Pizzetti: Complete Piano Works

Pizzetti: Complete Piano Works
Composer Ildebrando Pizzetti
Artist Giancarlo Simonacci piano
Format 2 CD
Cat. number 9202
EAN code 5029365920223
Release October 2011

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About this release

Ildebrando Pizzetti (1880-1968) belonged to the group of Italian composers (the so called ‘Generation of the ‘80s’), his contemporaries were Respighi, Malipiero and Casella. Of these composers, Respighi and Pizzetti composed relatively little for the piano, and their works for the instrument tend recall music of the past - with echoes of baroque and Gregorian chant detected in many of them.

Pizzetti’s love of melody is quintessentially Italian – a predilection for song, dramatic lyricism and at time moments of great joy and passion – all components found in not only his orchestral music, but in the works for piano on this CD. Many are exquisite miniatures, but the large scale Sonata of 1943 is Pizzetti’s most important piano work and the Variations on a theme from Fra Gherardo (his opera from 1928) show the composer equally at home working on a large scale. In both works musical influences and styles from earlier periods are used to great effect.

Other information:
- Unusual repertoire from a 20th century master, including two world premiere recordings.
- Excellent performances by Giancarlo Simonacci, a specialist in 20th century music, as demonstrated in his superb recordings of the piano music of John Cage on Brilliant Classics.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Romanza senza parole
  2. Sogno
  3. Poemetto romantico: Appassionato
  4. Poemetto romantico: Intermezzo
  5. Poemetto romantico: Triste
  6. Poemetto romantico: Foglio d’album
  7. Le Danze: Introduzione – La danza dei sette candelabri
  8. Le Danze: La danza votiva della faledra
  9. Le Danze: Monte Morello sotto la luna*
  10. Da un autunno già lontano: Sole mattutuino sul prato del Roccolo
  11. Da un autunno già lontano: In una giornata nel bosco
  12. Da un autunno già lontano: Al fontanino
  13. Da un autunno già lontano: Lento e grave*
  14. Da un autunno già lontano: Preludio (L’ombra)

Disk 2

  1. Sonata: Assai mosso e arioso, ma non troppo vivace
  2. Sonata: Adagio
  3. Sonata: Turbinoso
  4. Canti di ricordanza, Variations on a Theme from Fra Gherardo: Molto largo
  5. Canti di ricordanza, Variations on a Theme from Fra Gherardo: Allegro moderato (quasi marcia)
  6. Canti di ricordanza, Variations on a Theme from Fra Gherardo: Appassionato
  7. Canti di ricordanza, Variations on a Theme from Fra Gherardo: Andante largo