Rossini: Ariettes italiannes for voice and guitar

Rossini: Ariettes italiannes for voice and guitar
Composer Gioacchino Rossini
Artist Silvia Vajente/Adriano Sebastiani
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 94628
EAN code 5028421946283
Release January 2015

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About this release

The embodiment of grace and refinement, the Huit Ariettes for soprano from Rossini’s Soirées musicales are late pieces written after his enormous success in Paris with Guillaume Tell, and are the fruit of delightful musical evenings – or soirées ¬– held by the composer in his Parisian house during the 1820s. Contained within these beautiful melodies are deeper meanings and inspirations: each aria is like a personal meditation stimulated by states of mind, memories and emotions; reflections full of brilliant touches and effects. Based on texts by Pietro Metastasio and Count Carlo Pepoli, a variety of topics are covered – including a gondola ride and an orgy – often characterised by the irony and sarcasm befitting a composer retired from the highs and lows of the operatic stage. This is salon music at its most sophisticated.

The Douze Ariettes italiennes are the perfect companion pieces to Rossini’s Soirées musicales. With many also based on texts by Metastasio, these pieces are arrangements of the most famous themes from Rossini’s operas, made by the Neapolitan composer and virtuoso guitarist Ferdinando Carulli. Distinctly Italian in feel, the simple melodic lines are elegant and graceful, with an intimate atmosphere fostered through the sensitive and expressive guitar accompaniment.

Adriano Sebastiani made his recording debut on Brilliant Classics with the songs for voice and guitar of Louis Spohr (BC94274); here Adrian accompanies the soprano Silvia Vajente in her Brilliant Classics debut. A seasoned performer of this repertoire, Vajente is a past winner of the first Concorso Internazionale di Canto Barocco ‘Francesco Provenzale’ (held in Naples) and the 10th Premio Bonporti International Early Music Competition (in Rovereto, Italy).

The Ariettes Italiennes are 8 pieces taken from the Soirées Musicales, a collection of songs and arias written by the “pensioned” Rossini after his retirement as a highly successful opera composer. They are pure delight, each one written on a certain topic or emotion, full of humour, wit, nostalgia and old age irony and wisdom.
The Douze Ariettes Italiennes are written by guitar composer and virtuoso Ferdinando Carulli, on popular and famous themes from Rossini’s operas, elegant and charming, salon music of high distinction and entertainment.
Sung by soprano Silvia Vajente, with the right touch of beauty, sentiment and tongue-in-cheek, guitarist Adriano Sebastiani supplying the perfect instrumental foundation.
Booklet contains full original song texts, liner notes and biographies.

Recorded in 2014.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Gioacchino Rossini: 12 Ariettes: I. Ecco quel fiero istante
  2. Gioacchino Rossini: 12 Ariettes: II. Sognai mia Fillide
  3. Gioacchino Rossini: 12 Ariettes: III. O bella Fillide
  4. Gioacchino Rossini: 12 Ariettes: IV. Tornate sereni begl’astri
  5. Gioacchino Rossini: 12 Ariettes: V. Ha negli occhi
  6. Gioacchino Rossini: 12 Ariettes: VI. Se son lontana
  7. Gioacchino Rossini: Les soirées musicales: I. La promessa
  8. Gioacchino Rossini: Les soirées musicales: II. Il rimprovero
  9. Gioacchino Rossini: Les soirées musicales: III. La partenza
  10. Gioacchino Rossini: Les soirées musicales: IV. L’orgia
  11. Gioacchino Rossini: 12 Ariettes: VII. Già la notte s’avvicina
  12. Gioacchino Rossini: 12 Ariettes: VIII. Amene selve, amiche piante
  13. Gioacchino Rossini: 12 Ariettes: IX. Conservati fedele
  14. Gioacchino Rossini: 12 Ariettes: X. Amo te sola
  15. Gioacchino Rossini: 12 Ariettes: XI. Son lungi e non mi brami
  16. Gioacchino Rossini: 12 Ariettes: XII. Già pronta là t’aspetta
  17. Gioacchino Rossini: Les soirées musicales: V. L’invito
  18. Gioacchino Rossini: Les soirées musicales: VI. La pastorella dell’alpi
  19. Gioacchino Rossini: Les soirées musicales: VII. La gita in gondola
  20. Gioacchino Rossini: Les soirées musicales: VIII. La danza