Organ Music for Christmas

Organ Music for Christmas
Composer Alexandre Guilmant, César Auguste Franck, Michel Corrette
Artist Christian Lambour organ
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 94101
EAN code 5028421941011
Release November 2014

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    About this release

    The French word ‘noël’ is closely associated with the organ, and this new recording from the Breton organist Christian Lambour introduces the listener to works from the 17th to the 20th century. Noëls provided organists with the opportunity to introduce variations on popular tunes, often making use of Christmas carols and shepherd songs. The evocative sound of these traditional melodies – sung around the fire during advent – are assured to get you in l’esprit de Noël!
    The album takes in some of the country’s most assured writers for the instrument, from the well-known figures of César Franck and Théodore Dubois to lesser-known names like Michel Corrette and Alexis Chauvet – notorious among his contemporaries as ‘le petit Bach’ because of his contrapuntal style – whom the listener may be not so familiar with. Many of the contributors held distinguished organist positions in Parisian churches, such as Claude Balbastre at Notre-Dame de Paris and two members of the Dandrieu family – both at one time organist at Saint-Barthélemy en Cité, Paris. The melody incorporated into Puer nobis nascitur by Pierre Dandrieu will be recognised by many as a popular Christmas carol still commonly sung today. The music of Père Franck, as his students affectionately knew him, and Alexandre Guilmant provide a contrast with their noëls which were revived in line with the emerging symphonic tradition of the 19th century. Christian Lambour’s masterful recital is rounded off with movements from Boëly’s Messe du jour de Noël, published in 1842 for performance on Christmas Day.
    The historic organ used on this recording in the former Benedictine Abbey of Neu St Johann in Switzerland, built in 1779, is instrumental in bringing the music alive.
    An attractive and beautifully compiled programme of French organ music for Christmas.
    The Noël is the French pendant of the Christmas Carol, a popular tune of often pastoral character. Organist Christian Lambour selected a range of French organ works based on the Noël, spanning 3 centuries from the 17-th century to the 20-th, by composers Dandrieu, Corrette, Balbastre, Guilmant, Franck, Dubois, Boëly.
    Beautifully played on the superb historic organ (1779) of the Benedictine Abbey of Neu St. Johann in Switzerland.
    Other information:
    Booklet includes liner notes, artist biography
    Recorded in 2014 on an historic instrument

    Track list

    Disk 1

    1. Puer nobis Nascitur
    2. Nous sommes en voie
    3. Chantons je vous prie Noël hautement
    4. Joseph est bien Marié
    5. 9 Offertoires pour l'Avent et la veille de Noël: I. Sur un Noël
    6. 9 Offertoires pour l'Avent et la veille de Noël: II. Pour le deuxième dimanche de l’Avent
    7. 9 Offertoires pour l'Avent et la veille de Noël: III. Or, dites nous Marie
    8. 9 Offertoires pour l'Avent et la veille de Noël: IV. Vous qui d´sirez sans fin
    9. 9 Offertoires pour l'Avent et la veille de Noël: V. Chantons de voix humaine
    10. 9 Offertoires pour l'Avent et la veille de Noël: VI. Noël, cette journée
    11. Noël écossais
    12. Offertoire sur un noël Breton
    13. L’Organiste, FWV 41: Noël Angevin. I. Allegretto
    14. L’Organiste, FWV 41: Vieux Noël. II. Andante
    15. L’Organiste, FWV 41: Noël Angevin. III. Quasi Allegro
    16. 12 Pièces nouvelles pour orgue ou piano-pédalier: VII. Noël
    17. Messe du jour de Noël, Op. 11: I. Dernier Kyrie. Allegro
    18. Messe du jour de Noël, Op. 11: II. Domine Deus, Rex coelestis. Andante
    19. Messe du jour de Noël, Op. 11: Domine Deus, Agnus Dei. Allegretto pastorale
    20. Messe du jour de Noël, Op. 11: Quoniam. Andante
    21. Messe du jour de Noël, Op. 11: Tu solus latissimus. Allegro moderato