Reusner: Erfreuliche Lauten-Lust

Reusner: Erfreuliche Lauten-Lust
Composer Esaias Reusner
Artist William Waters lute
Format 2 CD
Cat. number 95242
EAN code 5028421952420
Release December 2017

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About this release

Early-Baroque dance suites composed by a lutenist prodigy and freshly interpreted by a modern master of the instrument.

Esiaias Reusner (1636-1679) is properly known as Reusner the younger. Born in Silesia in the middle of the Thirty Years’ War which was then ravaging Europe, he was taught by his father, who was a musician in the local ducal court. By the age of 12 young Esiaias had entered the service of the Swedish general Count Wittenberg as a page. Having moved around Europe in the employ of several aristocrats, he settled back in his home region by the age of 20 as lutenist to Georg III, Duke of Silesia. He retained this position for another 20 years before moving to Leipzig and then Berlin, where he died in 1679.

His cosmopolitan life is reflected in the international character of his surviving compositions: he was the first German composer to write for the French 11-course lute, and in the style brisé of elegant, broken chords associated with the masterpieces of Couperin. There are two collections, of which William Waters presents the first, Delitiae Testudinis, oder Erfreuliche Lauten-Lust, published in 1667 and then in two revised editions. There are 10 suites here, and they reflect the pleasure and relief he sought from the violence and conflict around him: ‘ever since my youth the soft and sweet sonority of noble music that quickens the spirit has been my only amusement and pleasure, and thereto I have sacrificed the greater part of my time with the lute.’

A course of study with the pioneering lutenist Hopkinson Smith changed the course of William Waters’ career. Having trained as a guitarist, he redirected his energies towards the vibrant culture of early music and became a founding member of two significant Catalan early-music ensembles, The Byrd Consort of Viols and the Liaison Ensemble. He is also a member of the Paris-based Lachrimae Consort. He now passes on to students his decades of experience and learning in the field of early plucked instruments as a professor at the conservatoire of Vila-Seca, Tarragona.

Esaias Reusner (1636-1679) was born in Silesia (formerly German, now Polish), a country devastated by the Thirty Years’ War. A child prodigy on the lute he fled the country and served at the courts of Breslau, Vienna, Leipzig and Berlin.
Reusner decribes his own lute music as follows: “There being as many inclinations and desires as there are persons on earth, some may be drawn to the brilliance and noise of thunder and lightning but ever, since my youth the soft and sweet sonority of noble music that quickens the spirit has been my only amusement and pleasure and there to I have sacrificed the greater part of my time with the lute.”
This new recording presents Reusner’s collection “Erfreuliche Lauten-Lust”, consisting of suites of dance forms.
William Waters started his career as a guitarist (he was a First Prize winner of the Concurs Internacional Andrés Segovia in 1981), later he specialized on the lute.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Suite in G Minor: I. Praeludium
  2. Suite in G Minor: II. Paduana
  3. Suite in G Minor: III. Allemanda
  4. Suite in G Minor: IV. Couranta
  5. Suite in G Minor: V. Sarabanda
  6. Suite in G Minor: VI. Gavotte
  7. Suite in G Minor: VII. Gigue
  8. Suite in C Major: I. Allemanda
  9. Suite in C Major: II. Couranta
  10. Suite in C Major: III. Sarabanda
  11. Suite in C Major: IV. Gavotte
  12. Suite in C Major: V. Gigue
  13. Suite in B Minor: I. Allemanda
  14. Suite in B Minor: II. Couranta
  15. Suite in B Minor: III. Sarabanda
  16. Suite in B Minor: IV. Gigue
  17. Suite in B-Flat Major: I. Paduana
  18. Suite in B-Flat Major: II. Allemanda
  19. Suite in B-Flat Major: III. Couranta
  20. Suite in B-Flat Major: III. Sarabanda
  21. Suite in B-Flat Major: IV. Gigue
  22. Suite in B-Flat Major: V. Gavotte
  23. Suite in F Minor: I. Allemanda
  24. Suite in F Minor: II. Couranta
  25. Suite in F Minor: III. Sarabanda
  26. Suite in F Minor: IV. Gigue

Disk 2

  1. Suite in C Minor: I. Paduana
  2. Suite in C Minor: II. Allemanda
  3. Suite in C Minor: III. Couranta
  4. Suite in C Minor: IV. Sarabanda
  5. Suite in C Minor: V. Gigue
  6. Suite in E-Flat Major: I. Paduana
  7. Suite in E-Flat Major: II. Allemanda
  8. Suite in E-Flat Major: III. Couranta
  9. Suite in E-Flat Major: IV. Sarabanda
  10. Suite in E-Flat Major: V. Gigue
  11. Suite in E-Flat Major: VI. Gavotte
  12. Suite in E Minor: I. Allemanda
  13. Suite in E Minor: II. Couranta
  14. Suite in E Minor: III. Sarabanda
  15. Suite in E Minor: IV. Gigue
  16. Suite in A-Flat Major: I. Allemanda
  17. Suite in A-Flat Major: II. Couranta
  18. Suite in A-Flat Major: III. Sarabanda
  19. Suite in A-Flat Major: IV. Gigue
  20. Suite in G Minor: I. Allemanda
  21. Suite in G Minor: II. Couranta
  22. Suite in G Minor: III. Sarabanda
  23. Suite in G Minor: IV. Gigue