Media Vita: Gregorian Hymns of Death and Resurrection

Media Vita: Gregorian Hymns of Death and Resurrection
Composer Traditional
Artist Schola Cantorum Karolus Magnus
Stan Hollaardt conductor
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 93790
EAN code 5028421937908
Release April 2009

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About this release

The Schola Cantorum Karolus Magnus in Nijmegen was founded in 1988. The Schola aims to promote the authentic performance of Gregorian chant as a valuable cultural and liturgical heritage. It mainly relies on the achievements of the studies of the early-medieval manuscripts, as they were taken up in the 19th century by the monks of Solesmes (France) and have been continued there and at other places.

Several scholarly sources have been consulted to compile this fascinating collection of chants concerned with the central tenets of Christian faith. The result may be both deeply satisfying for those experienced in singing and listening to chant, and powerfully affecting for those to whom Gregorian chant represents simply a timeless beauty and spiritual resource.

The starting-point of these performances is the semiology – a study of the signs (neumes) as mentioned in the manuscripts at the top of the texts.These provide little accurate information about the melody, but all the more about the essential flow of the rhythm that must be practised in the singing.

The Schola Kantorum Karolus Magnus gives concerts across Europe at significant musical festivals, especially those concerned with liturgical performance. This release will capture the imagination of all those who are interested in Gregorian Chant as a living but timeless tradition.

Other information:
- Recorded in 1997.
- With extensive booklet notes in English and Dutch exploring the textual and musical content of the chant.
- Includes full sung texts in Latin with translations in English and Dutch.
- Visit for further information.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Media Vita
  2. Regem Cui
  3. Qui vivis
  4. SitIvit
  5. Credo Quod Redemptor
  6. A Porta Inferi
  7. Qui Lacrimatus
  8. Si Iniquitates
  9. Placebo Domino
  10. Requiem Aeternam
  11. Kyrie, Eleison
  12. Requiem Aeternam
  13. Requiem Aeternam
  14. Absolve, Domine
  15. Domine Iesu Christe
  16. Sanctus
  17. Agnus Dei
  18. Lux Aeterna
  19. Subvenite
  20. Libera Me, Domine, De viIs
  21. In Paradisum
  22. Ego Sum Resurrectio
  23. Aperite Mihi
  24. Dies Irae