Monteverdi: Madrigali Libri I-IX

Composer Claudio Monteverdi
Artist Le Nuove Musiche, Krijn Koetsveld
Format 12 CD
Cat. number 95661
EAN code 5028421956619
Release February 2019

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About this release

A project 10 years in the making, now issued complete for the first time: a landmark in Monteverdi performance.

The Dutch musician Krijn Koetsveld has often conducted Bach, and he was founder-director of The Netherlands Bach Ensemble. However, it is the name of Claudio Monteverdi with which he is indelibly associated: he first encountered the composer’s music in 1972, and describes it as ‘love at first sight, which never passed’.

This relationship matured over time into the foundation of a soloistic vocal group, Le Nuove Musiche, with the technical skills, the scholarly understanding and the musical sensitivities to do justice to the highly intimate, sophisticated genre of Renaissance madrigal, of which the ninebooks by Monteverdi represent its summit and fullest flowering.

Recording all nine books, and several other mini-dramas and vocal chamber works which fall within the genre but outside the books themselves, began in 2004 and was only completed in 2018. Koetsveld contributes a lively and authoritative introduction to the whole project in the booklet. He remarks: ‘Nine books of madrigals, all of them unique, contributing to the transition from the Renaissance to the baroque, a musical history in sound.’

As the series has been released, its importance has been widely recognised in the critical press. In 2017, Fanfare observed: ‘Il Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda is representative of Koetsveld’s approach. The harmonic outline of the continuo is restrained and precise, the tutti playing of the strings articulated clearly. Both instrumental and concerted textures are so transparent one could take dictation to the recording. In a luminous performance as the narrator, Falco van Loon is focused and crystalline; Wendy Roobol is a clean, nimble Clorinda. Arnout Lems is the most dramatic of the soloists, voicing Tancredi in a rich but gentle baritone.’

More from Fanfare: ‘Decidedly expert performances [make Koetsveld’s Monteverdi an] eminently valuable reference recording.’ ‘The budget price cannot be overlooked, but it is not a measure of the exceptional value of Koetsveld’s accomplishment.’

This set presents the complete recording of all nine books of Madrigals by Claudio Monteverdi, as performed by Le Nuove Musiche conducted by Krijn Koetsveld.
In these madrigals, written over the complete life span of the composer, we can follow the transformation of music history, from the “prima prattica” to the “seconda prattica”, from madrigal to opera, from old school polyphony to daring drama, the liberation and expression of human emotion in works of heart wrenching beauty.
The vocal ensemble “Le Nuove Musiche” is an elite group of the best vocalists of the Dutch Early Music scene. Conductor Krijn Koetsveld is a highly respected keyboard player (harpsichord/organ), conductor and scholar. The previously released single issues have met with great international acclaim: “5 stars” (Volkskrant), “A polished, well-balanced sound.. consistently musical and intelligent” (Early Music), “Again a convincing issue…excellent throughout” (, “Performance: 10. …an .incredibly beautiful, excellent recording..”(Dutch magazine Luister).

"Le Nuove Musiche easily withstands the comparison with most renowned ensembles in this particular repertoire. We hear it all: great singing talent, strong imagination, pure textual fidelity and diction, sharp-edged articulation in addition to a smooth phrasing, the ever-rhythmic rhythm with its striking stakes and that perfect sense of balance. Not a moment of dullness, no creeping routine, no flat instrumental accompaniment, no contrived effects such as the often ineradicable and often disturbing vibrato, in a story that flows with countless fascinating shades, of an extremely detailed wealth as if from an almost inexhaustible source and in a sublime recording framework. All of this must put the listener on the tip of his chair! (Aart van der Wal on, April 2018) read the entire essay here: -->

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Madrigals, Book 1: Ch’ami la vita mia nel tuo bel nome, SV 23
  2. Madrigals, Book 1: Se per avervi ohimé donato il core, SV 24
  3. Madrigals, Book 1: A che tormi il ben mio, SV 25
  4. Madrigals, Book 1: Amor, per tua mercè vatten’a quella, SV 26
  5. Madrigals, Book 1: Baci soavi e cari, SV 27
  6. Madrigals, Book 1: Se pur non mi consenti, SV 28
  7. Madrigals, Book 1: Filli cara et amata, SV 29
  8. Madrigals, Book 1: Poi che del mio dolore, SV 30
  9. Madrigals, Book 1: Fumia la pastorella, SV 31a
  10. Madrigals, Book 1: Almo divino raggio, SV 31b
  11. Madrigals, Book 1: Allora i pastor tutti, SV 31c
  12. Madrigals, Book 1: Se nel partir da voi, vita mia, sento, SV 32
  13. Madrigals, Book 1: Tra mille fiamme e tra mille catene., SV 33
  14. Madrigals, Book 1: Usciam, ninfe, omai fuor di questi boschi, SV 34
  15. Madrigals, Book 1: Questa ordí il laccio, SV 35
  16. Madrigals, Book 1: La vaga pastorella, SV 36
  17. Madrigals, Book 1: Amor, s’il tuo ferire, SV 37
  18. Madrigals, Book 1: Donna, s’io miro voi giaccio divengo, SV 38
  19. Madrigals, Book 1: Ardo, sì, ma non t’amo, SV 39a
  20. Madrigals, Book 1: Ardi o gela a tua voglia, SV 39b
  21. Madrigals, Book 1: Arsi et alsi a mia voglia, SV 39c

Disk 2

  1. Madrigals, Book 2: Non si levav’ancor l’alba novella, SV 40
  2. Madrigals, Book 2: E dicea l’una sospirando allora, SV 40b
  3. Madrigals, Book 2: Bevea fillide mia, SV 41
  4. Madrigals, Book 2: Dolcissimi legami, SV 42
  5. Madrigals, Book 2: Non giacinti o narcisi, SV 43
  6. Madrigals, Book 2: Intorno a due vermiglie e vaghe labra, SV 44
  7. Madrigals, Book 2: Non sono in queste rive, SV 45
  8. Madrigals, Book 2: Tutte le bocche belle, SV 46
  9. Madrigals, Book 2: Donna, nel mio ritorno, SV 47
  10. Madrigals, Book 2: Quell’ombr’esser vorrei, SV 48
  11. Madrigals, Book 2: S’andasse Amor a caccia, SV 49
  12. Madrigals, Book 2: Mentr’io miravo fiso, SV 50
  13. Madrigals, Book 2: Se tu mi lassi, perfida, tuo danno, SV 53
  14. Madrigals, Book 2: Ecco mormorar l’onde, SV 51
  15. Madrigals, Book 2: La bocca onde l’asprissime parole, SV 55
  16. Madrigals, Book 2: Dolcemente dormiva la mia Clori, SV 52
  17. Madrigals, Book 2: Crudel, perché mi fuggi, SV 55
  18. Madrigals, Book 2: Questo specchio ti dono, SV 56
  19. Madrigals, Book 2: Non m’è grave il morire, SV 57
  20. Madrigals, Book 2: Ti spontò l’ali, Amor, la donna mia, SV 58
  21. Madrigals, Book 2: Cantai un tempo, e se fu dolce il canto, SV 59

Disk 3

  1. Madrigals, Book 3: La giovinetta pianta, SV 60
  2. Madrigals, Book 3: O come è gran martire, SV 61
  3. Madrigals, Book 3: Sovra tenere erbette e bianchi fiori, SV 62
  4. Madrigals, Book 3: O dolce anima mia, dunque è pur vero, SV 63
  5. Madrigals, Book 3: Stracciami pur il core,SV 64
  6. Madrigals, Book 3: O rossignuol che in queste verdi fronde, SV 65
  7. Madrigals, Book 3: Se per estremo ardore, SV 66
  8. Madrigals, Book 3: Vattene pur, crudel, con quella pace, SV 67
  9. Madrigals, Book 3: Là tra ’l sangue e le morti egro giacente, SV 67
  10. Madrigals, Book 3: Poi ch’ella in sé tornò, deserto e muto, SV 65
  11. Madrigals, Book 3: O primavera, gioventú de l’anno, SV 68
  12. Madrigals, Book 3: Perfidissimo volto, SV 69
  13. Madrigals, Book 3: Ch’io non t’ami, cor mio, SV 70
  14. Madrigals, Book 3: Occhi, un tempo mia vita, SV 71
  15. Madrigals, Book 3: Vivrò fra i miei tormenti e le mie cure, SV 72
  16. Madrigals, Book 3: Ma dove, o lasso me, dove restaro, SV 72
  17. Madrigals, Book 3: Io pur verrò là dove sete, e voi, SV 72
  18. Madrigals, Book 3: Lumi, miei cari lumi, SV 73
  19. Madrigals, Book 3: Rimanti in pace, SV 74
  20. Madrigals, Book 3: Ond’ei di morte la sua faccia impressa, SV 74

Disk 4

  1. Madrigals, Book 4: Ah dolente partita, SV 75
  2. Madrigals, Book 4: Cor mio, mentre vi miro, SV 76
  3. Madrigals, Book 4: Cor mio, non mori? E mori, SV 77
  4. Madrigals, Book 4: Sfogava con le stelle, SV 78
  5. Madrigals, Book 4: Volgea l’anima mia soavemente, SV 79
  6. Madrigals, Book 4: Anima mia, perdona, SV 80a
  7. Madrigals, Book 4: Che se tu se’ il cor mio, SV 80b
  8. Madrigals, Book 4: Luci serene e chiare, SV 81
  9. Madrigals, Book 4: La piaga c’ho nel core, SV 82
  10. Madrigals, Book 4: Voi pur da me partite, anima dura, SV 83
  11. Madrigals, Book 4: A un giro sol de bell’occhi lucent, SV 84
  12. Madrigals, Book 4: Ohimé, se tanto amate, SV 85
  13. Madrigals, Book 4: Io mi son giovinetta, SV 86
  14. Madrigals, Book 4: Quell’augellin che canta, SV 87
  15. Madrigals, Book 4: Non piú guerra, pietate, SV 88
  16. Madrigals, Book 4: Sí ch’io vorrei morire, SV 89
  17. Madrigals, Book 4: Anima dolorosa che vivendo, SV 90
  18. Madrigals, Book 4: Anima del cor mio, SV 91
  19. Madrigals, Book 4: Longe da te, cor mio, SV 92
  20. Madrigals, Book 4: Piagne e sospira, SV 93

Disk 5

  1. Madrigals, Book 5: Cruda amarilli, SV 94
  2. Madrigals, Book 5: O mirtillo, mirtill’anima mia, SV 95
  3. Madrigals, Book 5: Era l’anima mia, SV 96
  4. Madrigals, Book 5: Ecco, silvio, colei che in odio hai tanto, SV 97: I. Prima parte ecco, silvio, colei che in odio hai tanto
  5. Madrigals, Book 5: Ecco, silvio, colei che in odio hai tanto, SV 97: II. Seconda parte ma, se con la pietà non è in te spenta
  6. Madrigals, Book 5: Ecco, silvio, colei che in odio hai tanto, SV 97: III. Terza parte Dorinda, ah, dirò mia, se mia non sei
  7. Madrigals, Book 5: Ecco, silvio, colei che in odio hai tanto, SV 97: IV.Quarta parte ecco, piegandole genocchie a terra
  8. Madrigals, Book 5: Ecco, silvio, colei che in odio hai tanto, SV 97: V. Quinta e ultima parte ferir quel petto, Silvio?
  9. Madrigals, Book 5: Ch’io t’ami, e t’ami più de la mia vita, SV 98: I. Prima parte h’io t’ami, e t’ami più de la mia vita
  10. Madrigals, Book 5: Ch’io t’ami, e t’ami più de la mia vita, SV 98: II. Seconda parte deh, bella e cara e sì soave un tempo
  11. Madrigals, Book 5: Ch’io t’ami, e t’ami più de la mia vita, SV 98: III. Terza e ultima parte ma tu, più che mai dura
  12. Madrigals, Book 5: Che dar più vi poss’io, SV 99
  13. Madrigals, Book 5: M’è più dolce il penar per Amarilli, SV 100
  14. Madrigals, Book 5: Ahi, come a un vago sol cortese giro, SV 101
  15. Madrigals, Book 5: Troppo ben può questo tiranno Amore, SV 102
  16. Madrigals, Book 5: Amor, se giusto sei, SV 103
  17. Madrigals, Book 5: T’amo, mia vita, SV 104
  18. Madrigals, Book 5: E così, a poco a poco, SV 105
  19. Madrigals, Book 5: Questi vaghi concenti, SV 106a

Disk 6

  1. Madrigals Book 6: Lamento d’Arianna, SV 107: I. Prima parte lasciatemi morire
  2. Madrigals Book 6: Lamento d’Arianna, SV 107: II. Seconda parte o teseo, o teseo mio!
  3. Madrigals Book 6: Lamento d’Arianna, SV 107: III. Terza parte dove, dove è la fede
  4. Madrigals Book 6: Lamento d’Arianna, SV 107: IV. Quarta e ultima parte Ahi, che non pur risponde!
  5. Madrigals Book 6: Zefiro torna e ’l bel tempo rimena, SV 108
  6. Madrigals Book 6: Una donna fra l’altre onesta e bella, SV 109
  7. Madrigals Book 6: A dio, Florida bella, SV 110
  8. Madrigals Book 6: Lagrime d’amante al sepolcro dell’amata, SV 111: I. Prima parte incenerite spoglie, avara tomba
  9. Madrigals Book 6: Lagrime d’amante al sepolcro dell’amata, SV 111: II. Seconda parte ditelo, o fiumi, e voi, ch’udiste glauco
  10. Madrigals Book 6: Lagrime d’amante al sepolcro dell’amata, SV 111: III.Terza parte darà la notte il sol lume alla terra
  11. Madrigals Book 6: Lagrime d’amante al sepolcro dell’amata, SV 111: IV.Quarta parte ma te raccoglie, o ninfa, in grembo ’l cielo
  12. Madrigals Book 6: Lagrime d’amante al sepolcro dell’amata, SV 111: V. Quinta parte o chiome d’or, neve gentil del seno
  13. Madrigals Book 6: Lagrime d’amante al sepolcro dell’amata, SV 111: VI. Sesta e ultima parte dunque, amate reliquie, un mar di pianto
  14. Oimè il bel viso, SV 112
  15. Qui rise, o tirsi, SV 113
  16. Misero alceo, SV 114
  17. Batto, qui pianse ergasto, SV 115
  18. Presso un fiume tranquillo, SV 116

Disk 7

  1. Madrigals, Book 7: Sinfonia – Tempro la cetra, SV 117
  2. Madrigals, Book 7: A quest’olmo, a quest’ombre, SV 119
  3. Madrigals, Book 7: Non è di gentil core, SV 118
  4. Madrigals, Book 7: O come sei gentile, SV 120
  5. Madrigals, Book 7: Io son pur vezzosetta pastorella, SV 121
  6. Madrigals, Book 7: O viva fiamma, o miei sospiri ardenti, SV 122
  7. Madrigals, Book 7: Vorrei baciarti, SV 123
  8. Madrigals, Book 7: Dice la mia bellissima Licori, SV 124
  9. Madrigals, Book 7: Non vedrò mai le stelle, SV 126
  10. Madrigals, Book 7: Ah, che non si conviene, SV 125
  11. Madrigals, Book 7: Ecco vicine, o bella tigre, l’ore, SV 127
  12. Madrigals, Book 7: Perché fuggi tra’ salci, SV 128
  13. Madrigals, Book 7: Tornate, o cari baci, SV 129
  14. Madrigals, Book 7: Soave libertate, SV 130
  15. Madrigals, Book 7: Se ’l vostro cor, Madonna, SV 131
  16. Madrigals, Book 7: Interrotte speranze, eterna fede, SV 132

Disk 8

  1. Madrigals, Book 7: Augellin, che la voce al canto spieghi, SV 133
  2. Madrigals, Book 7: Vaga su spina ascosa, SV 134
  3. Madrigals, Book 7: Eccomi pronta ai baci, SV 135
  4. Madrigals, Book 7: Parlo, miser, o taccio?, SV 136
  5. Madrigals, Book 7: Tu dormi, ah crudo core!, SV 137
  6. Madrigals, Book 7: Al lume de le stelle, SV 138
  7. Madrigals, Book 7: Con che soavità, labbra adorate, SV 139
  8. Madrigals, Book 7: Ohimé, dove il mio ben, SV 140
  9. Madrigals, Book 7: Se i languidi miei sguardi, SV 141
  10. Madrigals, Book 7: Se pur destina e vole, SV 142
  11. Madrigals, Book 7: Chiome d’oro, SV 143
  12. Madrigals, Book 7: Amor, che deggio far?, SV 144
  13. Madrigals, Book 7: Ballo. Tirsi e clori, SV 145

Disk 9

  1. Madrigals, Book 8: Altri canti d’amor, SV 146
  2. Madrigals, Book 8: Or che ’l ciel e la terra e ’l vento tace, SV 147
  3. Madrigals, Book 8: Cosí sol d’una chiara fonte viva, SV 147b
  4. Madrigals, Book 8: Gira il nemico insidioso amore, SV 148
  5. Madrigals, Book 8: Nol lasciamo accostar, ch’egli non saglia, SV 148b
  6. Madrigals, Book 8: Armi false non son, ch’ei s’avvicina, SV 148c
  7. Madrigals, Book 8: Vuol degli occhi attaccar il baloardo, SV 148d
  8. Madrigals, Book 8: Non è piú tempo, ohimè, SV 148e
  9. Madrigals, Book 8: Cor mio, non val fuggir, SV 148f
  10. Madrigals, Book 8: Se vittorie sí belle, SV 149
  11. Madrigals, Book 8: Armato il cor d’adamantina fede, SV 150
  12. Madrigals, Book 8: Ardo, avvampo, mi struggo, SV 152
  13. Madrigals, Book 8: Combattimento di tancredi e Clorinda, SV 153

Disk 10

  1. Madrigals, Book 8: Altri canti di marte, SV 155
  2. Madrigals, Book 8: Due belli occhi fur l’armi, onde traffito, SV 155b
  3. Madrigals, Book 8: Vago augelletto che cantando vai, SV 156
  4. Madrigals, Book 8: Ardo e scoprir, ahi lasso, io non ardisco, SV 158
  5. Madrigals, Book 8: Ninfa che scalza il piede e sciolto il crine, SV 160
  6. Madrigals, Book 8: Qui deh meco t’arresta, SV 160b
  7. Madrigals, Book 8: De l’usate mie corde al suon potrai, SV 160c
  8. Madrigals, Book 8: Dolcissimo uscignolo, SV 161
  9. Madrigals, Book 8: Ballo delle ingrate, SV 167

Disk 11

  1. Madrigals, Book 8: Non avea Febo ancora, SV 163b
  2. Madrigals, Book 8: “Amor”, dicea, il ciel, SV 163c
  3. Madrigals, Book 8: Sì tra sdegnosi pianti, SV 163
  4. Madrigals, Book 8: Perché te’n fuggi, o Fillide?, SV 164
  5. Madrigals, Book 8: Mentre vaga angioletta, SV 157
  6. Madrigals, Book 8: O sia tranquillo il mare, o pien d’orgoglio, SV 159
  7. Madrigals, Book 8: Chi vole aver felice e lieto il core, SV 162
  8. Madrigals, Book 8: Ogni amante è Guerrier, SV 151
  9. Madrigals, Book 8: Io che nell’otio nacqui e d’otio vissi, SV 151b
  10. Madrigals, Book 8: Ma per quel ampio Egeo, SV 151c
  11. Madrigals, Book 8: Riedi, ch’al nostro ardour, SV 151d
  12. Madrigals, Book 8: Non partir, ritrosetta,SV 165
  13. Madrigals, Book 8: Su, su, su pastorelli vezzosi, SV 166
  14. Madrigals, Book 8: Ballo – Movete al mio ben suon, SV 154b

Disk 12

  1. Madrigals, Book 9: Bel pastor, SV 168
  2. Madrigals, Book 9: Zefiro torna, SV 108
  3. Madrigals, Book 9: Se vittorie sí belle, SV 149
  4. Madrigals, Book 9: Armato il cor, SV 150
  5. Madrigals, Book 9: Ardo e scoprir, SV 152
  6. Madrigals, Book 9: O sia tranquill’il mare, SV 172
  7. Madrigals, Book 9: Alcun non mi consigli, SV 169
  8. Madrigals, Book 9: Di far sempre gioire, SV 170
  9. Madrigals, Book 9: Quando dentro al tuo seno, SV 171
  10. Madrigals, Book 9: Non voglio amare, SV 172
  11. Madrigals, Book 9: Come dolce hoggi l’auretta, SV 173
  12. Madrigals, Book 9: Gl’amoretti l’aura fanno, SV 173b
  13. Madrigals, Book 9: Ride il bosco, SV 173c
  14. Madrigals, Book 9: Entri pur nel nostro petto, SV 173d
  15. Madrigals, Book 9: Alle danze, SV 174
  16. Madrigals, Book 9: Perchè se m’odiavi, SV 175
  17. Madrigals, Book 9: Sì, sì, ch’io v’amo, SV 176
  18. Madrigals, Book 9: Su, su, su, pastorelli vezzosi, SV 177
  19. Madrigals, Book 9: O mio bene, SV 178