Pujol: Historias sin Palabras

Pujol: Historias sin Palabras
Composer Maximo Diego Pujol
Artist Giorgio Mirto guitar
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 9209
EAN code 5029365920926
Release January 2011

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About this release

Maximo Diego Pujol is a native of Buenos Aires, and was born in 1957. The sights, sounds, and smells of that great city inspire his music. Depictions of card games, the shady tree lined streets and of course the Tango and Milonga are all to be found in his music. The use of traditional or folk music in classical music has a long and dignified history. Bach raised the humble gavotte and gigue to an art form in his suites, Chopin turned the Polonaise in to a rallying cry for Polish nationalism when the country was suffering at the hands of oppressive neighbouring states. Bartok, Kodaly and Vaughan Williams in the 20th century rescued traditional music from their respective countries from oblivion and drew on the wealth of material for their compositions.

Pujol’s Historias sin palabras is a group of 12 pieces inspired by Gabriel Garcia Marques’s Doce cuentos Peregrinos. Color sepia is a musical description of old family photos, recalling long departed relatives, and times past. Torino is a cheerful and lively Milonga, inspired by the city.

Other information:
- Including booklet notes written by the composer.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Historias sin palabras: El destierro del jerarca
  2. Historias sin palabras: La rosa eterna
  3. Historias sin palabras: Rojas rodillas muertas
  4. Historias sin palabras: Una senil illusion
  5. Historias sin palabras: Los sueños reales son
  6. Historias sin palabras: El ultimo viaje
  7. Historias sin palabras: Flor de otoño
  8. Historias sin palabras: Paseo nocturno
  9. Historias sin palabras: Vendeval de pavor
  10. Historias sin palabras: El destino del rigor
  11. Historias sin palabras: Juego final
  12. Historias sin palabras: Muerte en primavera
  13. Color sepia
  14. Torino