Mompou: Misteriós, Transcriptions for Guitar, Vol.1

Mompou: Misteriós, Transcriptions for Guitar, Vol.1
Composer Federico Mompou
Artist Marco Ramelli guitar
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 96709
EAN code 5028421967097
Release March 2024

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About this release

This album is dedicated to the compositions of Federico Mompou, a composer and pianist of profound sensitivity. He exhibited an early inclination for the piano but, inspired by a Gabriel Fauré concert, he shifted his focus to composition, making his way to Paris to further his study. Mompou’s compositional approach was channelled through the piano, which he considered a fundamental tool for connecting with music’s essence, so he composed primarily on and for the instrument. There are some exceptions, however: notably his guitar compositions Suite Compostelana (1962) and Cançon i Dansa No.13 (1972).

In the guitar’s melancholic and evocative timbre, Mompou discovered an ideal medium to express his contemplative and gentle poetic world. The guitar becomes the canvas where sound and silence intertwine, evoking emotionscapable of transporting the listener to archaic places suspended in time.

In 2018, Brilliant Classics released Ramelli’s recording of Mompou’s original guitar compositions. This new album furthers his exploration of the composer’s works, taking his piano compositions and reimagining them for the guitar. The collaboration between the guitarist and James Beneteau, who presented Ramelli with these exquisite transcriptions of Mompou’s pieces, has been profound.

Throughout the transcription journey, Ramelli and Beneteau followed Mompou’s scores as a map, transmuting each piece through the lens of contact with the geography of the guitar’s unique resonance. Decisions about transcription, instrumentaltechnique, tempo, and dynamics are all intertwined with this listening to the instrument itself. Playing Mompou’s music transcribed for guitar is a journey aimed at heightened listening and sensitivity, exploring the spaces between notes through tactile contact with the instrument. This recording captures this creative process and marks the beginning of this ongoing artistic journey.

Other information:
- Recorded July 2022 in Gorla Minore, Italy.
- Marco Ramelli plays a guitar by Gabriele Lodi named ‘La macchiata’.
- Booklet in English contains liner notes by the artist and a biography.

- This album is dedicated to the compositions of Federico Mompou i Dencausse (1893-1987), a composer and pianist of profound sensitivity. Born in Barcelona, Mompou exhibited an early inclination for the piano. However, inspired after a concert of Gabriel Fauré, he decided to dedicate himself to composition. Like many of his generation, he went to Paris to further his studies. Upon returning to his homeland, he continued his profoundly personal approach to the piano, exploring its most poetic facets as a composer and interpreter. Despite his innate introversion, the unique voice of his music soon gained recognition. His contemplative and poetic music mirrors his life, one of introspection, in which music was used as a medium to connect to his spiritual world.
- Nowadays Mompou’s music is rapidly gaining public appreciation and many famous musicians play his works in concert.
- This album presents works originally written for piano, transcribed for solo guitar: Canciones y Danzas, Impressones Intimas, Cants Màgics, Préludes as well as other works.
- The intimate and poetic character of the music is perfectly captured by the guitar sounds of Marco Ramelli, one of Italy’s foremost guitar players.


Track list

Disk 1

  1. Federico Mompou: Canción y danza I
  2. Federico Mompou: Canción y danza II
  3. Federico Mompou: Canción IX
  4. Federico Mompou: Canción y Danza IV
  5. Federico Mompou: Canción y Danza V
  6. Federico Mompou: Cants màgics: IV. Misteriós
  7. Federico Mompou: Prélude V
  8. Federico Mompou: Prélude VI
  9. Federico Mompou: Prélude VIII
  10. Federico Mompou: Prélude II
  11. Federico Mompou: Impresiones intimas I
  12. Federico Mompou: Impresiones intimas II
  13. Federico Mompou: Impresiones intimas III
  14. Federico Mompou: Pájaro triste
  15. Federico Mompou: La barca
  16. Federico Mompou: Cuna
  17. Federico Mompou: Secreto
  18. Federico Mompou: Pensaments
  19. Federico Mompou: Camí de muntanya
  20. Federico Mompou: L’eco
  21. Federico Mompou: El camí del jardí
  22. Federico Mompou: Dos petits preludis: I. Oració d’ermita
  23. Federico Mompou: Dos petits preludis: Il-lusió
  24. Federico Mompou: Pastoral
  25. Federico Mompou: Preludi
  26. Federico Mompou: From Marguerite Long, la petite méthode de piano: I. Sur la pointe des pieds