Jolivet: Complete Chamber Music with Piano

Jolivet: Complete Chamber Music with Piano
Composer André Jolivet
Artist Filippo Farinelli piano
Format 2 CD
Cat. number 95275
EAN code 5028421952758
Release September 2017

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About this release

A collection of effervescent French chamber music, generously compiled (almost 140 minutes), unrivalled in the current catalogue, in stylish new recordings, complemented by an extensive and authoritative booklet-note.

André Jolivet (1905-1974) is surely one of the most interesting yet neglected French composers of the last century. Outside the constraints of the Parisian conservatoire tradition, he developed an idiom way ahead of its time compared to many of his contemporaries; indeed, while Edgard Varese was ploughing his furrow, Jolivet was his only European pupil between 1929 and 1933.

However, Varese-like acerbity and austerity is out of place here. Jolivet was never less than a skilled melodist, and one who wrote for his chosen instruments rather than against them. Much that is here such as a sensuous Flute Sonata, a muscular Violin Sonata or a jocular Suite for oboe and piano is pitched, to ears unfamiliar with Jolivet, in an idiom somewhere between Poulenc, Messiaen and Dutilleux; but that’s the voice of Jolivet, and closer acquaintance with this set will accustom listeners to it in all its unpredictable, quicksilver charm.

The Flute Sonata has received several recordings in the company of the likes of Poulenc and Koechlin, but there is much here that will be unfamiliar to even the most dedicated discophiles and followers of French musical fashions: an Ouverture en Rondeau for 4 ondes martenot, piano & percussion, for example, or the Petite Suite for string quintet, piano and percussion.

Few of the individual pieces or movements are of any great length – Jolivet knew the value of succinct expression like many French musicians of his generation, and had a horror of pomposity – but there is a ten-minute Nocturne for cello and piano, and a rhapsodic Chant de Linos for flute and piano of the same length.

The later music – the set is helpfully arranged in chronological order – is especially intriguing, once Jolivet had found for himself a new form of classicism aimed at synthesizing serial and freely atonal music together with modal developments. One fine example is the Hopi Snake Dance for two pianos.

An invaluable set, masterminded by the pianist Filippo Farinelli, who has previously accompanied distinguished colleagues in the complete songs of Jolivet (BC9220), Ravel (BC94743) and Dallapiccola (BC95202).

André Jolivet (1905-1974) is considered one of the most interesting French composers of the 20th century. His vast oeuvre includes nearly all musical genres. Actively open to all musical genres (he never had a proper conservatory education) he developed a personal style that was distinctly avant-garde.
This new recording spans Jolivet’s entire lifetime, and presents his complete chamber music with piano in combination with violin, viola, cello, flute, oboe, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, double-bass and Ondes Martenot. Fascinating, vibrant and colourful music!

Excellent performances by Italian soloists and pianist Filippo Farinelli, the driving force behind several Brilliant Classics projects: complete songs by Ravel, Jolivet and Dallapiccola, Koechlin Saxophone Music and others.
The extensive liner notes are written by a musicologist.


Track list

Disk 1

  1. André Jolivet: Grave et gigue: I. Grave
  2. André Jolivet: Grave et gigue: II. Gigue
  3. André Jolivet: Air pour bercer
  4. André Jolivet: Sonate for Violin & Piano: I. Ramassé
  5. André Jolivet: Sonate for Violin & Piano: II. Librement
  6. André Jolivet: Sonate for Violin & Piano: III. Bousculé
  7. André Jolivet: Aubade
  8. André Jolivet: Choral et Fugato: I. Choral
  9. André Jolivet: Choral et Fugato: II. Fugato
  10. André Jolivet: Chant d’oppression
  11. André Jolivet: Trois poèmes: I. Ondes
  12. André Jolivet: Trois poèmes: II. Sérimpie
  13. André Jolivet: Trois poèmes: III. Chant d’oppression
  14. André Jolivet: Ouverture en rondeau
  15. André Jolivet: Nocturne

Disk 2

  1. André Jolivet: Chant de linos
  2. André Jolivet: Sérénade: I. Cantilène
  3. André Jolivet: Sérénade: II. Caprice
  4. André Jolivet: Sérénade: III. Intermède
  5. André Jolivet: Sérénade: IV. Marche burlesque
  6. André Jolivet: Petite suite: I. Ouverture
  7. André Jolivet: Petite suite: II. Introduction et valse
  8. André Jolivet: Petite suite: III. Contredance
  9. André Jolivet: Hopi Snake Dance
  10. André Jolivet: Air de bravoureq
  11. André Jolivet: Fantaisie-Impromptuq
  12. André Jolivet: Fantaisie-Caprice
  13. André Jolivet: Cabrioles
  14. André Jolivet: Chant pour les piroguiers de l’Orénoque
  15. André Jolivet: Méditation for Clarinet & Piano
  16. André Jolivet: Sonate: I. Fluide
  17. André Jolivet: Sonate: II. Grave
  18. André Jolivet: Sonate: III. Violent
  19. André Jolivet: Patchinko