Minimal Piano Collection: Volume XXI-XXVIII

Minimal Piano Collection: Volume XXI-XXVIII
Composer Philip Glass, Terry Riley
Artist Jeroen van Veen piano
Format 8 CD
Cat. number 95543
EAN code 5028421955438
Release May 2017

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About this release

Who is the true father of Minimalism? When the movement originated in the early 1960s, it sprang up organically – some composers played by the rules (even if they were rules of their own invention), while others experimented freely, unaware or unconcerned about how music 'should' be composed. One of those young mavericks was Dennis Johnson, who has now faded into almost complete obscurity after he gave up his musical ambitions for a career in mathematics. But his 1959 composition November can be considered one of the first, if not the first, properly minimalist work. It later went on to inspire La Monte Young (Johnson's class mate at UCLA) to write his prolific Well-Tuned Piano. Complete recordings are few and far between, and this new recording by Jeroen van Veen is the perfect introduction for anyone looking to get back to the roots of Minimalism.

Jeroen van Veen is one of the Netherlands' most prominent recording artists. This collection of Minimal Piano Music follows two previous successful albums, available on Brilliant Classics (BC8551 and BC9171). The last album provided a snapshot into the extensive scene of minimalist music today; this one takes us back to how it all began. Featuring several famous pieces from the original minimalist canon – including Philip Glass's Music in Contrary Motion and Terry Riley's Keyboard Studies – there are hours of beautifully relaxing and inspiring music here to enjoy.

This 8CD set bring the listener back to the roots of Minimalism, all works were written in the seventies of the 20th century, a time when the new aesthetics and perception of music, sound, repetition and time experience were creating a new chapter in music history. The longest piece is the 5 hour “November” by Dennis Johnson, a work in which the player is free to build the intervals and chords according to his own timing and spacing. The other composers in this set are Philip Glass, Tom Johnson, Peter Garland, Terry Riley, Harold Budd and La Monte Young. Recorded in his own studio by the most important protagonist of Minimalism today, Dutch pianist Jeroen van Veen. Van Veen has a myriad of recordings to his name, notably the multi CD boxes Minimal Piano Collection 1 and 2, complete Satie, Einaudi, Tiersen, Jacob ter Veldhuis, Simeon ten Holt and many more.
Van Veen wrote his own personal and illuminating liner notes for this set.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. November I/IV: Part 1
  2. November I/IV: Part 2
  3. November I/IV: Part 3
  4. November I/IV: Part 4
  5. November I/IV: Part 5
  6. November I/IV: Part 6

Disk 2

  1. November II/IV: Part 7
  2. November II/IV: Part 8
  3. November II/IV: Part 9
  4. November II/IV: Part 10
  5. November II/IV: Part 11
  6. November II/IV: Part 12

Disk 3

  1. November III/IV: Part 13
  2. November III/IV: Part 14
  3. November III/IV: Part 15
  4. November III/IV: Part 16
  5. November III/IV: Part 17
  6. November III/IV: Part 18

Disk 4

  1. November IV/IV: Part 19
  2. November IV/IV: Part 20
  3. November IV/IV: Part 21
  4. November IV/IV: Part 22
  5. November IV/IV: Part 23
  6. November IV/IV: Part 24

Disk 5

  1. Two Pages
  2. Music in Fifths
  3. Music in Contrary Motion

Disk 6

  1. Before the Silence
  2. Around the Silence
  3. Within the Silence
  4. Through the Silence
  5. Against the Silence
  6. For the Silence
  7. Toward the Silence
  8. Into the Silence
  9. Block Design
  10. Tilework
  11. Tango

Disk 7

  1. A Song
  2. Nostalgia for the Southern Cross
  3. The Days Run Away
  4. Two Persian Miniatures
  5. The Fall of Quang Tri

Disk 8

  1. Keyboard Studies: No. 1
  2. Keyboard Studies: No. 2
  3. Children on the Hill
  4. Composition 1960 No. 7