Schubert: Winterreise

Schubert: Winterreise
Composer Franz Schubert
Artist Christian Hilz baritone
Eckart Sellheim fortepiano
Format 1 CD
Cat. number 94053
EAN code 5028421940533
Release September 2010

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About this release

Winterreise, or Winter’s Journey was composed in 1827, just a year before Schubert’s premature death. The song cycle contains some of his greatest music – by turn highly emotional, desolate and spare, and with a sense of alienation and loss that makes the listener shudder even after repeated hearings.

Schubert was especially proud of these songs, writing to his friend and fellow composer Josef von Spaun: ‘I will sing you a cycle of eerie songs. I am keen to see what you will make of them. They have affected me more than any other songs’. The reaction of von Spaun and those gathered to hear the first performance was one of shock. The gloom and desolation of the landscape the traveller sings of, recounting happier days in the summer of love, now love lost, the bare trees, the snow, the dogs chasing him out of the village, the crows in the trees, the organ grinder playing his haunting tune in a swirl of snow left them perplexed.

Schubert’s sound world here is not far removed from Mahler’s Kindertotenlieder some 80 years later. If he had lived beyond his 31 years the mind boggles at what he would have produced.

Winterreise stands supreme in the world of song as the greatest collection of songs ever written.

Other information:
- A fortepiano by Conrad Graf dated 1827 is used, to recreate as closely as possible the sound heard at the first performance.
- Booklet notes and sung texts included.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Gute Nacht
  2. Die Wetterfahne
  3. Gefror'ne Tränen
  4. Erstarrung
  5. Der Lindenbaum
  6. Wasserflut
  7. Auf dem Flusse
  8. Rückblick
  9. Irrlicht
  10. Rast
  11. Frühlingstraum
  12. Einsamkeit
  13. Die Post
  14. Der greise Kopf
  15. Die Krähe
  16. Letzte Hoffnung
  17. Im Dorfe
  18. Der stürmische Morgen
  19. Täuschung
  20. Der Wegweiser
  21. Das Wirtshaus
  22. Mut
  23. Die Nebensonnen
  24. Der Leiermann