Novecento Guitar Sonatinas

Novecento Guitar Sonatinas
Artist Cristiano Porqueddu guitar
Format 4 CD
Cat. number 95558
EAN code 5028421955582
Release June 2019

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About this release

This survey is the sequel to comparably comprehensive Brilliant Classics collections of 20th-century guitar preludes (BC9292) and sonatas (BC9455). The sonatinas included take their place as part of a long process of study conducted by Cristiano Porqueddu over the past few years. The high percentage of world premiere recordings - more than half of the entire tracklist - should give a good idea of how the research was conducted: as with the two previous releases, space has been given to those works that rarely appear either in concert or on record, in order to give voice to a considerable amount of excellent music almost completely ignored. Porqueddu made a longlist of over 60 sonatinas by 20th-century and by living composers, before narrowing down the final choice to the 17 performed here.

Before Porqueddu, of course, there was the pioneer of modern guitar performance a century ago, Andres Segovia, who commissioned and inspired countless composers to write for him. One of those was the English composer Cyril Scott, and while Segovia expressed some misgivings about the result – ‘I’m not head over heels about it’, he wrote to his friend Manuel Ponce – the three-movement Sonatina makes a fine test of any guitarist’s musicianship and effectively inhabits the Spanish guitar tradition with its mysterious slow introduction and hypnotic central, Flamenco-style slow movement.

The sonatinas by Mark Delpriora, Carlos Surinach and Albert Harris that follow on CD1 are no less compressed in expression, using the sonatina form to pack ideas into ten minutes that would occupy half an hour in the hands of lesser composers. The seven works of Angelo Gilardino that occupy CDs 2 and 3 are more expansive, though full of character, testifying to the unique relationship between composer and performer: Porqueddu himself. On CD4, the pieces by Alberto Franco and Franco Cavallone were also composed with Porqueddu in mind, while the Sonatina Lirica by Segovia’s English pupil John Duarte is a hidden gem.

‘a most compelling collection from five composers, none of whom were guitarists… coruscating variety, fine recorded sound and lovingly shaped playing.’ MusicWeb International (Preludes).

‘Porqueddu’s work is once more of excellent quality and shows how he is able to create individual interpretations of contemporary repertoire.’ Seicorde (Sonatas).

Another unique concept, compiled and performed by Cristiano Porqueddu: 20th Century Guitar Sonatinas.
Presented on 4 CDs are Sonatinas by Cyril Scott, Mark Delpriora, Carlos Surinach, Virgilio Mortari, Albert Harris, Angelo Gilardino, Alfredo Franco, John Duarte, Vitaly Kharisov and Franco Cavallone.
Although very different in style these sonatinas present, in their concise format, all the vibrant energy and inventiveness of the 20th century.
Played with supreme command over style and technique by master guitarist Cristiano Porqueddu.
Earlier successful issues by Porqueddu are “20th century Guitar Preludes”, “20th century Guitar Sonatas” and Easy Studies for Guitar.
A great opportunity to collect original guitar repertoire by a great diversity of composers in one set!

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Sonatina for Guitar: I. Adagio quasi introduzione, molto moderato
  2. Sonatina for Guitar: II. Allegretto pensoso
  3. Sonatina for Guitar: III. Finale
  4. Le canzoni dell’acqua – Sonatina for Guitar: I. Allegro
  5. Le canzoni dell’acqua – Sonatina for Guitar: II. Andante
  6. Le canzoni dell’acqua – Sonatina for Guitar: III. Intermezzo
  7. Le canzoni dell’acqua – Sonatina for Guitar: IV. Allegro
  8. Pocket Sonata: I. Allegro
  9. Pocket Sonata: II. Largo
  10. Pocket Sonata: III. Allegro molto
  11. Sonatina: I. Allegretto
  12. Sonatina: II. Allegretto pensoso
  13. Sonatina: III. Finale
  14. Sonatina Miniature
  15. Sonatina: I. Allegro moderato
  16. Sonatina: II. Aria
  17. Sonatina: III. Rondo

Disk 2

  1. Parthenicum - Sonatina for Guitar: I. Allegro vivo
  2. Parthenicum - Sonatina for Guitar: II. Non troppo lentamente
  3. Parthenicum - Sonatina for Guitar: III. Allegretto
  4. Cantico di gubbio - Sonatina for Guitar: I. Andantino un poco mosso, semplice
  5. Cantico di gubbio - Sonatina for Guitar: II. Aria
  6. Cantico di gubbio - Sonatina for Guitar: III. Apoteosi
  7. Sonatina degli Angeli: I. Il loro giorno
  8. Sonatina degli Angeli: II. Aria
  9. Sonatina degli Angeli: III. Apoteosi

Disk 3

  1. Catskill Pond: I. Trees
  2. Catskill Pond: II. Heavens
  3. Catskill Pond: III. Waters
  4. La casa del faro: I. Andantino semplice
  5. La casa del faro: II. Barcarola
  6. La casa del faro: III. Andantino scherzoso
  7. Sonatina de valparaiso: I. Andantino grazioso
  8. Sonatina de valparaiso: II. Barcarola
  9. Sonatina de valparaiso: III. Andantino scherzoso
  10. Sonatina des fleurs et des oiseaux: I. Allegretto spigliato
  11. Sonatina des fleurs et des oiseaux: II. Air
  12. Sonatina des fleurs et des oiseaux: III. Rondeau capricieux

Disk 4

  1. Sonatina III - Il flauto nel bosco
  2. Sonatina lirica, Op. 48: I. Felice e con grazia
  3. Sonatina lirica, Op. 48: II. Lento e poco mesto
  4. Sonatina lirica, Op. 48: III. Giocoso e molto ritmico
  5. Sonatina for Guitar: I. Allegretto
  6. Sonatina for Guitar: II. Andante rubato
  7. Anime gementi - Sonatina for Guitar: I. Andante deciso
  8. Anime gementi - Sonatina for Guitar: II. Lento
  9. Anime gementi - Sonatina for Guitar: III. Allegretto
  10. Sonatina for Guitar: I. Liberamente non troppo lento, allegretto
  11. Sonatina for Guitar: II. Adagio
  12. Sonatina for Guitar: III. Allegretto