Sammartini: The Late Symphonies Vol. 2

Sammartini: The Late Symphonies Vol. 2
Composer Giovanni Battista Sammartini
Artist Accademia d'Arcadia
Allesandra Rossi Lürig conductor
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 94019
EAN code 5028421940199
Release February 2010

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About this release

Giovanni Battista Sammartini (1701-75) was born in Milan, and unlike his contemporaries, spent all his life working in his home city. He bacame the major figure in musical life in the city, and devoted himself to instrumental, chamber and sacred music, composing only three stage works making him one of those rare Italian composers who shunned the world of opera – Giovanni Sgambati in the 19th century is another such example. Sammartini vies with Haydn for the title ‘father of the symphony’. He was a great innovator, and his symphonic works resulted from his experimentation with the concerto grosso and trio sonata forms of the baroque age. His works were widely published in all the major cities of Europe, and he was on friendly terms with Gluck who he taught from 1737-41, and Mozart who he met during the young Austrian’s visit to Milan. His influence upon composers such as Gossec, J.C Bach and Johann Stamitz was considerable.

Other information
- World premiere recordings (on period instruments) of highly influential works in the history of the symphony.
- A great followup to Sammartini Symphonies Vol 1 (BC93610).
- Extensive booklet notes included.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Sinfonia in D JC11: I. Allegro maestoso
  2. Sinfonia in D JC11: II. Andante
  3. Sinfonia in D JC11: III. Presto
  4. Sinfonia in E flat JC28: I. Allegro assai
  5. Sinfonia in E flat JC28: II. Andante allegrino
  6. Sinfonia in E flat JC28: III. Allegrissimo
  7. Sinfonia in D JC17: I. Spiritoso assai
  8. Sinfonia in D JC17: II. Andante pianissimo
  9. Sinfonia in D JC17: III. Presto
  10. Sinfonia in G JC40: I. Presto
  11. Sinfonia in G JC40: II. Allegrino
  12. Sinfonia in G JC40: III. Presto
  13. Sinfonia in E flat JC26: I. Allegro assai
  14. Sinfonia in E flat JC26: II. Allegrino
  15. Sinfonia in E flat JC26: III. Allegrissimo