Respighi: Orchestral Works Vol. 1

Respighi: Orchestral Works Vol. 1
Composer Ottorino Respighi
Artist Orchestra Sinfonia di Roma
Francesco la Vecchia conductor
Format 2 CD
Cat. number 94392
EAN code 5028421943923
Release February 2012

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About this release

Born in 1879, Ottorino Respighi’s musical education was comprehensive, his technical abilities accomplished, and his understanding of music assured, even as a young man. After studying performance, composition and musicology in Bologna, composition in Berlin and orchestration in St Petersburg with Rimsky-Korsakov, he became professor of composition at the Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia in Rome in 1913. Although his extensive education had equipped him with all the necessary technical skills and musical knowledge to excel, he had, to this point, failed to translate his considerable abilities into the composition of truly brilliant music. However, his arrival in Rome, and the city’s beauty, history, architecture and people, stimulated his creativity like never before, and allowed him to craft works of great passion and colour.

Respighi’s first great triumph as a composer – and the work that he remains most well known for to this day – is his ‘Roman trilogy’, which comprises the symphonic poems Feste Romane, Fontane di Roma and Pini di Roma, featured on the first disc of this set. With each individual work dedicated to one particular aspect of Rome – from its fountains to its festivals – this trilogy is an atmospheric, evocative musical journey through Rome, and demonstrates Respighi’s skill as an orchestral composer.

The works collected on the second disc also highlight Respighi’s masterful control of timbre and orchestral colour. While Gli Uccelli blends Baroque forms with late-Romantic musical language in an evocation of birdsong, the neo-Classical Suite for Strings and song-inspired Suite in G minor for strings and organ display the composer’s intricate knowledge of music history.

The Orchestra Sinfonica di Roma, conducted by maestro Francesco di Vecchia have Roman blood in their veins, and like few others evoke the atmosphere of this wonderful, typically Italian, music. The orchestra won high critical acclaim with their superb recordings of Casella and Martucci.

Other information:
- Recording made in Rome in 2009
- The first volume in a series of Respighi’s complete orchestral music
- Comprehensive booklet notes in English and Italian

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Feste Romane (1928): I. Circenses
  2. Feste Romane (1928): Il Giubileo
  3. Feste Romane (1928): III. L’Ottobrata
  4. Feste Romane (1928): IV. La Befana
  5. Fontane di Roma (1916): I. La fontana di Valle Giulia all’alba
  6. Fontane di Roma (1916): II. La fontana del Tritone al mattino
  7. Fontane di Roma (1916): III. La fontana di Trevi al meriggio
  8. Fontane di Roma (1916): IV. La fontana di Villa Medici al tramonto
  9. Pini di Roma (1924): I. I pini di Villa Borghese
  10. Pini di Roma (1924): II. Pini presso una catacomba
  11. Pini di Roma (1924): III. I pini del Gianicolo
  12. Pini di Roma (1924): IV. I pini della Via Appia

Disk 2

  1. Gli Uccelli, Suite for chamber orchestra after Baroque keyboard works (1927): I. Preludio (after Bernardo Pasquini, 1637–1710)
  2. Gli Uccelli, Suite for chamber orchestra after Baroque keyboard works (1927): II. La colomba (after Jacques de Gallot, c.1625–c.1685)
  3. Gli Uccelli, Suite for chamber orchestra after Baroque keyboard works (1927): III. La gallina (after Jean-Philippe Rameau, 1683–1764)
  4. Gli Uccelli, Suite for chamber orchestra after Baroque keyboard works (1927): IV. L’usignuolo (after C17 anon, transcribed by Jacob van Eyck)
  5. Gli Uccelli, Suite for chamber orchestra after Baroque keyboard works (1927): V. Il cucù (after Bernardo Pasquini)
  6. Suite for Strings: I. Ciaccona
  7. Suite for Strings: II. Siciliana
  8. Suite for Strings: III. Giga
  9. Suite for Strings: IV. Sarabanda
  10. Suite for Strings: V. Burlesca
  11. Suite for Strings: VI. Rigaudon
  12. Suite in G for strings and organ: I. Preludio
  13. Suite in G for strings and organ: II. Aria
  14. Suite in G for strings and organ: III. Pastorale
  15. Suite in G for strings and organ: IV. Cantico