L'Art du Théorbiste Music for Theorbo

L'Art du Théorbiste Music for Theorbo
Composer Angelo Michele Bartolotti, Estienne le Moyne, Robert de Visée
Artist Simmon Linné theorbo
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 95426
EAN code 5028421954264
Release January 2017

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About this release

Inspired by his travels across Europe in the sole company of his faithful theorbo, Simon Linné has taken the composer Angelo Michele Bartolotti – an equally well-travelled composer and performer of the early Baroque period – as his starting point for this release. Born in Italy, Bartolotti (also known as Michelangelo) is known to have worked at the Swedish court of Queen Christina, and played in Jean-Baptiste Lully's orchestra in Paris. Another member of that orchestra was French composer Robert de Visée, whose devotion to LIully led him to transcribe some of his shorter operas for solo theorbo, some of which are included on this release. Estienne le Moyne is almost as anonymous as 'Anonymous' – nothing is known about the composer, but the few pieces he has left behind for solo theorbo are exceptionally idiomatic.

The theorbo was closely linked to the Renaissance lute, a different creature from the Baroque one, which enjoyed its own style and repertoire in the 17th century. Rather, the solo music for the theorbo was closer to the then standard genres of opera and chamber music. This is, therefore, much more unusual fare compared to Baroque lute music of the same period. Swedish performer Simon Linné is a lutenist as well as theorbo player, and revels in exploring lesser-known works for the two instruments. He teaches at the University of the Arts, Bremen.

The theorbo is a plucked instrument of the lute family, with an extended neck and a second peg-board. Due to extended bass range it was used in the early Italian operas and in the basso continuo, the accompanying instrumental ensemble.
Swedish théorbist Simon Linné chose an adventurous programme for his first Brilliant Classics CD: the complete surviving works for theorbo by Michelango Bartolotti, alongside with works by Robert de Visée (the best known composer in this genre) and Le Moyne, of whom hardly anything is known, except that he must have been a virtuoso on his instrument.
Simon Linné is a much sought-after théorbist who appears both as soloist as in ensemble, and has collaborated in recordings for Hyperion, Sony and Ricercar.

Recorded in January 2010.
Contains liner notes written by the artist in English, French and German.
Contains a biography of the artist in English, French and German.


Track list

Disk 1

  1. Angelo Michele Bartolotti: Preludio
  2. Angelo Michele Bartolotti: Allemanda
  3. Angelo Michele Bartolotti: Corrente
  4. Angelo Michele Bartolotti: Sarabanda
  5. Angelo Michele Bartolotti: Giga
  6. Angelo Michele Bartolotti: Ciaccona
  7. Estienne le Moyne: Prelude
  8. Estienne le Moyne: Allemande
  9. Estienne le Moyne: Courante
  10. Estienne le Moyne: Sarabande
  11. Estienne le Moyne: Marche
  12. Angelo Michele Bartolotti: Prelude
  13. Angelo Michele Bartolotti: Allemanda
  14. Angelo Michele Bartolotti: Corrente
  15. Angelo Michele Bartolotti: Sarabanda
  16. Angelo Michele Bartolotti: Fuga
  17. Robert de Visée: Contredanse & Double
  18. Robert de Visée: Les echos d’atis
  19. Robert de Visée: Canaries
  20. Angelo Michele Bartolotti: Allemanda
  21. Angelo Michele Bartolotti: Passa corde
  22. Angelo Michele Bartolotti: Corrente
  23. Angelo Michele Bartolotti: Sarabanda
  24. Robert de Visée: Prelude
  25. Robert de Visée: Ouverture de la grotte de Versailles
  26. Robert de Visée: Air du grand ballet du Roy
  27. Robert de Visée: Air
  28. Robert de Visée: Dieux d’amour
  29. Anonymous: La villanelle