skilled performance from Izhar Elias, and sheds light on the profound influence that Debussy’s music had on the generation of composers that followed him.

Other information:
- Features music by Manuel de Falla, Joaquín Rodrigo, Henri Sauguet, Joaquín Turina, Francis Poulenc, Alexandre Tansman and Heitor Villa-Lobos
- Izhar Elias won the coveted Dutch Music prize in 2010, and has since made a number of critically acclaimed recordings, including works by Turino and Guiliani’s arrangement of Rossini’s Semiramede for Brilliant Classics (93902)
- A new recording, made in 2011, evoking the unique athmosphere of Paris at the beginning of the 20-th century, a melting pot of styles, cultures and trends.
- Includes booklet notes by Izhar Elias

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Homenaje (Hommage à Debussy)
  2. Invocación y danza (Homenaje a de Falla)
  3. Soliloque, in ricordo di Manuel de Falla
  4. Sonata, Op. 61 (à Andrés Segovia): I. Allegro
  5. Sonata, Op. 61 (à Andrés Segovia): II. Andante
  6. Sonata, Op. 61 (à Andrés Segovia): III. Allegro vivo
  7. Sarabande
  8. Cavatina Suite (à Andrés Segovia): I. Preludio
  9. Cavatina Suite (à Andrés Segovia): II. Sarabande
  10. Cavatina Suite (à Andrés Segovia): III. Scherzino
  11. Cavatina Suite (à Andrés Segovia): IV. Barcarole
  12. Cavatina Suite (à Andrés Segovia): V. Danza Pomposa
  13. Etudes (à Andrés Segovia): No. 7
  14. Etudes (à Andrés Segovia): No. 11