Nardini: Sonatas for Strings

Nardini: Sonatas for Strings
Composer Pietro Nardini
Artist Ensemble Ardi Cor Mio
Renata Sfriso violin
Maurizio Cadossi violin
Caroline Boersma violoncello
Gabriele Micheli clavicembalo & harpsichord
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 93347
EAN code 5028421933474
Release April 2007

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About this release

Pietro Nardini (1722 - 1793) was a typical violinist and composers in the vein of Giuseppe Tartini, whose pupil he had been. Most works in his oeuvre call for the violin, both in orchestral and chamber pieces.

Although he himself had a great aptitude for the violin, his solo concertos and his performance style are not ostentatiously showing off technical skills. Apparently his own playing was incredibly moving, but he felt best at home in smaller scale works such as the sonatas.

In these sonatas he followed the order of movements favoured by Tartini: slow - fast - fast. These release contains some examples of this now unusual order.

The excellent Ensemble Ardi Cor Mio has dedicated itself to rediscovering and performing music by 17th- and 18th-century Italian composers. This is a record long overdue to confront the world again with this music which has been virtually absent from the musical stage for several centuries. At the time the pre-Classicist Nardini quickly became old-fashioned.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. : Allegro
  2. : Andante
  3. : Allegro
  4. : Adagio
  5. : Allegro
  6. : Allegro
  7. : Andante
  8. : Allegro
  9. : Minuetto n.5 in Sol maggiore/G major
  10. : Allegro
  11. : Andante con variazioni
  12. : Allegro
  13. : Adagio
  14. : Minuetto
  15. : Minuetto n.13 in Sol maggiore/G major
  16. : Minuetto n.6 in Re maggiore/D major
  17. : Andante
  18. : Allegro
  19. : Largo
  20. : Minuetto (Vivace
  21. : Allegro
  22. : Adagio
  23. : Allegro
  24. : Presto
  25. : Minuetto n.6 in Re maggiore/D major